If A Tree Falls …

Too good not to share … an editorial cartoon in our local newspaper:

If a tree falls in the forest but it’s already been dismissed as “Fake News” … does it make a sound now that Hillary is involved?


Reblog: The Russians win round one

Another great post from one of my favorite bloggers.

I’m re-blogging it because I think it needs as much exposure as possible.

Ends and Beginnings

A President that lost the popular vote. White supremacist and Nazis marching in the streets. A transition of power beset by anti-Trump and pro-Trump demonstrations. Confederate flag supporters and the KKK speaking freely for the first time in decades. Muslim bans, transgender bans and white Evangelicals bitch slapping us with their Bibles. It doesn’t matter if Trump, his campaign, or his administration colluded with the Russians to win the election, the Russians have accomplished what they set out to do, divide, weaken and ultimately conquer the United States.

All this discord and division is exactly what the Russians were banking on and they helped pick the “winner” to lead us forward, and deeper into the mire of conflict, strife and friction, Donald J. Trump.

You see there are three super powers in this world, the United States, China, and Russia. Once upon a time the USA would have been considered…

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Some Interesting Swipes at Our “Leader”

Let me start out by saying I have NEVER been a fan of Ann Coulter!

However, I found myself gleefully smirking as I read one of her most recent articles in  our local newspaper. I’m hoping I’m not misinterpreting her remarks, but it sure seems to me she’s actually criticizing our infamous leader. The horror of it!

See what you think …

Ann Coulter says Trump not Putting America First

While I don’t necessarily agree with everything she wrote, I do think she’s taken a pretty solid swipe at tRumpsky and his actions since being elected (from the “supporter’s” view, of course).

P.S. Has anyone read this article related to Michael Moore’s recent Broadway show? I think you will enjoy his “response tweets” to the Twitter-in-Chief.

Quaker Wisdom

I was cleaning off my computer “desktop” today by removing various unused program icons and came across a text file I had named “Quaker.” Hmm, I thought. I wonder what this is.

To my surprise, I discovered a couple of quotes from the “UK Quaker Faith and Practice” book. I have no idea when or where I came across these, but after a quick read, I knew right away why I had saved them. 🙂

Here, for your Sunday reading pleasure, is some Quaker wisdom …

2.28: There is little point in praying to be enabled to overcome some temptation, and then putting oneself in the very position in which the temptation can exert all its fascination. There is little point in praying that the sorrowing may be comforted and the lonely cheered, unless we ourselves set out to bring comfort and cheer to the sad and neglected in our own surroundings. There is little point in praying for our home and for our loved ones, and in going on being as selfish and inconsiderate as we have been. Prayer would be an evil rather than a blessing if it were only a way of getting God to do what we ourselves will not make the effort to do. God does not do things for us – he enables us to do them for ourselves.
(Elisabeth Holmgaard, 1984)

2.29: The sick and those caring for them have need of our prayers. But let us not imagine … that a few sentimental good wishes from a distance are all that is needed. Whenever we intercede in prayer we must be prepared for an answer which places a practical obligation upon us. A prayer is always a commitment.
(Thomas F Green, 1952)

More Quaker wisdom …







Smart people, those Quakers.


Satan aka The Devil aka The Big Bad Guy – Part One

On several occasions, I’ve left comments on other blogs I follow that one day I would write more about how the belief in Satan developed. As it turns out, after looking back through my post history, I discovered I’ve written about “The Devil” a number of times. Much of what I wrote was when my blog was comparatively new and I had few visitors … and even less comments.

Rather than start from scratch, I decided to simply copy and paste some of the posts … starting with this one that I wrote in July of 2011:

Watched “Beyond Belief: Battle with the Devil” on ABC’s Primetime last night and couldn’t stop shaking my head.

The gullibility of people never ceases to amaze me! But then, teachings that have been around several centuries are hard to shake. And group mentality/consciousness can be very strong.

The show spotlighted several individuals who believed they were ‘possessed’ by the devil because they had ‘opened themselves up’ to his powers.

Oh puleeeeze.

Some of them apparently got rid of the “Evil One” by retching into paper bags. Others relied on specially trained members of the Catholic Church to rid them of the “Prince of Darkness” through exorcism.

Believers say the Devil’s greatest trick is convincing people he doesn’t exist. Guess I’ve been hornswoggled because I, for one, do not believe in his existence. This is not to say there isn’t evil in the world, but is there a powerful and terrifying supernatural being promoting and generating that evil? Is there truly a supernatural entity with the power to “possess” people and control their actions? Is there some unseen spirit lurking in the shadows of humankind, just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting individuals?

The facts are this: Satan was contrived during the post-exilic period by some creative Jewish writers to explain why the people were suffering under the rule of foreign nations. Obviously, they couldn’t blame Yahweh for their misfortune, so voila! The Big Bad Guy was born. (Zoroastrianism and Greek philosophy helped.) And, as we have seen, this malevolent monster has grown and thrived over the centuries.

Don’t believe me? Do the research. I did.

As time permits, I’ll post some other “oldies” that offer some insights on “Satan” and his development within Christianity. In the meantime, if you have questions related to the Big Bad Guy, please include them in the comment section and I’ll see what I can do to answer them in a future post.

Of course, for a full review of my perspective on Satan, I invite you to read my book. 🙂