Logical Inconsistency?

Just for the “halibut,” I submitted my post (slightly edited) on “The Virus and Abortion” to the reader’s viewpoint section of our local newspaper.

I knew without a doubt I would receive kickback.

And I did.

Most were simply anti-abortion rights defenders, but the most recent contributor claimed my viewpoint suffered from “logical inconsistency” … ??

See what you think.

The [local newspaper] published a letter on Feb. 15 (“Is this correlation as tragically real as it feels?”). *Note: this is the title provided by the newspaper* The letter suggested that people who are COVID anti-vaxx and anti-abortion are suffering from a logical inconsistency.

There is no logical inconsistency between those views whatsoever.

Both views hold to the principle that it is morally wrong to force a medical procedure on an unconsenting person. Where is the inconsistency? Anti-vaxxers insist that it is wrong to force a vaccine on an unconsenting person.  The two positions are perfectly consistent. Both say that nobody has a lawful right to compel another person to undergo an invasive medical procedure involuntarily.

Of course, the pro-life and “pro-choice” movements disagree whether a fetus is a “person”. But nobody disagrees that a fetus never consents to the procedure. The fetus has no-choice.

In any case, to suggest that the pro-life and anti-vaxx positions are somehow inconsistent with each other is a falsehood and a straw man intended to distract from the real issues.

From my perspective, the writer digressed from the point of my letter (a woman’s right vs. an anti-vaxxer’s right) to interject his point: the “choice” (right) of the unborn. (“Pro-lifers insist that it is wrong to force a life-terminating abortion on an unconsenting (unborn) person.”)

And he accuses me of “logical inconsistency”??!!? Am I missing something?