The Book


In the U.S., today is Sunday and many folk undoubtedly attended worship services to honor the Christian god. Undoubtedly, some carried along their bible as a “sword” against the enemy, even though they know little of its contents. (Except, perhaps, John 3:16.)

While some may retain for a short time what was shared from the pulpit during their weekly pew-warming visit, for many others the “sermon” will quickly be replaced by the demands of daily living.

Nonetheless, there will be those who will hold fast to the message because they intend to follow the instructions found in The Book, i.e., Ephesians 6:11: “Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” (Of course those “wiles” come straight from us devilish infidels. 😈) 

You see, most Christians are generally convinced that the words in The Book (you know, the one that often has a cross on its cover) are evidence that “God” is real — and they quite frequently quote passages from The Book as though it is “fact.” 

Yet, as one person said in a comment on one of the blogs I follow:   

The Bible is not evidence. It’s an unsupported assertion, and it cannot be used to support its own claims.

(Interestingly, when faced with this truth, believers often begin to share “personal experiences” — which surely will convince even the hard-core non-believer!)

Yes, for Christians, The Book is the final word — even though contradictions abound within its pages and scripture upon scripture must be “explained” and/or “justified” to validate its claims.

And yet … faith abounds.