What Do I Care?

The cartoonist names the hot pot “Oregon” probably because his creation was printed in Oregon newspapers. But obviously it’s relevant everywhere.

And, to our regret, there are MANY on this planet who think exactly the same as this frog.


Reblog: Four Days of Fire

Graphic images that demonstrate not only beauty, but what can happen to that beauty when someone decides to “have a little fun.” They are also a vivid example of how climate change is affecting our surroundings.

a small person

A friend of mine from the Seattle area came to visit the morning of September 2nd, 2017. We’d never met in person, but both enjoy hiking and traveling and Porsches, so when the smoke from nearby wildfires cleared out of the gorge, we made plans and hoped for clear sky.

Against all odds, we got it. The mountains were faded a little by the haze, but at least the sky was blue and the air smelled fresh. All the grass in town was brown for weeks, as we only got 0.05 inches of rain since June 17th. But there was still a lot of green around, especially in the shaded crevices on the Oregon side full of moss, ferns, and flowers.

Another friend from Washougal drove out and the three of us met one of my brothers at Oneonta Gorge, near Multnomah Falls. With the water so low, it was…

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An Inconvenient Truth About Our Planet


Timelapse Satellite Pictures 

Videos show how the world has changed in the last 32 years — from evaporating lakes to exploding cities. The Earth is being torn apart by human acts.

A Probing Question:

[A]re human beings capable of assimilating such global perspectives or is our consciousness tragically limited to a pre-space age, even pre-Copernican mentality? Are people only capable of acting on immediate, personal and local concerns, even though images from space can show us the bigger picture?

Source: TheGuardian.com