Blue Is A Better Color

In a recent column, Ann Coulter (bless her pea-pickin’ heart) pointed out that areas/states with a heavy population of immigrants are often “blue.” Here is how she put it …

In the past 40 years, upward of 50 million culturally backward, dirt-poor immigrants arrived in America, and state after state has gone blue …

(Don’t you just love her adjectives?)

The apparent point she was trying to make is the GOP continues to use other criteria to determine how different states vote when they should, according to her, take a closer look at demographics.

However, as I was reading the article, my thoughts were not so much on the “politics” as they were on the underlying reasons immigrants prefer the color “blue.”

For me, it seems rather easy to understand. Democrats are more sympathetic to the underdog. They are the ones who care about social programs, such as cash assistance, healthcare and medical provisions, food assistance, housing subsidies, energy and utilities subsidies, education and childcare assistance, etc. In other words … they care about people.

The GOP, on the other hand, are more interested in helping the rich get richer, meddling in certain social issues (abortion, gay marriage, guns), keeping wages stagnant, dismissing environmental concerns, and (at the time this was written) supporting a clearly incompetent POTUS.

Really, Ms. Coulter. Is it any wonder immigrants vote “blue?” They well know what a “red” future holds for them.

Another Ann Coulter Surprise

I’m seriously beginning to wonder if Ann Coulter has been “reformed.” I just read another tantalizing commentary by her where she talks about the recent Manhattan incident, the Florida man, and actually calls “extreme vetting” (which our “leader” supports) as racist. I highlighted “Florida” because she points out that domestic terrorists are a bigger threat than Muslim foreigners. She listed the following examples:

  • Fort Hood massacre (11/5/2009) — Virginia Man
  • Boston Marathon Bombing (4/15/2013) — Massachusetts Men
  • San Bernardino slaughter (12/2/2015) — Illinois Man (and wife)
  • Pulse nightclub massacre (6/12/2016) — New York Man
  • Ohio State car and knife attack (11/28/2016) — Ohio Man
  • Charlottesvelle car attack (8/12/2017) — Ohio Man (White Supremacist, Alt-Right Neo-Nazi)
  • Manhattan truck attack (10/31/2017) — Florida Man

With the conservative trend being that all Muslims are bad, I was intrigued by her perspective.

She also wrote this: “Traditional masculinity, whiteness and heteronormativity are the root causes of terrorism” … AND … “Fox News hosts indoctrinate viewers in irrational hatred toward “Islamic extremism.”


Some Interesting Swipes at Our “Leader”

Let me start out by saying I have NEVER been a fan of Ann Coulter!

However, I found myself gleefully smirking as I read one of her most recent articles in  our local newspaper. I’m hoping I’m not misinterpreting her remarks, but it sure seems to me she’s actually criticizing our infamous leader. The horror of it!

See what you think …

Ann Coulter says Trump not Putting America First

While I don’t necessarily agree with everything she wrote, I do think she’s taken a pretty solid swipe at tRumpsky and his actions since being elected (from the “supporter’s” view, of course).

P.S. Has anyone read this article related to Michael Moore’s recent Broadway show? I think you will enjoy his “response tweets” to the Twitter-in-Chief.