Trump to Obama — Damn You!

Our delightful leader (?) has struck once again in his efforts to destroy all things Obama. The latest, of course, is his “Executive Order” related to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and his decision on the Iran nuclear agreement.

One reporter commented: his efforts to assail Obama’s legacy is “a source of constant exasperation for the property tycoon turned novice politician, who finds himself isolated and lashing out.”

Analysts say these actions reflect his “boiling frustration with the limits of presidential power.” Not surprising. He’s used to running his own company without interference from anyone. He makes the decisions and Tough Shit to anyone who disagrees. Unfortunately (for tRumpsky), it’s been a rude awakening to find that it doesn’t work that way in Government.

But that doesn’t mean he’s not going to give it the old college try.

We who are on the receiving end of his bitterness are not only sick at heart (and body), but we’re also frustrated and disgusted that our namby-pamby Congress isn’t pushing back. tRumpsky is pretty much walking all over them — although there have been a couple of dissenters and more seem to be coming to the forefront. (Thank the gods!)

His frustrations in not being able to “get his way” is becoming more and more apparent. It’s been reported he has expressed his hatred for “everyone in the White House! There are a few exceptions, but I hate them!” (Now he’s experiencing what many on the other side of the aisle feel about him.)

Some say the recent actions and criticisms from certain individuals that he considers friends indicate tRumpsky may finally be getting the message he is unfit and incapable of running the country.

Not likely, but we can hope (and pray, if so inclined).



A Bit of Catch-Up

Hello all!

Perhaps a few of you have noticed my absence? It’s OK if you haven’t because I realize there are a plethora of other blogs to visit.  Even so, I wanted to let you know I’m still alive and kicking and to share with you the reason for my “non-presence.”

Are you ready?

(Drum Roll)

We sold our house! And we’ll be moving into the one we wanted so badly (that I referenced in a previous post)!

Our buyers requested an extended closing, so we won’t be making the physical move until the first of August (more time to pack. Ugh.) but the process is underway. Yay!

And guess what!??! It all came about without any pleas to some “Big Guy in the Sky.” Just a lot of positive thinking. 🙂

Addendum to Logic vs. Creativity

Sometime back, I wrote a post about my new “creative” blog. Since then, I’ve moved it to a new location and made some other changes. Unfortunately, the few (!) of you that chose to “follow” got lost in the shuffle … although your comments made it through .. ??

Anyway, if you would like to “re-follow”, please visit the new, reworked blog and add your name to the list.

While you’re there, check out my newest (old) creation that I’ve added (Larry and Jaimie and Skip).


Some Personal Stuff

This post is a bit different in scope and topic in that it’s a bit more “personal.” Yet I ask a question at the end that might trigger some discussion.

We are seriously contemplating moving. I (my other-half joined me after retirement about four years ago) have lived in this home for nearly 13 years.  It’s an older home (1979) with almost 1800 square feet. The bedrooms are very large,  something you don’t find in newer homes, and it also has a walk-in pantry  — another feature pretty much non-existent in today’s homes. The lot is just a bit over 1/3 acre.

It doesn’t have a lot of the fancier trimmings (hardwood floors, granite countertops, etc.), and while we’ve made several improvements, it won’t stand up against newer homes. However, one thing it has going for it is location. It’s situated among the pines and is at the end of a cul-de-sac with only two other homes (very quiet). The neighborhood in general is appealing and the people (for the most part) keep up their yards (considering it’s a rural area).

(No, I’m not trying to sell the home to any of you. Just providing some background. 😉 )

The reasons we want to move are many and varied, but suffice it to say the area just isn’t working for us anymore. We actually put the house on the market a year ago but removed it when we couldn’t find a replacement home that fit our needs.

Now here is the reason for my post. We’ve found a home in another city that we’re very interested in. It’s most definitely pushing our budget, but it has the features that we want/need. If I were still a Christian, I’d most likely be on my knees every night and also be in constant “conversation” with God, asking “Him” to make everything “work” for us to buy this home (which, of course, involves selling our current home and getting the price we need).

But I’m not a Christian. And I don’t believe in God or prayer.

And this got me to thinking.

What do you do when you really, really want something in your life? The question is primarily directed to ex-Christians since you’re the ones who in a past life (like me) probably asked/begged God to make things “work” … to make everything “come together” and grant the desires of your heart.

But even if you’re someone who has never turned to a god with requests — what do you do when there’s something in your life that you ardently desire?