Evidence of “God”


I suppose the title of this post should actually be evidence of gods (plural) since there are so many. But since I’m the most familiar with the Hebrew/Christian god, I hesitate wandering off into the field of dreams gods.

Having been part of the blogging world for quite some time, I’ve noticed that discussions related to religious matters tend to be some of the most popular — and generally receive the most feedback. In fact, I think I’ve read nearly every believer’s viewpoint on WHY a god exists … as well as those who doubt or adamantly deny the existence of same.

Nevertheless, I find the topic fascinating. 

Many of my regular readers know where I stand. I am convinced that no god of any kind exists … but I’m particularly convinced that the Christian God is a delusion illusion. 

Yes, I admit there was a time when I was sucked into the dreams and hopes of the Christian faith. And yes, I could cite scripture and verse to justify this faith. And of course, I experienced all those “good feelings” of knowing I was … Redeemed! Saved! Bound for Heaven! 

Further, no matter what ANYONE said in dispute, I KNEW all of it was REAL because I could feeeel it in my heart.

So what happened? Well it’s a long story (some of which I covered in my book), but mostly it was because the whole experience started feeling artificial. More times than not, prayer yielded nothing. Bible events and stories frequently contradicted the mantra of a loving being. Following certain mores felt contrived and unnecessary. And of course, evangelizing frequently resulted in the estrangement of friends and family.

Now some may want to point out that their church/religious experience is not like this. And perhaps it isn’t. But I know for a fact there are many, many religious denominations that are far more focused on synthetic actions than they are on presenting evidence for their god.

So the question becomes/remains … Where. Is. The. Evidence?

The Bible is not evidence for innumerable reasons, many of which have been pointed out by scholars far more learned than me. An individual’s feelings are not evidence (except perhaps to that person). So-called answered prayer is not evidence because it is anecdotal and personal.  (Notice that no one talks about unanswered prayers.). A “changed life” is not evidence because simple lifestyle changes or how a person responds to situations are simply part of the human experience.

Someone once made this far-reaching statement: “Everyone knows that God exists.” However, what I’ve discovered in my various and sundry wanderings through books and blogs and branches of knowledge, this is far from an accurate statement. And I tend to believe a majority of my blog followers/readers will agree.

So here’s the deal. If you consider yourself a God-Believer, I invite you to provide solid and indisputable EVIDENCE that a god exists. But before you do, please keep in mind that …

  • The Bible is not evidence.
  • Your feelings are not evidence.
  • Answered prayer is not evidence.
  • A “changed life” is not evidence.

The floor is open.