In the Name of Religion

Videos are not my thing. I know many on the internet watch them daily, but as one who is hard-of-hearing and must rely on closed caption, videos are simply not my favorite way to get my news.

However, having said that, I do occasionally come across a suggested YouTube video that grabs my attention. Such was the case recently when I followed a link on Scottie’s blog. The topic was Herschel Walker as viewed by a VERY animated church pastor. But I’ll let you see for yourself …

After the pastor’s rant, Brian Taylor Cohen expands on how the Republican Party uses Christianity to further their cause … and epically fails.

Who Do You Love?


Recently I came across an article related to Herschel Walker’s run for a seat in Congress (Georgia US Senate) in which he said this about his decision to run.

“Before all this coming about, my wife and I … we went into prayer and I prayed about it. And to be honest with you, I was praying to God to bring somebody else. ‘Oh my God, I am happy, my life is doing well …’ But I love the Lord Jesus.”

“But I love the Lord Jesus.”

This phrase got me to thinking. How does anyone “love” an entity that exists only in a book?

Of course there are multiple meanings and variations to the word “love” — and I daresay nearly all of us have used one or another of them at various times in our lives to describe how we feel about different foods, movies, games, activities and other inanimate objects — not to mention the living creatures in our lives, such as dogs, cats, horses, etc., etc.

However, I tend to think most of us recognize the core meaning of the word LOVE is the deep emotion we feel for other HUMAN BEINGS. That is, those Real … Vital … Breathing … Touchable entities that are part of our daily lives.

Yet Herschel’s comment is not uncommon among the religious. In fact, the word “love” is used anywhere from 300+ to over 500 times in various versions of the bible. However, not every use of the word, even in the bible, relates to the distinct feeling that exists between and among humans.

So back to my original question: How does a person “love” an entity that exists only in a book — an entity that no person living today has ever met in a direct and face-to-face encounter?

And further to the question, how does anyone know that this entity loves them? The standard response is because “the bible tells me so.” But again, has anyone in today’s world ever felt that book-derived individual actually wrap his arms around their body, look deep into their eyes, and say with soulful and intense emotion … I LOVE YOU ??

I tend to think not … simply because imagination is not reality.

Image by Herbanu Tri Sasongko from Pixabay