The Verdict


From Heather’s latest newsletter:

Should Trump get the Republican nomination—and right now he is the frontrunner—the Republican Party will have nominated for the presidency a man a jury found liable for sexual assault and defamation, and against whose followers a judge had to warn a jury to take precautions.

My first thought was … do the Republicans even care??? In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if  some (many?) members of the male gender in the Republican Party actually applauded what he did to E. Jean Carroll!

And then another thought crossed my mind — I wouldn’t reject the idea that some of his devoted followers will actually set up a GoFundMe account to help him pay the five  million dollar judgement! After all, HE shouldn’t have to pay that “lyin’ bitch” one penny, right?

Of course the most disturbing part of all this is, yes, as Heather speculates, he’ll most likely get the Republican nomination for POTUS. I just hope –and am sending multiple pleas to the universe– that the Democrats will come out IN FORCE at election time!

Image by Venita Oberholster from Pixabay