An “Active” Look at Climate Change

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Changing of the Climate

From this article in The Guardian …

It will be bad for humans, but catastrophic for Earth’s other inhabitants. Arctic ice loss threatens polar bears, droughts imperil monarch butterflies, and koala habitats are being destroyed by bush fires. In all, about a sixth of all species now face extinction, say scientists, although in the end no creature or plant will be safe. “Even the most resilient species will inevitably fall victim as extreme stresses drive ecosystems to collapse,” said Giovanni Strona of Europe’s Joint Research Centre in a report last week on climate change. (Emphasis added)

Unfortunately (too) many limit their thinking to the effects climate change will have on humans. They fail/refuse to consider that all life on earth will be affected.

Why do so many deny climate change? I tend to think it’s because the changes are not immediately obvious so they tell themselves it’s no big deal. It’s all part of earth’s cycles and everything will balance out in the long run. Or they are inclined to attribute everything to “natural causes.” Some may even say it’s the brain child of some neurotic scientists. Many (usually the culprits) deny it because they want to ensure the dollars continue to flow into their bank account.

(And then there’s the conspiracy followers who are convinced the “government” is behind it all.)

Another reason I think people “pooh-pooh” climate change is because it happens gradually. Yes, they know about the forest fires, the floods, the hurricanes, the unseasonable snowstorms … but they tend to see these events as separate occurrences. In other words, they don’t get the connection.

But the young children growing up today ARE going to get the connection as they experience the very real and dramatic changes. And regrettably, because the generations before them chose to ignore the warnings, they are the ones who will feel the full effects.

  • They will experience dramatic and life-changing weather events.
  • They will see the death of plant and animal species.
  • They will suffer from droughts and/or lack of clean water.
  • They will die from heat-related diseases.
  • They will have less food to put on their tables.
  • They will be forced to move due to persistent flooding.

And this just touches the surface of the changes they will endure.

If you are reading this and shaking your head because you think it’s just people’s overactive imaginations, then I suggest you type in “Consequences of Climate Change” into your favorite browser and take the time to read what multiple informed sources have to say.

If you are still not convinced, all I can say is I hope you will (1) be dead and buried before the full effects set in, or (2) have a good explanation when your children begin to suffer as a result of your refusal to accept the findings of people much smarter than you.

Eating Ourselves to Extinction

Following are excerpts from a disturbing article in The Guardian:

Humanity has wiped out 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles since 1970, leading the world’s foremost experts to warn that the annihilation of wildlife is now an emergency that threatens civilisation.

… the vast and growing consumption of food and resources by the global population is destroying the web of life, billions of years in the making, upon which human society ultimately depends for clean air, water and everything else.

Many scientists believe the world has begun a sixth mass extinction, the first to be caused by a species – Homo sapiens.


Also  … while many of us know the migrant caravan from So. America is due to violence, killings, and organized crime within those countries, another article in The Guardian points out it also has to do with climate change. According to Robert Albro, a researcher at the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies at American University: “The main reason people are moving is because they don’t have anything to eat.”


Sobering thoughts.  Yet those who could do something to alter our course … choose to do nothing.

Reblog: Four Days of Fire

Graphic images that demonstrate not only beauty, but what can happen to that beauty when someone decides to “have a little fun.” They are also a vivid example of how climate change is affecting our surroundings.

a small person

A friend of mine from the Seattle area came to visit the morning of September 2nd, 2017. We’d never met in person, but both enjoy hiking and traveling and Porsches, so when the smoke from nearby wildfires cleared out of the gorge, we made plans and hoped for clear sky.

Against all odds, we got it. The mountains were faded a little by the haze, but at least the sky was blue and the air smelled fresh. All the grass in town was brown for weeks, as we only got 0.05 inches of rain since June 17th. But there was still a lot of green around, especially in the shaded crevices on the Oregon side full of moss, ferns, and flowers.

Another friend from Washougal drove out and the three of us met one of my brothers at Oneonta Gorge, near Multnomah Falls. With the water so low, it was…

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