OMG! Don’t Open the Door! Satan May Be on the Other Side!



From my own experiences, I know there are people who sincerely believe in the accuracy of this list. In fact, during my time in Christianity, I was cautioned against several of these activities.

But c’mon … Yoga? Vegetarianism? Meditation? Video games? Harry Potter?

If there’s anything I learned as a result of walking away from the church, it’s that Satan does not exist.

Most believers are unaware that the concept of an “evil one” was  developed by apocalyptic writers during the “silent years” (the approximate 300-400 year gap between the end of the Hebrew sacred writings and the appearance of Jesus). This was when the Jewish people were experiencing the tumultuous times of the Babylonian captivity, the Persian and Greek takeovers, the unholy desecration of the Jewish temple by the Greek ruler, Antiochus Epiphanes, and the oppression of Roman exile.  Little by little, these imaginative writers began to develop a “cosmic entity” (based on myths from surrounding cultures, as well as “otherworldly visions”) that could be blamed for all the bad things that were happening.

Interestingly, while Satan (or the Devil) is mentioned in the New Testament – according to one source no less than 568 times – no one talks about where he came from. He just appears. But then, there was no need because for the past several centuries he had become a very popular, albeit malevolent, figure among the Jewish people.

To this day,  Satan continues to be a very hot topic. He’s frequently mentioned in movies, books, and on TV. And look, someone has even published a list to prevent anyone from opening the doorway to this very bad guy.

P.S. You can read more about Satan and his beginnings in my book, Things I Never Learned in Sunday School.