I Have No Words …

South Carolina is one of just two states where women can face criminal charges for illegally getting abortions.

Now a group of state lawmakers wants to take that further and allow the state to impose the death penalty on women who undergo the procedure.

H.3549, titled the “South Carolina Prenatal Equal Protection Act of 2023,” would ban abortion and criminalize it as homicide, meaning women who get abortions could face penalties ranging from 30 years in prison to a death sentence.

It has more than a dozen sponsors in the state’s House of Representatives — most of whom are members of the ultra-conservative, 20-member South Carolina Freedom Caucus, including its lead sponsor, Republican Rep. Rob Harris of Spartanburg County — though that number has dropped since the bill made headlines across the country.

According to Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey, R, the legislation has “zero chance” of becoming law.

I hope Mr. Massey is correct; however, to even bring such an action into the public arena horrifies me!

(And, IMO, if there are any women among the bill’s sponsors, they should be hog-tied and hung in the public square!)


52 thoughts on “I Have No Words …

  1. I’ll bring the duct tape.

    This is insane.

    Fine. They want to pass that, or even propose it, fine. Someone needs to bring a law that says law makers who don’t pass gun control laws will be punished as conspirators to murder at every school shooting. Every. Single. One. Same logic.


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  2. Completely agree with you, Nan.

    It continues to baffle me to no end how so many (white) MAGA extremists and ultra-Conservative Repubs have NO CLUE about the embryology, biology, perinatology, and most of all the moral-ethical sides for the woman within the FIRST six to seven weeks of pregnancy! Where in tha HELL did these morons get educated in these science fields!??? The Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania? Pfffft, what a sad joke these idiots are. 😣

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    • Oh! Also forgot to ask: Where in tha EFFIN HELL is the MAN-FATHER involved in the pregnancy!? Why do we NEVER ever hear from the god-dayum MAN!!!!!!!!????? Is he NOT 50% or in many cases 100% to blame for the situations!!!!??? 😡 🤬

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      • In TOO MANY instances, it is the MEN who are making/passing these abortion laws … so of course they aren’t going to incriminate the male partner. That would be going against their screw-’em and leave-’em philosophy, doncha’ know?

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        • Yep. That’s exactly the hypocritical mindset and behavior of these MEN in these unwanted pregnancy situations time and time and time and time again, repeat ad infinitum!!! And ultra-Conservative Repubs and MAGA extremists just keep ENABLING these effin sperm-donors repeatedly as well!!!!!! It is infuriating Nan and I’d almost rather castrate those idiotic, irresponsible, ENABLED Neanderthals or shoot their balls and penis off! 😡

          Yet THEY never pay any price for where they stick their tally-whackers! It’s ROYALLY effed up!

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        • It seems to me the father DOES have the right to decline being a father. All he has to do is quit providing sperm. Now if you’re talking about “after the fact” and the woman discovers she’s pregnant, then of course there should be a discussion. However, in the current climate, even if BOTH decided against the woman continuing the pregnancy, the die has been cast.

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        • Nan has answered pretty closely to what I would’ve said, however, I’d further add that the man has that decision available to him PRIOR to ejaculation with no protection. THAT is precisely when his freely available “choice” should be decided, not after the fact. That’s when his liberties are at 100% if there is no prior discussion about protection or pregnancy between the Lovers/Lusters. 😉 That percentage DRASTICALLY drops for him afterwards wearing no condom… and if the woman allowed him to wear no condom or asked him to and he refused. Bottom-line the man or father-to-be has a LOT MORE responsibility, accountability than are society and laws put on him!

          And here is a remarkable novel idea for Sperm-donors! When I decided I was done having children (two) when I turned 45-yrs old—too old to be a good, physically active, engaged Dad when they’re into their pre-teens and teens—I GLADLY went to have a vasectomy done. It is/was a very, VERY simple outpatient procedure. What an ingenious idea for hyper-horny men! How in tha WORLD did I think of it!??? 😄 And yet… 🤦‍♂️


        • I understand this is the way things are, but is that a fair analogy where you draw the line and she never has to? Then she can determine whether he spends the next 18years paying support? Or not, he has no say. We’re actually taking about abortion, not sex, btw.


        • Well, just as a friendly reminder… my comment about where tha hell is the man-father in all of this was merely a footnote. 😉

          BUT in my mind one can never simply isolate one phase from all other phases involved in making or moving a zygote to an embryo to a fetus. To me it is unrealistic to put such horse-blinders on. And if we want to get even MORE precise we should delve into all the earlier phases of foreplay to nakedness to the man’s ejaculation… unless of course these earliest phases were rape. The entire time leading up to conception to pregnancy the male sperm-donor had ALL KINDS of choices and decisions to either be a responsible father or NOT be one. To me it is very straight forward. If the man never wanted to be a good, responsible father, then there exists/existed PLENTY of chances and opportunities for him to avoid it, to keep his pants zipped-up, even if the woman beguiled him and hypnotized him (drugged him?) into dumping his sperm in the wrong place (uncontrollably?) HAH!!! Whatever. Don’t buy it for a second!

          Bottom-line for me, way too many men get off scot-free as if they possess two juxtaposed anatomical heads which think independently and opposed to the other! That is utter B.S.

          Anyway, in my mind you can’t separate sex from pregnancy when BOTH persons had so very many easy opportunities to avoid a pregnancy… unless of course the situation is rape, especially rape of 10, 11, 12, or 13-yr old girls. In rape cases the woman/girl then has no less than 5-7 weeks to abort before it all gets way too complicated with the severe societal pressures by too many people who weren’t even involved or around during the actual acts of foreplay, ejaculation, conception, and resulting surprise—again, barring rape.

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        • I agree and there seems to be no problem with double standards in this realm of men and women. It is probably as it should be yet some states are bent on interfering. Isn’t it interesting though that with the leaps in women’s equality since the 60’s men are still held accountable to adhere to traditional values?

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        • “Traditional values” as in Bronze Age and Classical Age patriarchal supremacy and traditional SHAMING of pregnant women or girls? If so, then yes… it is all archaic, barbaric. If not, then please elaborate. 🙂


        • Well, the word “traditional” has a very different, negative connotation for me, as in antiquated, dead-decaying, stagnate, not willing to evolve, etc. But as far as a man (or adult woman) taking complete responsibility for your/their actions, decisions… YES, and again YES in all circumstances no matter what! OWN IT! Period! 🙂 Cuz no one else can be blamed for what YOU chose to do.

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        • I think he may have been referring to this: What an ingenious idea for hyper-horny men! when he made his sex remark … 😁


  3. Unfortunately, I was expecting this so I was not shocked. I am amazed they are trying, but not shocked.
    The good that might come out of this is showing the nation, and the world, how out of touch with reality the GOP has become. Anyone with any kind of decency will have to look at politics and say, the Republicans are going too far. Their craziness and stupidity cannot be tolerated — ever.
    In 2022 women all over America said no to anti-abortion laws federally. But some states went in that direction anyway. And they have not gone as far as they can yet. THIS IS A WARNING TO THE WORLD!
    And I hope the world responds in kind! Destroy the parties that are heading in this direction. They are out of control, completely insane!
    But it will not surpruse me if the bill gets passed. Some humans are too full of themselves. They really believe they have the rignt to control everyone else! They must be stopped!

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  4. Rob Harris doesn’t give a fuck what outsiders feel. His intent in sponsoring this rubbish publicly is to send a message to hardliner right-wing nuts that HE is their man. It is is very much like what Trump does in his rage-marketing. Does Harris have one moment of doubt that the bill will ultimately fail? Of course not but the point is marketing, team-building, same as the crowds chanting AMERICA!…AMERICA! It’s apes grunting and whooping. That women are just tools to be abused and wrenched this way so that Rob can strut his stuff is standard operating procedure.
    Women still attend church with hats on…. do we like to imagine they do it to feel attractive? Not those who have fled the building!

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  5. I think there is something underneath all this anti abortion business. I think it’s a desire by mostly men, to oppress women once and for all. They don’t like it that women have moved up in the world, run businesses, run for office and can outdo men in many instances. It’s pure…”I’ll show you”. And the politicians and preachers feed the hate so easily, which, of course, keeps them in power.

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    • White supremacist males have always proven that even when they are capable of succeeding on a level playing field, they do all in their power to find an advantage in outlawing competition. What they don’t recognize is that their affinity to having power over ‘others’ has caused the ‘others’ to grow more determined to succeed. Women of all races, people of color, non-Christians, in a word, all the ‘others’ are succeeding in spite of their efforts, while their numbers and influence continue to shrink. Setting up the Supreme Court was a far-sighted plan, though. They know they will never persuade society to voluntarily turn backward, so they double down on their effort. The deconstruction of the administrative state continues. This is their last best chance. If the democratic republic is going to fail, it will be in the next election cycle.

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  6. Good grief!
    And I’ll wager these are the same ( types of ) people who openly ( and rightly) vilify certain Islamic countries for similar brutality against women. Yet here they are wanting to get a law passed that in essence allows the state to murder it’s own women!
    The hypocrisy is staggering
    What the hell is wrongwith your country?
    That there are individuals who would have actually sat down and come up with this insane idea, thought it through , planned it, drafted a proposal and are prepared to go through with it, even though the chances are ( currently) zero of it being passed, is nothing short of evil.
    If I believed in Yahweh I would probably say:
    God preserve us.

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  7. the horrifying fact in this, is thirteen year old rape victims and women who are shown to be carrying a damaged and dying fetus will be forced to carry those babies full term. There was that golden moment some decades back (blink and you missed it, but it was there) when a woman could actually go to a doctor and say, “I am in no position to bring a(nother) child into this world…” and no questions would be asked. It also occurs to me, that if a state can outlaw abortion, they can also outlaw birth control pills too…

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      • and has anyone noticed the irony of the death penalty suggested for women who have abortions (regardless of the circumstances)? I do recall some years ago a very old woman in her eighties who had been raped by a burglar in the middle of the night: and one of the questions she was asked was, “what were you wearing”…

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  8. I hope he’s right, too, but in today’s political climate, all bets are off. And where does the male who helped create the fetus they are so protective of fit in? I think it’s time to pass a law that all males must either be castrated or have a non-reversible vasectomy by the age of 12!!! Lorena Bobbitt should start teaching classes! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    • Well … I don’t think I would go THAT far! However, sometime back I did write a post on the topic entitled Abortion Workaround. I still think it should be considered, but of course it will never happen so long as the male population is in governmental control.

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  9. Backlash is a bitch. The more extreme they get, the more extreme the inevitable response. Fergoddesssakes, just look at some of the responses here, and these are relatively mild.

    I did a graduate paper long ago, a statistical analysis of fifty years of census data that refutes the ‘fathers not doing their part meme’. Yeah, a few don’t but they get all the attention and the rest of us get the bad reputation. Indeed, pre-WWII 90% of divorce custody of the children remained with the father. Reagan’s ‘Bucks’ meme was rooted in Moynihan’s War on Johnson’s War on Poverty, and has become so much a part of the lexicon we white ‘liberals’ don’t even notice.

    Kinda’ like my lament about language ~ the language we use is rooted in religion, we have no language with which to talk about no-religion …

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  10. It seems to me the mother DOES have the right to decline being a mother. All she has to do is quit providing eggs”. 😃
    Of course a fair and equal discussion is after she’s pregnant, but men do not get to decide anything at that point, whether or not to be a father—his input is actually scoffed at in such circles. In todays hookup culture why don’t men have the right to decline (or demand) fatherhood? Women have not been held accountable for their behavior and men are.

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    • In todays hookup culture why don’t men have the right to decline (or demand) fatherhood?

      Probably because men have been the deciding factor in most all areas throughout history and women have been subjugated into subservience. So, in today’s more “modern” world, women are stepping up and demanding they be allowed to make a decision that affects them FAR more personally than it does any male individual.

      Further, if the male’s intention is to be a father when the sexual bond is imminent, then perhaps he should say so then. Most women have already made their decision via birth control methods.

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      • Women control access to sex. They already hold all the power except in extreme circumstances. The decisions of promiscuity maybe should hold some accountability for that?
        Just to be clear, I do favor womens choice and I don’t think the government should dictate any of it, but since they do should the law not be applied equally across genders?


        • As I indicated in my comment, women who do not want to become pregnant generally have taken the necessary steps to prevent it from happening. Men, on the other hand, generally do nothing in this regard. In fact, they often take supplements to aid in the act! While I do agree that women who haven’t taken these steps and discover they are pregnant are foolhardy.

          Nevertheless, the fact that the woman is the one who experiences bodily changes (which CAN in some cases be life-threatening) PLUS the fact that she is most generally the one who must raise the resulting child in a non-committed relationship are, IMO, the ultimate reasons why there should be NO restrictions placed on her decision to abort.

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        • But you’re drawing an arbitrary time line and applying rights unequally. What if the line were drawn a little sooner? Both have engaged in a voluntary act, one is held accountable now while the other is not. In fact being held accountable after the fact of taking a consensual risk. Is this equality?


        • Is it equality that a woman who finds herself pregnant not by choice is FORCED to continue the pregnancy and have a child that she may not want or cannot afford to raise?

          No, Jim. You nor anyone else will ever convince me that there are “equal rights” when it comes to a woman facing an unwanted pregnancy and she can do nothing to alter the end result.

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        • Of course there are extreme cases where the woman “finds” herself pregnant but mostly it is from consensual activity. I am not trying to convince you of anything, but it seems a little lopsided when after the fact men have zero choice in the matter and that is not equal rights. I’m actually ok with the unfairness and I think men should be held accountable for their actions. But so should women.


        • From my personal perspective as a woman, there is simply NO justifiable reason to disallow a women from having an abortion. It is not lopsided for the primary reason that it is not the man who experiences bodily changes and/or potential difficulties … or even the discovery of a deformed child in the womb that could threaten the woman’s very life.

          You are clearly discussing a man’s CHOICE –an entirely mental decision– whereas a pregnancy involves major physical changes in a woman’s body over which she has NO “choice” unless she aborts.

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        • I am discussing equity, not mens choice. Perhaps the lines are drawn in the wrong place if it puts undo burden on one versus the other? If anything my stance would be that men act more responsibly, but based on the data women don’t really want that either.


        • It would probably be well is we don’t get into a discussion on equity between the male and female genders. In any respect. 😊


        • The law as it is stated, does not seem to permit exemptions for rape, for incest, and for damaged fetuses. And that in itself seems to imply the “what were you wearing when he raped you” mindset of many men…

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        • Men controll access to sex just as much as women do. It is the woman who becomes pregnant, not the man. It is the choise of the pregnant person, who decides wether or not they will provide their own body (risks included) for the embryo to grow into a new human individual, or not. They may choose to consult their partner, but as it is their body, so is ultimately the choise. I see no disparity of equality in this matter. Difference does not mean inequality.

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        • So if a woman decides to keep the baby, she and the courts will force a man to support them financially, even if he doesn’t want to be a father. This is difference, not inequality?

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        • Yes, now you got it. In your example we and the judical system are discussing about the financial support of an existing human being by the parents, while in the case of pregnancy the issue is all about the body of the woman. Nobody else at all. Simple really, if you think about it. The difference between men and women, that some women – though not all – may become pregnant, as no man can. It is a biological fact. Just like it is not inequality, just difference, that most men – not all, mind you – have greater upper body strenght compared most women.

          Of course in a better world, the society would provide enough direct support to mothers, so the child would not need any economical support from a father, biological or otherwise – and that would reduce the amount of abortions and especially unwanted pregnancies far better, than any legal bans on it.

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  11. It is an unconstitutional suggestion. They mean to impose their religious beliefs about the beginning of human life on others. Let us not pretend there is any other reason they themselves are even appealing to, than their religious excuses for such a law. There are no secular reasons to ban abortion. It would be a terrifying precedence of the violation of the US constitution in how the religious values held by some could be extended and imposed upon all.

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