Heaven Is For Real?

As many of you probably know, the author of the book, The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven, has recanted his story and admitted it was all fictional.

Now the young man who wrote Heaven Is For Real is speaking up, but in contrast he is standing by his story. As he puts it on his blog: “I still remember my experience in Heaven.”

My question from the beginning has been — how do you come back from a place that doesn’t exist?

I admit I haven’t read either book, but it’s not too hard to figure out the content. I’ve read enough reports by those who have shared their “visions” after experiencing a NDE (Near Death Experience) to have a pretty good idea of what they think they saw.

What I find interesting is how “Christian” these stories are. The visions and accounts of what the person saw are right out of the bible. But what’s even more amazing is the number of NON-Christian people who are totally taken in by these stories!

I suppose it has something to do with what we want to believe.

Or more likely, there will never be a lack of gullible people.

Things I Never Learned in Sunday School

NanCover-ebookIt’s finally done! The book I’ve been writing for the past five years has finally come to fruition and is now available in both paperback and Kindle format through Amazon. Other eBook formats are also offered through Barnes & Noble, Kobobooks, Sony eBookstore, et al.

During my years in the Christian faith, I accepted what was taught in Sunday School and church without question. It wasn’t until I left the church that I began to investigate the history behind many popular Christian beliefs … with surprising results (i.e., things are not always as they seem).

In this book I challenge readers to go ‘outside the box’ and investigate what they believe. It is not a task for the faint of heart because it could very well mean discovering things that are in direct contrast to what you have been taught. On the other hand, it could result in a spiritual rebirth.

Some may find the contents of this book unsettling, but I believe you will find it difficult to put it down until the very end.

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