“They Looked At Everything”


I know many of you read Heather Cox Richardson’s newsletter so what you’re about to read is “old news.” Nevertheless, for those who don’t read her (outstanding) newsletter, I felt that something she wrote in her latest issue needed additional attention.

While I feel confident that most of my readers agree that the 2020 election was legal and valid, the following is just one more arrow to place in our quiver.

Today, Josh Dawsey of the Washington Post reported that Trump’s campaign hired a consulting firm to try to prove that the election had been stolen. The Berkeley Research Group examined the election results in six swing states but could not find anything that would have changed the outcome. “They looked at everything,” a source told Dawsey: “change of addresses, illegal immigrants, ballot harvesting, people voting twice, machines being tampered with, ballots that were sent to vacant addresses that were returned and voted…. Literally anything you could think of. Voter turnout anomalies, date of birth anomalies, whether dead people voted. If there was anything under the sun that could be thought of, they looked at it.” 

The consultants briefed Trump, chief of staff Mark Meadows, and others on their evidence that Biden’s election was legitimate in December 2020—before the events of January 6—but the Trump camp continued to insist the election had been stolen. 

To read the rest of this edition of Heather’s newsletter, click here.

6 thoughts on ““They Looked At Everything”

  1. Is anyone here brave enough to read the “truth” from Seek the Truth about election denying. I really would not advise it, it is a scary read, and even I could not finish it, but I had some good laughs before I gave up.
    Seriously, if election results need to be questioned, or even litigated, there is something seriously wrong with the system, as well as its perception amongst the electorate. 2020 took a check and balance and turned it into a political disaster. Recounts in tight races are normal, but declarations of cheating when the results are wide undermine the very practice of democracy!
    If there was a way to cheat at an election, Trump would have found it. He is a master at finding the weak link! He did not find one!. He found no way to cheat except accusing the system of cheating. Hopefully he or anyone else never will find such a way. Democracy will end that day!

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  2. I read every single newsletter Heather Richardson Cox publishes Nan. I too find her reporting and research exceptional, worth reading 2-3x sometimes, she’s so good.

    But then again, fortunately America does possess Truth-finders like her in every part of the nation! Just wish we had many MANY more like her… and like Liz Cheney (R) and Adam Kinzinger (R) who still know how to utilize their own independent critical-thinking & analysis skills when it comes strictly to Constitutional Law and vowed sworn duties of office, and the enforcements of those roles in the true spirit of “Checks-n-Balances” and “Separation of Powers.”

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  3. There are a lot of people, from Trump to deeper in the swamp, who are facing some serious charges if he can’t win the 2024 election.

    If he does take the office again there will be no holding them back. It’s their only way to avoid conviction.

    The GOP clown show is doing their part to slow investigations.

    HCR has another book out, “How The South Won The Civil War.” She has excellent credentials and puts her knowledge of history to good use.

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  4. Okay. Cool. But, honestly,
    it’s kind of “so what?” for me. Trump was threatening to do the same thing if he’d lost in 2015 (you know—back when we were not yet embarrassed by our POTUS). I still wonder about Russia in that one, but when it comes to our government, I’m sorry to say that none of us will ever know the truth. Anyway…bridge/water/done/now what?

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    • No.

      Now we push till we get those *uckers. The orange idiot and his cronies. The house and congress reps who were willing to go along with it. And whatever rats running from the sinking ship they can catch!

      There ought be no place for them to hide. But we still have R’s willing and able to interfere at every turn. Power is all that matters to them. Integrity, just a word in the dictionary.

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