There are a lot of weird people/events/things in this world – and it seems you don’t have to look very far to find them. Case in point is this article. It totally fits the criteria.

It’s about a women (Rebecca Sharrock) who says she can remember every single day of her entire life. Yes, you read that right. In fact, she even claims she can remember her life in the womb before she was born. And she describes the experience in the article!

She also “reminisces” about various childhood events and, at one point, complains about the many “annoying little memories” that she can’t get rid of … calling them “useless clutter.”

Apparently, Rebecca is one of just 60 people in the world with hyperthymesia, or “Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory” (H-SAM). And, according to this website, it’s a viable condition.

(I have my doubts.)

So, if you’re bored –or perhaps tired of reading about the current state of the political world– take a break and enjoy a touch of the bizarre.