I’m Getting So Tired Of …

  • Incessant yapping of the neighbor’s dogs!!
  • People who don’t understand or want to understand the motive behind Kaepernick’s actions
  • Christians who verbally assault and assail non-believers on blogs (and elsewhere)
  • Trump’s ongoing, over-the-top lying and blustering
  • Trump’s criticism of everyone who doesn’t agree with him
  • People who deny climate change
  • The incessant commercials related to healthcare and drugs on TV
  • The ridiculous “See your doctor if …” comment on TV drug ads
  • TV movies that go nowhere
  • Individuals in law enforcement who use black people for target practice (and then cite “fear” as their motive)
  • Immigrant children being separated from their parents
  • So-called “white supremacy”
  • The arguments against abortion
  • The NRA and people who think guns are a necessity of life
  • Mass shootings/killings
  • Individuals in congress who will do/say anything to ensure future votes
  • The lack of care and concern for homeless people
  • The healthcare war on the poor

This isn’t all … but I would hate for anyone to say I’m a complainer. 🤣😈😇

What are you tired of?


Christian Love At Its Finest

The following is something I discovered in my SPAM folder (a VERY good place for it!) …

Nan, I fail to see why you cannot live out your life through your blog without being so incredibly offensive to Christians. You come across as incredibly egotistic, arrogant, brash, and holier than thou. You will never sway any true believer in Christ with this type of drivel.

Also, why don’t you spread the love and tell all the muslims how pathetic they are once in a while (or better yet publish insults against Allah), of course they may hunt you down and kill you for saying so…. but that’s par for the course.

I do not wish to give this person the satisfaction of a response; however, if any of my readers/followers would like to offer your thoughts, feel free.

Quick Lesson for Some of My Blog Followers

First, I want to say I appreciate every single one of you that has clicked the “Follow” button on my blog. And if you decide to also click the “Like” button after you’ve read a post, that’s even better! It’s exciting to know that what I write appeals to such a wide variety of readers. 🙂

But part of the pleasure in being a blogger are the “conversations” that follow a blog posting. In fact, “comments” are the lifeblood of blogs.

I realize that if you visit right after a post is published, the comment section is most likely blank. Only if you make a note to yourself to visit again at a later time will you know if anyone has offered an opinion on a topic. And in our busy lives, who wants to have to remember to do this?

However, there is a better way. Simply sign up for email notifications. Here’s how:

Type in https://wordpress.com/ into your browser (or click on the link). This will take you to a page that shows all the latest posting of the blogs you follow. You will also see the option to “Manage.”

Click on it and a drop-down list of the blogs you follow will appear. On the right of each blog name is the word “Settings.” Click on it. There you will find two options: one to receive an email whenever a new post is published (Immediately, Daily, or Weekly) and one to receive an email whenever a New Comment has been added.

I encourage you to mark the option to receive New Comments for this blog. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in discussions on topics that interest you — and I would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions, click on the Contact link at the top of this blog and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll join the Family of Nan’s Notebook.

You’re Wrong and I’m Right!

In the county where I now live, there is a rather contentious measure scheduled to be voted on in November. While it’s not unusual to “take sides,” there was an article in today’s local paper where a woman who supports the measure was verbally attacked after she posted some information about it on Craigslist.

It seems that shortly after her comments were published, she received some emails from an individual who disagreed with her position. But rather than simply disagreeing, he wrote the following:

“F___ you environmental terrorists! Go hug a tree and I hope you get sniped and carted away to a place unthought of.”

In a second email, after she had posted some additional information about the measure, she received this message:

“Shut your filthy communist scum mouth!!!!!”

This was followed by multiple curse words, and then this:

“If you are interested in mutual combat, I’ll meet up with you anywhere with my bumpstocks and belts of ammo.”

She had also been called an “environmental Nazi” during the time she was trying to collect signatures to get the measure on the ballot.

It seems that nowadays this type of response is not at all uncommon. In fact, I frequently read similar interactions on Facebook where the “comment” section is filled with those who vehemently disagree with an individual’s religious or political perspective. And the longer the conversation goes, the more offensive the remarks seem to get.

And I wonder. Why is this happening? Is it simply a “sign of the times?” Does it have to do with the recent presidential election? It certainly seems intolerance of others is much more prevalent (and visible) during the past several months.

Or does this combative attitude … this disrespect and intolerance of others … go much deeper than external causes? Could it be that it’s actually originating from the core of certain individuals and their words and actions are simply manifestations of inner turmoil?

What do you think? Why do individuals feel it necessary to (verbally) attack those who disagree with them with such anger? Why do some feel the only way to express themselves is through offensive and degrading language? Is it personality driven? Or is it something else?

(Perhaps Victoria will visit and offer her input. 🙂 )