The Danger is Now


This is the title that Robert Reich put on his most recent commentary related to Trump. It is a powerful write-up that I feel needs to be shared … deeply considered … and acted upon. For those who do not subscribe to Robert’s substack account, here is what he wrote:

Last Wednesday evening marked the unofficial start of Donald Trump’s campaign to be reelected president of the United States.

He spent over an hour of prime-time television before an adoring crowd — courtesy of CNN — suggesting America should default on its debts (the crowd applauded) and that we should not defend Ukraine from Russia (cheers).

He defended his infamous “grab ’em by the pussy” comments, called E. Jean Carroll, against whom a Manhattan jury had just found him liable for sexual abuse and defamation, a “whack job,” and said her trial was “a rigged deal” (cheers and applause).

All of this was bad enough.

But what really got my attention was his attempt to rewrite the history of his attempted coup: He asserted that January 6, 2021, was “a beautiful day” (more cheers), that the Capitol rioters had “love in their heart,” and that if elected, he’d pardon those who have been convicted (big applause). He denied moderator Kaitlan Collins’s factual assertion that he took three hours to tell the January 6 rioters to go home (more cheers).

He claimed that he never asked Georgia election officials to “find” him the exact number of votes needed to defeat Biden in Georgia. (He did, and it’s on tape.) He claimed that ex-Vice President Mike Pence had the power to overturn the election. (He didn’t.) He called Michael Byrd — the Black Capitol Police lieutenant who fatally shot Ashli Babbitt while protecting lawmakers during the storming of the Capitol — a “thug.” (He isn’t.)

And he reiterated that the 2020 election was stolen from him, and — menacingly — refused to commit to the results of the 2024 presidential election (more applause).


What’s been the reaction to this prime-time squalor?

No Republican lawmaker has condemned it — except for Utah’s Mitt Romney (remember him? He was the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 2012, as amazing as that now seems).

From the rest of the Republican Party — Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, other Republican leaders in Congress, Republican governors? Nothing.

What about Democratic lawmakers?

Besides questioning CNN’s judgment in giving Trump the platform, remarkably little.

My sources in the Biden administration say they were “delighted” with the CNN event because it gave Biden even “more ammo” against Trump and will “drive more Dems and independents to the polls to vote for Biden next year.”

Maybe. But what if it convinced more Americans of Trump’s lies? Of his “strength?” Of his baseless convictions?

CNN has gone into overdrive defending itself (and its CEO, Chris Licht) for giving Trump the platform. After all, said CNN repeatedly, Trump is the leading Republican in the race for president and the public has a right to see and hear him. Others in the media claimed it would be irresponsible to “ignore” Trump and “keep him under a bushel basket.”

As if that were the issue.

The issue was CNN’s decision to give Trump exactly what he wanted — more than an hour by himself, with a hand-picked audience, and a single reporter who couldn’t possibly correct his torrent of lies (after Kaitlan Collins repeatedly asked him about his handling of classified documents, he called her a “nasty person,” eliciting audience cheers).


But the problem we face is larger than the silence of Republican lawmakers, the smug tactical response of Democrats, and the blinkered defense of CNN by the media.

Two and a half years after Trump summoned supporters to Washington, rallied them outside the White House, and, knowing they were armed and dangerous, sent them to “stop the steal” on Capitol Hill — where they rioted, threatened the lives of Congress, and caused five deaths — he has still not been held legally accountable.

Yes, he has been found liable in a civil trial for sexually harassing and defaming one woman and indicted for making hush-money payments to another.

But he instigated an attempted coup of the United States in plain sight. Where is the attorney general? The special counsel? The law?


Wake up, America!

We are no longer dealing with politics as we have come to understand it — as I have seen and practiced it over the last half century: Democrats versus Republicans, liberals versus conservatives, left versus right. In this old form of politics, compromise was expected and often necessary.

It is now democracy versus authoritarianism.

There can be no compromise. And there must not be silence.


In 2016, Trump was a joke. He is no longer a joke. He has taken over the Republican Party, turning it into an anti-democracy party containing many officials who have bought into and magnified his big lie about winning the 2020 election.

Those who stood up to Trump have now been purged. Most Republican lawmakers who remain have made it clear that they will bend or disregard any rule that gets in their way.

Trump’s racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia have fueled a dramatic rise in hate crimes across America.

His grievances and calls for vengeance are causing the nation to become ever more bitterly divided, paranoid, and suspicious.

He is less constrained than he was before. His lies are even larger. He is even more self-assured in telling them.

His rhetoric is even more menacing. “In 2016, I declared I am your voice,” Trump said at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference. “Today, I add: I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution.”

Yet if the tepid silence from the rest of America continues, he has a fair shot at becoming president again in 2024.


Friends, we do not have the luxury of waiting 18 months until the 2024 election. The danger is now.

We must speak out against Trumpian fascism.

Demand that Trump be held fully accountable for what he has done.

Condemn the media for allowing him to set the terms for appearing, and for magnifying and legitimizing his lies.

Urge secretaries of state and other state election officials to refuse to put him on the ballot — under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which bars anyone from holding office who, having taken an oath to support the Constitution, has engaged in an insurrection against the United States.

And we must make good trouble, as John Lewis put it: Mobilize to protect equal rights and preserve the rule of law. Call out haters and bigots. Take to the streets, if necessary, to defend our democracy.

29 thoughts on “The Danger is Now

  1. Justice seems to be a bit of a struggle these days. And the news sees to change wherever you go. If there were a god and he was watching what his creation has amounted to, he would commit suicide. The reliability rating of the US has taken a big hit and will not recover. If this ship is not sinking, it certainly is on fire. The GOP are insane. GROG

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  2. I don’t suppose you read my comment on his blog. It’s next to impossible to find anything specific in his Comments section. I will go look for it, and repost it here.


    • Bubba liked your comment on The danger is now.

      I hear you talking, Bob. You are making sense. But you are preaching to the already converted (believers in democracy)! What the USA needs is someone who can preach to the MAGAts, and be heard. Someone who can reach across the divide and convince them they are hurting themselves by listening to the Trumps and Greenes and DeSantises of the world. So far the Democrats have been hanging on, fortunately, by the skin of their teeth. But what are the voters getting for their dedication? A party that cannot stop mass shootings! A party that cannot protect women’s right to abortion! A party will will not stand up and protect LGBTQ+ people from persecution! I could go on, but what’s the use. We the People need to see results. But all we are seeing is weakness. WHO IS GOING TO STAND UP AND SAY ENOUGH! I HAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!! Biden is trying, but democracy is still dying! And those who could do this are sitting on the sidelines, spectating…


      • He may be preaching to the “already converted,” but the problem is that many of these folk aren’t doing anything. They agree with him, but then they sit back and wait for someone else to do the dirty work. I may be way off-base, but I tend to think he’s hoping that a “rant” like this will get them out of their Stratoloungers to DO something. At the very least, to VOTE when the time comes.

        Sometimes we all need a bit of “shouting” in our ear before we wake up and smell the coffee.


        • The final line of my comment was, “And those who could do [something] are sitting on the sidelines, spectating…” I think you and I are in agreement on that.

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      • The fly in that ointment, sadly, is the devotion of these loons to the larger loon. No, they won’t stop praising him, nor will they ever realize what a terrifying creature he has become. The only way they will give up is if and when he dies. Period. The only way they will go away is if he does, permanently.
        Mitt Romney, whom I have never really liked all that much, suddenly seems much more tolerable…

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        • But we cannot tolerate even Mitt Romney, for he too has drunk the Kool Aid. The best solution is destroying the Republican Party. I do not know how, but it needs to be done!


      • there is one glaring similarity no one has yet to mention, I don’t believe: Trump’s first ever rally was to the tune of about 5 minutes (at least) of mind erasing loud music, slightly militaristic, but of the kind that leaves you with soup for brains for quite some time after (having experienced this, I know what it can do), which opened up a LOT of people to Trump’s ranting. All of his rallies started this way, btw. So did Hitler’s. Secondly, near the end he raised his hand in gesture of something or other, and it looked remarkably like the Nazi salute. He has since stated publicly that he things the Klan is a nice bunch of fellas…

        And I cannot shake the image of that noose hanging outside the White House.

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        • An excellent point!!! I hadn’t thought about it, but … you’re so right about the music, loud and blaring, and also about the almost “Sieg Heil” salute. There are apt comparisons to Hitler and Trump, but every time I make one, I am told that is hyperbole, so I try to minimize it. Yeah, the noose … and the chants of “Hang Mike Pence”. And when Trump was told they were threatening to kill Pence, he said, “he deserves it.” Need I say more? Sigh.

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  3. I read Reich’s email this morning and like you, thought it was spot-on! One thing I would add, though, is that DeSantis, while different — more low-key, more intelligent, more quiet — is just as dangerous as Trump. We cannot afford to have either one sitting in the Oval Office … EVER!

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  4. A lot of media hold that they need to equally present the opinions of opposing views. However the opinion of the professional and the amateur do not carry the same weight. To be impartial is a good stance in the media, while not standing for facts is lazy and bad, altough profitable. Mechanisms of commercialism dictate, that advertizing should be directed at the most impressionable consumer group. That is the most ignorant segment of society. The very same crowd, who are most pleased with “news” that confirm their biases, as they are more dependant and more identified to their pre-conceptions. Simply because they have less reliance on their nonexistant analytical skills. Hence, for media outlets, from big to small, scandalous characters who spout out the (often first scared, then authoritarian and eventually even fascist) opinions of the most stupid and ignorant people, such as Trump, are a goldmine. They can not be silenced, only fought fact by fact – but even that might not be enough, as facts do not matter to people, who in the first place had no skills to recognize facts. To a lot of people, someone telling them facts, is a “nasty person” and therefore when they feel an urge to be “nasty”, they justify it by just “telling it like it is”.

    This is where the frontline for democracy stands. In schools – to teach as many kids as ever possible, how to discern fact from falsehoods. What can be done with adults is most often just delay tactics.

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  5. There is some feeling in the UK that Trump could win again in 2024. His cultish followers seem to love him more than ever, and if Democratic voters sit on their hands at the election, Trump will get back in with a taste for revenge.
    Joe Biden is too old. They should have found someone with more vigour to enthuse the Democratic voters into action, in my opinion.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • I agree with both of your points. On the second one, unless a firecracker Democrat emerges from the shadows, this is our choice. All we can hope for is the Dems who usually pay little to no attention to politics –but generally vote along party lines– will get out and VOTE! There’s just no ifs, ands, and buts … we MUST keep Trump out of the White House!!!!

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    • “President Biden will be 81 years old at the time of the next election in 2024, while Trump will be 78.”

      ahem. Do the math. When Biden was elected, there was an outpouring of horror that a 77 year old man could run this country. If Trump is elected he will be 78. He is also a walking fruitcake.

      i would take Biden over Trump any day, even if he does forget his lines now and then and looks a bit iffy in places; he has at least turned the government back to order and process and I don’t think we’ve seen a firing yet. My biggest concern is not Biden, (decency is so restful) but his VP. She is youngish, female, and black. I would frankly fear for her life and her sanity.

      It is, I think, easier to reelect a sitting president who hasn’t tried to burn down the Capitol, than it is to elect a much younger charismatic person who has had little presidential experience. don’t forget, Biden was Obama’s VP, and he got to watch.

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      • Of course if, for whatever reason, Biden must step aside, SHE will be the one to take over. And personally, that scares the SH__ out of me. I really don’t think she’s capable of fending off the attacks that will invariably come, let alone run the country. I appreciate that Biden chose her (female, black heritage, etc.), but as the POTUS … 😱!

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        • It helps that she’s been right there for the entire time, as a VP not as an outsider. But you’re right, it would be a nightmare for security, and if she lasted a month it would be a miracle. Trouble is, most Vice Presidents are chosen as fill-ins, just in case. Few of them ever do well as instant presidents.

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  6. Yeah, yeah, the danger is now, as g’da mutters under his breath about grateful beggars, barn doors and dollars being a day short. Not too many days ago I reminded my senior junior megachurch preacher I don’t have a problem with god … my problem is with what people think of god. And now that they’ve spent the last thousand years making this happen the only thing that’ll save us is unanticipated foul weather …


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