Anti-Vaxers and Their Rights

Was just reading about the anti-vax movement and a thought occurred to me. Perhaps some of you have already considered it (I can be a bit slow at times).

The people who are totally convinced that immunization vaccines are B.A.D. are fighting tooth and nail against those who want to make them mandatory.

Even though numerous studies over the past several years related to this matter have shown there is NO evidence of a link between autism and immunization vaccines, many continue to be swayed by misinformation and insist the government is intruding on their rights. It matters not that individuals who have not been vaccinated are creating a health crisis — to the point that the World Health Organization has declared the anti-vax movement to be a top “global health threat.” All they seem to care about are their “rights.”

YET … while many of these individuals are “up in arms” about the government’s intervention, they consider it “OK” to pass laws that would put prayer back in school, have bibles as part of the reading curriculum, forbid sex (gasp!) education, etc. It’s true none of these actions have health consequences, but the core principle is the same.

The bottom line is we all want to live our lives according to our own standards. And that may be well and good … providing those standards don’t negatively affect (or harm) others.