Personal Worth


In a post that I read recently, the person wrote: It can be comforting to believe in the Christian God. 

Personally, I tend to think that is one of the prime reasons people embrace and/or stay in Christianity. It’s comforting. They always have a “Heavenly Father” to turn to when times get tough. Even though the actual conditions of their life rarely change, they think/believe/imagine they do, and that’s the bottom line.

The thing is, ALL of us face difficult circumstances at one time or another … and  spending time trying to find solutions is NOT an easy task. In fact, it can oftentimes be a grueling experience. But I believe it makes us stronger within ourselves because it gives us the tools and processes to help us if/when we are faced with similar obstacles. Moreover, it instills a level of confidence in ourselves and our abilities to face whatever comes.

However, for many, believing in themselves and their own abilities to work through a situation is just too scary. They find it much easier and more comforting to shuffle the responsibilities of decision-making and action to a “higher power.”

Yet the facts are that every one of us lives in a world of uncertainty. Our lives are full of ups and downs, with some being more stressful and troubling than others. But EACH of us has the capability to work through them and come up with a solution on our own. We just have to believe in OURSELVES, rather than some unseen and silent entity that others have convinced us exists.

It’s my belief that any individual who relies on a supernatural deity to help them get through difficult times is forfeiting their own sense of personal worth. And from my perspective, that is irresponsible at the least — and foolhardy at the most.

Moreover, it does NOT make the problem go away.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay