A Poetic View

Another attempt at Haiku in response to Susi’s
IWH Haiku Challenge #6
(Picture interpretation)


Beginning or end
The answer will soon be known
Be silent and wait


Like vanishing clouds
Clinging tightly to the light
Time waits for no one


From bottom to top
Days fade quickly into night
And we start again

Do you see what I see?


Visions Unseen

I guess I’m hooked!

Responding to another of Susi’s Haiku challenges …
IWH Haiku Challenge #5 (Picture interpretation)


Clouds create visions
of memories incomplete
and dreams that fade


Winds intense and cold
swirl around my aching heart —
disturbing my soul

NOTE: I just discovered this type of Haiku is called Senryū and is a bit different than the traditional Japanese Haiku (which generally references nature/seasons). It’s still written in the traditional 5-7-5 syllables per line but focuses on human nature and/or emotions.

Haiku with Flair

Responding to Susi’s challenge …
IWH Haiku Challenge #4 (Picture interpretation)


The scream lies below
Trapped and halted in flight
Withering inside


Modesty unleashed
Seeking tendrils of love
Dark desires atoned


Find me in the night
Shimmering with cold desire
Reaching, touching time

Thanks to Jim for pointing me to this challenge.

Addendum: As I mentioned in a comment below, I looked again at the picture and saw an entirely different image! Not sure why I didn’t see “the baby” before …?? Obviously this means my haiku creations will seem a bit “strange.” All I can say at this point is pretend the picture isn’t there and just use your imagination.

A Special Day: December 17

On a blog I recently started following, the owner, who is a very talented writer, recently published a couple of posts related to the month of December. In the first one, he points out the month’s natural focal point, then muses how the other days might “feel a bit inferior and a bit pointless.”

So he decides to hold a celebration of another day — and chooses December 17 (“in the name of diurnal equality”). He ends his post with this comment:

The idea is a nonsense, as far as I can tell, for it assumes that there is a direction in all of this …

But try to set aside a little time for December 17, just the same. Try to make it feel special.

In his second post related to this particular day of the month, he wrote:

So I am gathering together a collection of poems as a celebration of the special day. December 17 and I both have a short attention span so these contributions should be brief and come in any form that appeals to the writer. I am not a big one for stifling creative minds by over direction so there is no real theme. Anything that would tickle the fancy of December 17 will be perfect.

So, in celebration of this noted day, I have decided to submit this haiku poem entitled … what else?

December 17

Look! The time is here,
the then is now! Seize the day
for too soon it’s past.

P.S. For any of you hard line poets reading this, yes I’m aware that Haiku poetry is generally centered on nature. But sometimes we have to make exceptions for the cause. 😁❤

The original solicitation can be found at TheWorldofBrutus.