Perception vs. Reality

One of my blog friends just shared this video and after watching it, I felt it needed to be given as much exposure as possible. In my opinion, it is especially relevant to the upcoming election.


What Would YOU Do?

For those of you who live in the States, the Powerball estimated jackpot has reached over One Billion Dollars ($1.3 at last report).

Whether you play or not, whether you live in the states or not …

What would YOU do if you won that much money?

Buy a home? Travel the world? Donate it all to charity?

This is “just for fun” so you can be as outrageous as you want. 🙂


Retailers Love Holiday Giving

Once again the media is promoting “giving” for the holidays. Everywhere you turn, there are collection boxes for food, toys, clothes, blankets, etc. for the needy.

While I totally support helping the less fortunate, every year I wonder why it becomes such a ‘big deal’ during the holidays. In today’s economic times, there are hundreds of people who need help year-round. Yet it is only towards the end of each year that the focus becomes laser sharp. Could it be just one more marketing ploy by retailers? 

I also feel a certain amount of distaste for the “Toys for Tots” type campaigns. Why is it so important that every child has a gift under the tree? Yes, I know all about tradition, but that’s the problem. Kids today have learned to expect a “visit from Santa Claus.” And the retailers love it!

There is no denying that we should all feel a certain responsibility for helping others who are destitute and/or impoverished. But when it’s promoted and pushed by local stores through newspaper ads and TV, one can’t help but wonder exactly where charity ends and greed begins.