And More Creativity

If you’re interested, you can find another haiku I’ve written in response to Susi’s Weekly Haiku Challenge. 🙂

This one is called “Hello.”


Creative Writing

To anyone who might be interested — I submitted another Haiku to Susi’s challenge. If you would like to read it, it’s posted on my “Creative Blog” (see menu above).

From this point forward, I will be posting any and all of my future creative writing efforts on this other blog. (It does seem to be the more appropriate location, wouldn’t you agree? 😊)

My latest composition (if you’re interested) is called “Discarded.”

Visions Unseen

I guess I’m hooked!

Responding to another of Susi’s Haiku challenges …
IWH Haiku Challenge #5 (Picture interpretation)


Clouds create visions
of memories incomplete
and dreams that fade


Winds intense and cold
swirl around my aching heart —
disturbing my soul

NOTE: I just discovered this type of Haiku is called Senryū and is a bit different than the traditional Japanese Haiku (which generally references nature/seasons). It’s still written in the traditional 5-7-5 syllables per line but focuses on human nature and/or emotions.