Religious Liberty and Abortion


This statement, published in a Guardian article, is one that few people consider as they argue and fight over abortion rights:

Religious liberty for people of all faiths is protected under the US constitution, state constitutions and federal statutes.

Considering this assertion, it would seem that while some religious groups believe abortion should be banned by law, there are others who see things quite differently. And they base their stance on the religious liberty protection granted to them in the above declaration.

The article lists some examples …

In Judaism, abortion is usually seen as permissible and even required in cases where the patient’s life is at risk. In Islam, scholars contend that abortion is allowed for the first 120 days, after which it’s seen as a civil – not a criminal – issue, and it’s permitted at any time when the health of the mother is in danger. Other believers, including within Christianity, focus on the sacredness of the individual or the family to make such decisions, rather than prosecutors or lawmaker

And …

Catholics for Choice believe they have a religious duty to protect reproductive health despite the Catholic church’s stance against abortion.

The article further notes that nearly half of Protestants and 56% of Catholics believe abortion should be legal in some or all cases, and more than half of Muslims, 82% of Buddhists and 83% of Jews believe the same.

One rabbi said this: “If you ban abortion, when my religious tradition tells me that I am a) permitted and b) possibly required to access abortion care, you are limiting my free exercise of religion.” (Emphasis mine)

Another person said — and I fully agree — To me, the law of the land and [religious] law are two separate and distinct things.

While I am personally against any laws forbidding abortion, I was surprised to learn of the resistance to the anti-abortion movement from within certain segments of the religious community — with several referencing their rights to religious liberty.

Even so, the Certain Individuals who have the Authority and Power to rule on this issue continue to disregard even the religious segment of society as they move towards an anti-abortion ruling designed to affect ALL women.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay