“My Rights” vs. Government


On a blog that I follow, there has been extensive discussion related to COVID vaccinations. However, as is often the case, the conversation swerved a bit when an individual addressed the role the government plays — not only in this pandemic but in society as a whole. 

The person prefaced his comment thus: 

And for the record: I’m not a Trump supporter, nor a Republican, nor a Democrat, nor a Constitutionalist (though I agree with the principles espoused in the DOI), nor a Libertarian (in the political sense).

He then added …

At heart, I’m an anarchist — in the strict dictionary sense (i.e., “a person who advocates the abolition of government and a social system based on voluntary cooperation”).

Later in his comment, he asks …

I mean what is wrong with a view that government should have some very limited functions like protecting all citizens from violence but we should keep it in check so people can by and large live and think how they like?

Does it seem to you that this individual is downplaying the need for government and instead prefers a more unrestrained way of living? That’s how I read it. Of course, he’s definitely not alone as this same mantra is being expressed daily by thousands in discussions related to the COVID situation (i.e., masks and vaccines).

But it doesn’t stop there. Again and again we see instances of individuals doing things and making decisions (and even laws) based on the philosophy that it’s their “RIGHT.”

One wonders … is this the certain inalienable rights the Constitution talks about? And how far does this form of self-government extend? Can we truly live as a society where concern for one’s own welfare –and total disregard of others– is the norm? 

Do the people who embrace this philosophy ever consider the long-term consequences?

Inquiring minds want to know.