President Biden’s Ratings

U.S. President Joe Biden awards Medals of Honor in Washington
REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein

Many of us have read the statistics related to President Biden’s low approval rating. This article in particular laid out some facts and figures. A couple of the issues mentioned:

  • Ukraine: 47% of respondents disapprove of how it is being handled.
  • Economic matters: Three-quarters of respondents rated the US economy negatively.
  • Handling of the coronavirus pandemic, 44% approve; 50% disapprove.
  • Strong leadership: 59% say no; 36% say yes.

The poll also reported on two Republican attack lines: that Biden is not tough enough to stand up to Putin and that at 79 he is not mentally sharp enough to meet the demands of the job — with partisan divides evident.

Overall, 55% of respondents disapproved of Biden’s overall performance, with 44% strongly disapproving.

What is YOUR personal opinion on the job that Biden is doing?

  • Are the factors affecting his approval ratings justified?
  • What is he currently doing that he could do better?
  • What does he need to do between now and the 2024 election to raise his approval rating?

And a final question — unrelated to the article — would you vote for Biden in 2024? If not, do you have someone in mind that you would like to see in the running? I realize it’s early, but we know the Republicans are already pushing certain individuals so perhaps it’s time for Democrats to do the same.