The Pro-Life (?) Party


In response to Robert Reich’s latest Substack post, an individual named Keith Olson made the following comment that I felt totally pinpointed the political scene today regarding guns.

Guns were invented for one purpose. TO KILL!!!

Many on the right say that “guns make us safer”. If that were the case the U.S. would be the safest country on Earth!! Well guess what, our country is the most dangerous country on earth! The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre said “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Well how did that work in Uvalde, Texas?

In the USA in 2020 including accidental deaths, suicides, and homicides – guns killed 4,357 CHILDREN (ages 1-19 years old) or roughly 5.6 per 100,000 children! There have been 547 mass killings since 2006. There have been 2,847 victims as of April 29, 2023.

America’s mass shootings: Virginia Tech, Columbine, the Aurora movie theater, the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the El Paso Walmart shooting, Parkland, Las Vegas, Binghamton, San Bernardino, Sutherland Springs, Thousand Oaks, Virginia Beach, Monterey Park, Santa Fe, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Uvalde, the Covenant School in Nashville in March and Louisville in April.

The latest execution in Texas by a drunken idiot is just another example of how dangerous our country has become. The victims asked him to stop shooting his weapon because they had a newborn child that couldn’t sleep. This was after 11 pm!

He took exception to their complaints and proceeded to execute 5 of them! This loser had been visited by authorities previously for gun issues. PURE EVIL

Here’s where the majority of Republican Politicians stand after each and every school shooting: “You get gunned down, we send you thoughts and prayers, and then you shut the Hell up about it!”

Yet they claim to be PRO-LIFE PARTY = Hippocrates All!!

How can any human being care more about owning a gun than they care about the lives of children???

All of Our elected members of Congress need to emulsify to come up with ideas to address senseless killing of people young and old.

In other words show the American people you truly are PRO LIFE !

We are becoming more and more unCIVILized thanks to our political dividers in Congress!!

One can’t help but wonder why some are unable (unwilling?) to see the common sense in this person’s remarks.

55 thoughts on “The Pro-Life (?) Party

  1. Well guess what, our country is the most dangerous country on earth!

    Umm…Haiti, Columbia, Sudan, Nigeria, Venezuela, Brazil..,all say “Hold my beer”

    Agree with his point, and I am being pedantic, but to make definitively false statements like this hurts his argument???

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        • He also calls out the “hippocrates”, but I guess we all know he is not refering to the doctor of antiquity, or the oath taken by doctors today. I hate bad arguments for good causes, just as the next man, but I think this was not half bad. Generally speaking, it seems autocorrect may render the text produced by the most literate people into garbled nonsense.

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    • The Pro Guns people, Pro Life people and all sorts of conspiracy theorists throw tons of unfounded claims at us, but nitpick all counter arguments to find the smallest, if any mistakes and misspellings, as if those rendered the entire argument unvalid. I have wondered, if it is due to their limited skils to evaluate argumentation, that led them to their nonsensical beliefs in the first place, that explains how they deal with details in any claims, or is it a question of ego, that is so tender, that it cannot handle the prospect of ever being wrong, that creates these barriers in a sort of mental self defence and blocks the essential parts of a discussion by seeking any straws to protect the ego from any possible bruises?

      I agree, that we need to stick to the facts, but I have noticed, that even that is not enough. Being overly verbose I seem to always feed them with some irrelevant detail to pick on. It is my sort of pedantry, that makes me to add as many aspects to an issue – to deal it as whole as possible – when less would be better for the argument sake.

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      • On many markers the USA is a first world country, but on a bunch of others, such as the gun violence, it resembles the so called third world. Like for example percentage of tax income used on military, level of illiteracy, lack of social mobility ( contrary to the propaganda about the “American Dream”), or having no public healthcare system, the effects of wich are revealed by staggering infant death rates. Does the Pro Life Party, or the movement in general want to change that for the better? If they do not try to establish public healthcare, if only to save the lives of babies born, they are either ignorant morons, or evil hypcrites.

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  2. I too do NOT get it. How can anyone ANYONE watch this happen over and over and over again and be unwilling to do even one f***ing thing to try to change the condition we are in.

    I try not to despair.

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  3. I’m pretty sure that the term “pro-life” is some sort of inside joke among Republicans. After all, they stand FOR the death penalty, many of their members have called for the EXECUTION of various politicos, they would sentence women to DEATH rather than allow them to have a life-saving abortion, they sanction the UNLIMITED use and ownership of all GUNS in the hands of lunatics … need I go on? “Pro-life” only means that they would reduce women to the status of slaves … nothing more. I can imagine the laughter at their get-togethers where they pat each other on the back and congratulate themselves on setting our society back 100, 200 years! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ….

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  4. Only unborn life matters to these azzhats. Once a fetus becomes a living breathing person, suddenly only white xian males matter. And the more they can put bullets into, the more righteous they feel about themselves. Pro-life?

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  5. I ha en’t read the stats for aong time, and I am not going to this morning and potentially ruin my breakfast,( feel free to Google for your own edification and correct me.Believr me, I’ll be overjoyed to be proved wrong) but I’ll bet South Africa still features ‘up there’ when it comes to gun related deaths.
    Although, somewhat like Chicago, it seems to be be more gang and somewhat race specific these days, black on black, coloured on coloured, except when it comes to farm murders where the farmers tend to be white and the criminals not.

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    • The USA and South Africa share a similar history, that haunts the root causes to violence. Extreme racial segregation, that is still reflected in the deep economic division between ethnicities, despite the few examples, who have crossed the line in between. Even the history of gun related thinking has similar aspects and reasons for there being quite a few guns. Both the economic and racial gap are causes to own a gun. Are they not? In both countries the likelyhood of getting killed by a gun grows exponentially if you happen to be a poor black man.

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      • Again, I haven’t Googled stats in a considerable while.
        It is my understanding that most gun related violence incSA is predominantly non white on non white, or as mentioned with farm murders, black on white.
        I am not aware of the type of mass shooting that is a regular feature of the US landscape, although I have read on one occasion where it happened invaTownship in Capetown – I stand under correction.
        I have mentioned on several occasions I rarely follow news other than what comes up on the blogs, so I may be way off base.

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  6. Margaret Attwood published The Handmaid’s Tale in 1985. It was later made into a film, then more recently a smash-hit TV series. It seems to me that the Far -Right Republicans and their allies in America view her novel as an ‘Instruction Book’, hoping to create the ‘Gilead’ of the novel.
    I can actually see it happening, I really can. All the signs are there.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  7. The ten countries with the highest gun death rates are :

    El Salvador – 35.5
    Venezuela – 32.75
    Guatemala – 28.23
    Colombia – 24.8
    Honduras – 21.22
    Brazil – 20.8
    Puerto Rico – 19.72
    The Bahamas – 19.72
    United States Virgin Islands – 19.29
    Mexico – 15.55

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    • The above is per 100,000.
      Below is highest period…

      The ten countries with the most gun deaths are :

      Brazil – 47,510
      Mexico – 20,509
      United States of America – 13,001
      Colombia – 12,596
      Venezuela – 9,338
      Philippines – 9,028
      India – 7,977
      Guatemala – 5,165
      Nigeria – 3,482
      South Africa – 2,937

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      • Brazil. So beautiful. So deadly. And an even closer parallel with theUS as far as history. Even more slaves. Bigger wealth gap. Even more brazen and grasping corrupt elites. Nastier gangs

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        • The two above are based on gun killings in general, not mass killings (which in this country is defined as four or more people killed. So the statistics on mass shootings and not suicide, crime, military coups and that sort of thing, we do reign supreme. Pulled this off a blog somewhere.

          Country with Most Mass Shootings

          The United States is the country with the most mass shootings in the world, with 101 mass shootings involving 4 or more people killed between 1998 and 2019. This is a sobering statistic, particularly when compared to other developed countries. In fact, no other developed nation comes even close to having such an atrocious number of mass shootings. The US accounts for almost half of all of the world’s mass shootings over this timeframe. Aside from the sheer number of mass shootings, more than 1,200 people were killed during these incidents and more than 3,000 were injured. And these numbers are much smaller compared to the actual number of mass shootings that happened in the same time frame which had less than 4 people killed. To compare these numbers, in 2022 alone, there have been a total of 647 mass shooting incidents in the US, 12 of which had three or more fatalities.”

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    • And how many of those countries have been subject to US foreign policy, which has worked to undermine legitimate governments, in the interest of US corporations?

      Central and South America are a mess and I do honestly suspect that historical US action of being partly responsible for it.

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    • The thing that needs to be pointed out, IMO, is what is says about Brazil; i.e., the rate of gun violence is attributed to a variety of factors, including high levels of poverty, drug trafficking, and the easy availability of illegal firearms.

      While these factors may be present in the U.S. as well, IMO, one of the big differences is the fact shootings here so often include the killing of innocent people. The reasons listed for Brazil (and other countries) tend to be the result of illegal activities.

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  8. I have always thought (always is a long time me) that Reps do hypocrisy so well they should teach it in Ethics 201 at some community college. Dems, on the other hand, suck at it. Reps feel pride, Dems feel guilt.

    People who carry guns consider it a matter or pride, much less for protection. I once had one of them tell me that there should be a law requiring everyone to own a gun. Yikes! Right?

    Two things I do about this: 1) I own no guns [but I’ve thought about changing that]; 2) I vote for people who support sensible gun laws. They always lose.

    It has been over 30 years since a Dem was elected to statewide office here. The Reps cannot, CANNOT!, lose in this state (TX). It’s a one party system. However, Ted Cruz only narrowly beat Beto O’Rourke in 2018. (That despite Beto’s claim that he was coming for our assault guns following the Walmart mass murders in El Paso.)

    My point is those holding office did not put themselves into those jobs/positions. The average Texas citizen/voter did. I blame them and those of us who do not vote.

    Sadly, long and short term history indicate the problem will continue to grow, but business is good for the undertakers, gun makers, gunshows, and folks in the thoughts and prayers business.

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  9. Spartan atheist is better than you because he has guts to face me. whereas even though you have no reason to block my comments you are such a coward atheist. In order to protect your prestige and your blog you block my comments without any justification. Keep it up. very nice.


  10. Jai narasinga dev.

    republicans or democrats who ever it may be. criminals and crimes always happen at all times. It is the duty of the government to check those crimes and restore peace and order in the society by finding the fundamental cause of such lunatic crimes. Mostly the underlying cause of all crimes is poverty and frustration of material desire. Poverty can be eradicated by providing basic necessities of life without any condition and material desire can be eradicated only by spiritual knowledge and practice alone.

    Even if Nan becomes president of America he cannot completely eradicate crimes because human necessities of life depends upon nature. Development of industries and technology can only give us luxurious life but not food grains. Food grains depends on mother nature and rains. Rains are not under control of scientists. It depends on God.

    American people are already uncivilized they kill poor animals and eat its flesh. They have huge slaughter houses in which thousands of innocent animals are killed. These are the sinful activities and this is the cause of gun violence in the society. The violence of poor animal killing is reflected in the human society.


  11. Nan, We don’t insult on the contrary its you people open a blog and insult God, Christ and scriptures without understanding its sublime values and principles.

    If your article is foolish then we have to point out such foolishness. Right?.


    • Funny … most of my visitors don’t seem to think my posts are “foolish.” They may occasionally be controversial, but IMO, that’s what makes them ripe for discussion. 😎

      Oh and by the way, it’s a bit difficult to “insult” something that doesn’t exist.

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  12. Oh! Nan, its also bit funny you don’t even realize what kind of foolish article you are presenting. You are trying to club modern politics with religion that’s what makes your article foolish and silly. religion has nothing to do with politics. There may be some person who misuse religion for their selfish gains that is not the ground to hate religion.

    Just like if your son commits mischief act due to bad association it is the son to be punished and not the father.


    • In the U.S., politics and religion ARE intertwined! Unfortunately. If you’re unable to see this, you are blind indeed. In this country, religion is wedged into everything! Have you not noticed that “under God” is part of the Pledge of Allegiance?

      I do not “hate” religion … or those who practice it. What I DO hate is when “the religious” try to force their beliefs and standards and rules upon me. You and every other person who worships “God” are free to do so, but keep it to yourself.

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  13. Nan, you didn’t understand what I said. Modern politics has nothing to do with religion. American constitution is based on fundamental rights and it keeps religion outside the purview of constitution.

    “when “the religious” try to force their beliefs and standards and rules upon me”. It’s like a child who doesn’t want to follow good things and he hates his father for imposing disciplinary measures. Further Nan nobody forces an atheist to come to church and worship Christ by force. There must be some sort of rules and regulations for controlling sense gratification in a human society. We know that you people don’t like such restrictions and you want to be like animals. Just like a child doesn’t know which is good for his health, he cries for some eatable which is not good for his health and he did not listen to his parents. His mother will finally give one slap on his face in order to make him understand that such eatable is not good for him.

    I’m not justifying all the acts of present politicians as right. You should understand one thing religion teaches many good things such like non violence, compassion to the weak and poor, loving our neighbours and finally loving God who is the source of all creations. If you love God you can love its entire creation. If you love the entire creation there is no question of being inimical to all the animals, trees and human.

    Suppose if atheist rule this nation there is no control over their senses. They act whimsically without discrimination of Good and bad. They just act to gratify their senses. For example intoxicants appears to be good for them because it gives some sort of pleasure for the senses. But at the same time they fail to foresee it’s consequences. Intoxicants results in madness it impairs cognitive function of the brain due to chemical changes in the brain. One who is drunked loses his discrimination power of good and bad and commits violence and crimes just for having few cups of alcohol.

    Similarly there are many finer truths with respect of meat eating and unrestricted sex life. Meat eating his a violence against poor animals. Animals are less intelligent than us. Killing animals means you are developing exploiting and cruel attitude towards other living entities including humans. Unrestricted sex life encourages the younger generation to commit violence against weak and ignores the duty of protecting and maintaining his relations.

    So, even if you don’t accept the existence of God you cannot avoid or ignore the good principles which a religion teaches us. In the atheist world you hate God this means you develop hating mentality towards all living entities. If you don’t follow the rules and regulation of scriptures you commit violence towards other living entities. Externally you may not commit any grave offence for the sake of reputations but if the circumstances demands, If you are powerful to cover your violent deeds that’s where lies the danger.

    This is the current situation all over the world it’s not only maerica. People throws religion for sense gratification no artificial mechanism can check their gratifying tendency. These people vote a leader who is the king of all gratification and he makes laws based on such sense gratifying experience. These unqualified and less intelligent leaders misuse religion for political gains but they don’t actually follow them.


    • You have offered your opinion in a non-hysterical manner so I’m approving your comment. However, there is one remark you continue to make and that is that atheists “hate” god. There may well be some people who DO hate god and I’m sure they have their reasons for doing so. However, you are making a blanket statement about ALL atheists that simply is NOT true. You need to understand/remember that to be an atheist means you discount the existence of a god — so how can a person hate something that simply isn’t there?


      • Wowza. I guess it takes all kinds, referring to your commenter.

        Haha if ONLY religion had nothing to do with politics. Things would be slightly less FUBAR. But we are all humans and power is appealing. The religious who are getting power get just as intoxicated as anyone else who finds themselves in a place of power.

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        • Agree! But the “religious” are simply unable to see this correlation because they’re so busy defending their invisible sky-daddy.


  14. God is there Nan, simply we have to qualify our self to see him. Nan, God is there this is also accepted by great scientists like Sir Isac Newton. We have to develop spiritual qualification to directly see God. There are procedure to understand and see God. If you follow such procedure you can also see God. Further it needs intelligence to understand the working of material nature. This is the first step in understanding God.

    At the present moment you are attracted to atheistic ideology and theories and you like to believe that this universe and life came by itself without a cause. If you like to believe such fantasy statements you will never accept the truths of the working of nature.

    So, unless you develop spiritual qualification to see God. God does not reveals himself to you. This is also applicable for theist.


    • No, I’m not “attracted” to atheism. I have experienced your god belief and rejected it many years ago. Please do NOT come to my blog to preach. Most of my followers are non-believers by choice. They also have thoroughly examined –and rejected– the Christian dogma.

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  15. Nan, The subject matter of this blog is actually about God and religion. You invite comments and now you say we should not speak on such topic. You cannot expect others to give their comments what you feel and experience. There are many subtle truth’s in this world which you are unaware of. but you don’t have the piety and patience to hear. I just pointed one should need qualification to understand and see God. We know that generally people reject religion on the basis of their material calculation, plans and desires. Your God experience is not mature. You feel that religion or God is not going to satisfy your desires and plans and therefore you rejected the religion. Most of the people want God to be their order supplier, if their prayers are not answered, they become atheist or reject religion. This sort of attitude is not mature. Because, people who worship God properly follow the scriptural injunctions and they are faithful to God. God reciprocates with those people according to their level of austerities and purity. If God is not real then there will be no theist in this world everybody will remain as atheist.


    • This is the LAST comment I’m approving from you until you can stop preaching. If any reader/visitor to my blog wants to hear about “God,” they can visit their local parish or church. Furthermore, you CANNOT speak for others. You can only speak for yourself.

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  16. You are the one who is speaking about God and religion. we are just responding to your comments. I explained why you people can’t see God. but the truth is bitter for you. If you don’t believe in God why you negatively comment about God which you don’t believe to exist?. First you stop speaking about God and religion which you don’t believe in. then there shall be no response from our side.


    • No, you are NOT “just responding to [my] comments.” You are judging me and my readers. Example: … you people can’t see God …. You have no ability nor authority to make this judgment.

      Anyone that visits my blog is welcome to defend their god, but once they start “preaching” by telling others what they believe (or should believe) and/or how they should act or speak, they are history — which, as of this point in time, you have just become. So save your energy because this is the last comment of yours that you will read on this blog.

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