As indicated in several of my previous blog posts, I’m a firm believer in mask-wearing during the COVID crisis – and have outlined my reasons for supporting this position.

Nevertheless … I’m well aware that not everyone cares enough about themselves, their family members, their friends and/or the people they come in contact with to heed the recommendations and urgings of health care professionals related to mask-wearing.

Moreover, I fully recognize that for some, personal freedom ranks far above caring and concern for others.

What I don’t understand is why it’s so important for these non-mask-wearers to stop other people from wearing a mask. In fact, I recently read where a non-mask-wearer actually walked up to a person with a mask and ripped it from their face!

In another incidence, it was reported that non-mask-wearers gathered together in front of a store that required masks and attempted to block people from entering.

Even more astounding are the political leaders of certain states who have actually passed legislation that orders their constituents to be non-mask-wearers.

What’s up with all this? Do some people have a “Homo Stupidus” gene that has suddenly become dominant?

I sometimes wonder what the non-mask-wearers would do if they were to become infected with the virus and  healthcare facilities chose to deny help to anyone who was a non-mask-wearer.

After all … what’s the difference? It’s all about FREE-DUMB. Right?