I hope the title of this post didn’t alarm you … but I recently read someone else’s post on the topic and it triggered some ideas of my own.  Coincidentally, today’s local paper had nearly an entire page devoted to Obits!

Please forgive me if the subject offends you in any way.

I think most of us have noticed that Obits are pretty much a part of every local newspaper. While some are short and sweet, others are almost book length as the writer outlines the (noteworthy?) history of the deceased. Many are also accompanied by the assurance the person is now “in the loving presence of the Lord.”

If you have lived in an area “forever” (or at least for a number or years), you may enjoy reading the history of someone you know who has “passed on” — and if you are so inclined, to learn whether there will be a funeral or “celebration of life.”

Speaking for myself, the Obit section is not one of my “go-to” sections of the newspaper — and I don’t intend to have anyone write one for me when I die. But what about you? Do you want to leave a bit of “you” behind? Are there things  you want people to know about you and/or remember you for? Are you inclined to write your own or do you plan to leave  the task to others?