Drain The Swamp

This is a new HBO documentary riffing on the Trump campaign’s (false) promise to drain Washington of moneyed interests. Based on this article, I think it’s going to offer a very revealing picture of the “backrooms” of Washington.

The article reports that filming of The Swamp began in 2019 with “an understanding of money’s corrosive role in representative democracy, especially in the near-decade since the Citizens United v FEC decision by the supreme court uncapped donations by large political groups known as Super Pacs.”

However, according to directors Morgan Pehme (R-FL) and Daniel DiMauro (R-CO), the choke-hold of money “was just so much worse than we could have imagined.”

Unfortunately, I don’t have HBO, so I’m requesting those who do to put aside some time to watch the documentary and report back on its contents.

The film is scheduled to premiere on August 4th at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO GO and HBO NOW. It will be available on-demand on Aug. 5. (A UK date to be announced).

Thanks to all who can … and are willing … to view this film and offer feedback.