Abortion vs. Vasectomy

Recently on Scottie’s blog, he included a news article related to a So. Carolina anti-abortion bill that had been approved and was due to be signed by the Governor. However, before the measure had passed, a bipartisan group of five women lawmakers in the state Senate banded together to try and stop the bill. (Is anyone surprised that they were not successful?)

From my perspective, however, it was not so much what happened to the bill itself as it was the social media remarks that Scottie shared at the end of his post. I’ve included them here — minus the individuals’ names — because I found them so spot-on.

If you’re a man, who isn’t a physician, you likely know diddly about women’s reproductive system. Women have ALWAYS carried the total responsibility of contraception, pregnancy and all that goes with it, yet it is primarily men making these arbitrary laws governing what women can and cannot do with our bodies, while they accept zero responsibility for the circumstance. All I have to say is, straight men better pray to their Jesus that women never rule because when it happens vasectomy, at the request of the woman, will become LAW. SNIP, SNIP mother Fuckers. Sorry.


If they are going to pass laws prohibiting abortion, I have no problems with a law that requires vasectomy for all men over the age of 16. You can reverse it only upon proof of marriage, and a signed statement from your wife that you are ready and able to raise children. You will have to prove you have the income or assets to provide for your children, and the mental stability etc just like people have to prove for adoption.


Men never understand how difficult and dangerous contraceptive medications are for women. The pills are difficult to manage and are not 100% effective. They also pose risks of breast and uterine cancer and the devices pose risks of infection, sterilization and tubal pregnancy. Women’s choices for contraception all carry significant risks, including invasive surgical procedures. For men a vasectomy is a fast, in office procedure, with minimal risk and usually reversible. But, men don’t want to be bothered or have their potency jeopardized, it’s preferable to let women take 100% of the risk.


As the old saying goes, if men could get pregnant the law would make abortions free and available on every street corner.

Dear Men

This was posted on Scottie’s blog — and since I felt the message needs to be shared to as wide an audience as possible, I’m posting it here as well.


I will add that not EVERY man ignores their part in unwanted pregnancies, but there are (too) many that do. Bottom line is just what Ms. Nichols says: NO MAN (and especially politicians) has the right to dictate what any woman does with her body. Period.


I Have No Words …

South Carolina is one of just two states where women can face criminal charges for illegally getting abortions.

Now a group of state lawmakers wants to take that further and allow the state to impose the death penalty on women who undergo the procedure.

H.3549, titled the “South Carolina Prenatal Equal Protection Act of 2023,” would ban abortion and criminalize it as homicide, meaning women who get abortions could face penalties ranging from 30 years in prison to a death sentence.

It has more than a dozen sponsors in the state’s House of Representatives — most of whom are members of the ultra-conservative, 20-member South Carolina Freedom Caucus, including its lead sponsor, Republican Rep. Rob Harris of Spartanburg County — though that number has dropped since the bill made headlines across the country.

According to Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey, R, the legislation has “zero chance” of becoming law.

I hope Mr. Massey is correct; however, to even bring such an action into the public arena horrifies me!

(And, IMO, if there are any women among the bill’s sponsors, they should be hog-tied and hung in the public square!)


Abortion Ruling


CNN recently reported that on Thursday (1/5/23), the South Carolina state Supreme Court ruled in a 3-2 decision that the state’s six-week ban on abortion violates the state’s constitution.

YAY! (Would that more of the courts ruled similarly!)

One of the dissenting justices penned, “Abortion presents an important moral and policy issue.” He added that “legislature, not this court, should determine matters of policy.” (Of course he would say that since “legislature” is the one that banned the procedure.)

In any case, his remark got me to thinking. “Moral” is defined as “concerned with principles of right and wrong or conforming to standards of behavior and character based on those principles.” The question that automatically comes to my mind is … who (or what) defines those “principles of right and wrong”?

A large segment of the population (I think most of you know who I mean) would naturally point to “God.” However, since there are those who dispute such an entity, does it not seem more logical that such principles be defined by majority rule?

(Oh the horrors of it! The conservatives might actually lose a few of their battles!)

There’s little doubt the struggle related to WOMEN and their ABORTION RIGHTS will continue on into future generations. Hopefully, one of those generations will enable a nationwide ruling that allows women to choose what happens to their own bodies and prevents others from intervening.

Image by Venita Oberholster from Pixabay


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