Customer Service


I just read an article in the NPR newsletter that said a recent survey showed Americans are more unhappy with the customer service they’re getting than ever. I personally agree.

Although customer service can (and often does) involve one-on-one contact, I tend to think most of us complain the loudest about the service (?) we receive when we have to place a phone call to remedy a situation — and almost inevitably, we are met with a bot along with seemingly unlimited wait times!

For me personally (once I have pressed innumerable numbers to get to the appropriate department), I dislike reaching a person who is (most probably) based in another country and English is his/her second language. I already have difficulty hearing due to wearing hearing aids, but then I have to deal with someone who has an accent!  (I almost want to dance a little jig when I reach a person who speaks good English!)

Although telephonic automation is the go-to word for most companies nowadays, some do offer an email or online message system on their website — and for me, that method has worked the best. (I nearly always get a helpful response. 🙂)

What about you? How do you feel about today’s “Customer Service”? Have you found some companies are better than others in how they respond? What are your thoughts about the telephone “wait times?” And what about that “on hold” music?!!?

Image by S K from Pixabay