Christine O-Donnell Stomps Her Feet – Right Out of Her Interview

Little kids are known for crying and stomping their feet in resistance to being asked/told to do something they don’t want to do. Sometimes they will run away to another part of the yard/house to avoid carrying out the parent’s wishes.


Christine O’Donnell offered a perfect demonstration of this childish action in her interview with Piers Morgan (CNN) on Wednesday night (8/17/11).

Of course, instead of crying, she accused her interviewer of being “rude” (this is the ‘grown-up’ way of doing things).

And then she ran away.

According to an article on the Christian Science Monitor website, this entire scene was very possibly ‘staged’ … “in the sense that O’Donnell and her publicists had discussed what might happen, and agreed she might bolt if the talk reached a certain point.”

In any case, if she wanted attention, she certainly got it. Just like a little kid.

I would hate to think how she would react to unpleasant questions if she ever decided to run for President.


Christie (O’Donnell) Want a Cracker?

Last night I watched the debate between Christine O’Donnell (R) and Chris Coons (D), candidates for the U.S. Senate in the upcoming election.

I do not live in Delaware, but with all the hullabaloo about Ms. O’Donnell, I was curious to hear what she had to say.

I could scarcely believe my ears. She rambled. She ranted. She attacked. But most of all, she parroted. Nearly everything out of her mouth was nothing but conservative rhetoric.

Fresh ideas? Innovative solutions? Hardly.

And she seemed to lack the ability to answer yes or no when asked a direct question. Instead, she rambled at length, never failing to insert the trigger words and phrases conservatives know and love. As one news source put it, “O’Donnell was sometimes at a loss for words and other times flat-out unwilling to entertain the question during the debate.”

When asked if she still believes evolution to be a myth, she begged off by saying, “What I believe is irrelevant.” Really? When it comes to the matter of whether the schools might one day be required to teach “creationism” along with evolution, her stand on the issue is very relevant.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with the philosophies expressed by either candidate, Christine O’Donnell’s political inexperience was painfully evident in her parrotlike answers.