What Bugs You?

Oh my goodness! One of my favorite bloggers just wrote a fun post on a topic that I wish I had thought of! In fact, I liked it so much, I’m stealing his idea. (I figure it’s OK to do this since our followers are not all the same. AND the fact he’s a nice guy. 😍).


The topic?


We all have them … with some being more irksome than others, right? Well, now’s your chance to tell the world what bugs you the most.

The Pet Peeve that bothers me the most is … people who think only of themselves and (seemingly) have no concern or care about how their actions affect others. Of course this involves a whole litany of actions, big and small. I won’t name any here … I’ll let you fill in the blanks since I have a hunch some of you may have the same pet peeve.

And in case you’ve wondering, here are a couple of definitions for “Pet Peeve” —

  1. Something about which one frequently complains; a particular personal vexation.
  2. Something that is personally annoying; a personal dislike.

So here’s your chance to sound off! (Probably best not to name names. 😈)

The sky’s the limit!

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

73 thoughts on “What Bugs You?

  1. Most of mine are language usage ones. Currently I find “try and find” egregious, as in “I am going to try and find a bargain on those.” The phrase is “try to find” but lazy language slurred it down to try ‘t’ find, then try ‘n’ find, which people write out as “try and find”.

    “Try and find” is redundant. To find generally involves one looking for what one wants and then running across it.

    And trust me, I’ve more . . . but I don’t want to come across as a member of the Language Gestapo.

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  2. People who wear too much perfume. Gak.

    People who smoke in air that I’m trying to breathe. Make that double if they then toss their cigarette butts on the ground.

    The whole trend of requiring a cellphone for more and more things. I was left a delivery notice on Monday that gave me the options of contacting the company on their app, or texting them, but no other options. I even have to have my phone to be able to log into my work computer!

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  3. People who see me walking my dog and immediately assume I’m the idiot who doesn’t pick up after his dog poops. I tell them they’re complaining to the wrong person yet they still whine at me. My second biggest peeve is the idiots who don’t pick up after their dogs thus giving the idiots from my main peeve ammo to yell at me with. Truly peeves me off!!

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  4. Packaging that is impossible to open without destroying the contents. Cookies, taco shells – all shrink wrapped to the point that the contents must be nearly crushed to open them. Those little pull tops on pills and supplements that are impossible to grip after you have already fought through the plastic shells on the outside of the bottle. The little plastic rings on olive oil bottles and milk jugs that snap before you can pull the top of the container open.

    And appliance controls cluttered with obscure symbols, frequently unreadable because the symbols are small and merely raised surfaces on a dark background that can’t be seen except in direct sunlight.

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  5. Not name names? No way. My present Pet Peeve is Danielle Smith, Premier of Alberta who inherited the Premiership by the previous Premier’s retirement. She was not elected to the position by We the People, but only by Alberta’s conservative faction. Yet she runs around saying We the People gave her a mandate to make Alberta sovereign, and to start a provincial police force, and to sue the Canadian government because Alberta has only 1/10th the power (Alberta is one of 10 provinces, and 3 territories, so go figure!). and to restart coal mining and expand oil production, and and and and and… And now she is interfering in court cases where her friends are facing charges from Covid and the so-called Freedom Convoy that closed our borders and interrupted supply chains going both directions last year. She is an out-of-control bitch, and she needs to be taught a lesson! But the conservatives love her, so who knows. There is an election this year. I hope she loses, bigtime!
    I know this will be meaningless to most of your readers, but what she is doing to Alberta is what Ron DeSantis will do to America if he gets elected President, just on a much larger scale.

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  6. Editors who mess up your copy.


    I recently wrote a story for a university about a music festival held in Montana, USA. Montana is known as “Big Sky Country.” Makes sense. It’s a huge, straightforward, no bullshit, sparsely populated state with miles and miles of open country between towns and only blue sky to look at.

    My lede was, “Of course the festival was big. That’s Montana.”

    For who knows what reason, the editor felt a comma was necessary:

    “Of course, the festival was big. That’s Montana.”

    Well, damn, that changes the entire feel of the sentence, and arguably its meaning. It now reads like there should have been a paragraph before it. “There were hundreds of cars there. Of course, the festival was big.”

    No! My intention was for a clean, clear, straightforward sentence that mirrors the state of Montana itself: “Of course the festival was big.” Who would’ve thought such a small mark on a page could take a piece of writing I’d’ve been happy to share in my portfolio into something I hope no one ever sees.

    This kind of thing has happened dozens of times over the course of my career. So frustrating.


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    • Isn’t it interesting how often our pet peeves have to do with the actions of other people? Like Ubi’s “perfume people.”

      P.S. Being a writer … I can identify!

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    • Years ago an editor added two words to the end of an essay and completely destroyed the context of the essay. I didn’t punch him out, but I never submitting anything to him again.

      And the canine didn’t pay me …

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  7. Some annoyances of mine are:
    – in conversation, filler words like “you know”, “like”.
    – in writing, the incorrect use of punctuation marks and long paragraphs. That makes reading unnecessarily difficult.
    – in other aspects, people that text or even have cellphones in their hands when driving; others, conducting in the wrong lane.

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    • Oh Yes! The “you know” syndrome! I watched an interview recently and the individual said “you know” nearly every other word. And I’m not exaggerating!

      Of course, being a writer, I also fully agree with what you wrote about punctuation and length.

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      • A poet I met (and am a huge fan of) tended, in his correspondence to other writers, to write the most awkward and comma ridden prose I have ever seen. It felt, like, you know, riding a street car, across the track’s and into, an other country…and yet he writes poetry like a dream. There’s no accounting for style, I guess.


  8. Pet peeves, eh? People who drive down a quiet residential street with their car stereo blasting … do they really think we all want to hear their music? Those who throw their trash anywhere they please … there is a park behind our house, and I could fill a trash bag every day if I picked up the trash there. Back when I was well enough to walk around the track there, I used to pick up the trash once a week and always managed to fill 2-3 30-gallon trash bags. This, despite the fact there are 4 large trash bins, one on each corner of the park! Ignorance, intolerance, and bigotry in all its forms. That should ’bout cover it … oh no, wait … one more … packaging that requires one to nearly slice off a hand just to get the package open!

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    • There’s a shortcut nearby that doesn’t really save any time just a couple of lights, couple of merges and a particularly nasty stretch of pothole but it is a nice drive. Have been asked a time or two “why don’t you just go that way!?” If I were living in that neighborhood I wouldn’t want a hundred thousand cars a day driving through it … there’s no good reason for me to.

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      • I wish more thought like you do! Ours used to be a dead-end street, with one end barricaded, but a few years ago they removed the barricades and now people use it as a short cut. It’s a short, residential street where kids play out, skateboard, etc., in the evenings, and it’s a miracle that one hasn’t been hit and killed yet.


  9. online sites that cannot spell, and those dreadful rote voices in golly-gee whiz articles who have no idea how to pronounce proper names or cities…also, gee whiz articles on You Tube (basically click bait) about people who “just died tragically” and they have neither died, nor done it tragically.
    UPS and Amazon deliveries that are just tossed out beside our mailbox, regardless of weather. I caught one of them doing just that the other day, and suggested he could deliver it to the house…he looked at me as if I were insane. So far nothing has been stolen. So far.

    Packages from Amazon that are an incredible waste of cardboard, since many of them are unneccesarily oversized.

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    • When y0u make an order, from Amazon or anywhere else, state WHERE you want your package to be placed & it will be set there. There’s a place … “special instructions” … that’s where you do it. I want my packages placed at my back door (out of sight of the road) & I NEVER have a problem with that.

      As for the cardboard … put it in your recycling bin! I recycle all my cardboard. Unless you live in some stupid place that doesn’t have recycling. I’m lucky to live in NY, we’ve been recycling here for over 30 years. But if you don’t live in a place like that, there’s probably some other solution.

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      • They really leave the packages at your doorstep, if you are not home??? Here in Finland packages are usually delivered only as far as your local post office, supermarket, or some smaller shop at your immediate vicinity. If it is something you can not pick up yourself, from a place of your choise, they ask when will you be home to recieve it and call you on the phone to make sure just before delivering.

        I am super annoyed at people who put their trash in the wrong recycling bins, like plastic into cardboard bins. 30 years of recyckling in this country and you still have people who can not do it right. Or perhaps, they can not be bothered, wich is even more infuriating, but then why did they bother to collect the plastic into a separate bag anyway? I try to calm myself by assuming it is because of some level of illiteracy, wich is a terrible handicap and hard to overcome, but possible to vanquish, so there is still hope for them.

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      • We no longer have recycling for cardboard here, for some reason. Plastic, yes. Metal, yes. I do use the cardboard as fire starters so it’s being reused, but it seems a shame, either way.

        We do mark the place that says where to deliver the packages, (on the porch) but in order to do that the drivers have to drive a 1/2 mile up our driveway. So much simpler for them to just throw it in the bushes (mud, snow, whatever) and be on their way.

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  10. The degredation of the word ‘Awesome’ to describe something far from awesome, like a T-shirt, or a burger. This habit has migrated from America to Britain, and it drives me crazy!
    A volcano erupting is awesome. A nuclear explosion is awesome. Even looking at the Grand Canyon can be described that way.
    But the new i-phone is not awesome, it’s just a phone.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  11. Misspelled words & bad grammar, especially the incorrect use of apostrophes. While there are places for this (if you are writing in a colloquial manner), most of the time, it’s just sloppiness. There’s a few poets I follow who write the finest poetry, but they don’t bother to check their spelling or their grammar & it just bugs me. This is also a problem with most memes.

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    • I agree. I tend to think a lot of it can be attributed to the fact everyone is in a rush nowadays. To STOP and review what they wrote takes time (!) and there’s just SO MUCH other stuff that needs attention! (Or so they think.)

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    • poets for some reason seem to come unglued when it comes to regular prose. It’s always a shock to discover that, since, like you, I have favorites who write sublimely but could not write prose if you threatened them…=)


      • How amazing that you say that, because I am a poet. & I did say that there are words that are spelled “wrong” because they are being used in a colloquial way. You must have missed that part.

        In my poetry, I never use capital letters. Even with my own name. But if you have never read any of my poems, you would never know this.


  12. Conspiracists, people who thank their god for every damned thing, people who cannot wait their turn at the supermarket check out, road works that hold up traffic on the motorway, birds that steal my cats food, the heavy traffic on the Gold Coast, the annoying advertisements on text and emails, the politically correct fanatics, etc, etc. Sorry to carry on bitching but I got carried away.

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    • No worries. When it comes to pet peeves, it can be pretty difficult to not get carried away. The second one you listed (“thanking god”) is one of my PP’s as well. But then, for me, pretty much anything related to religion is annoying.


  13. Turn signal First! Then brakes. If you have any freaking idea where you are going, signal well before the GD turn! Hitting the brakes and offering a 2 signal flash turn, does NOT cut it!

    Tailgaiters/left lane campers. Those who as Mak put it, take all damn day to make a turn.

    Art that looks like a 1st grader did it.

    The horrible craphole that music has descended to these days. If there aren’t any actual instruments involved, just repetitive electronic beats, that ain’t music. It is something, but music it is not. I’d be comfortable calling it art. But it’s damn near art that sounds like a 1st grader did it. 😉 That people take it seriously astounds me.

    Downsizing, but charging more. You assholes don’t think we notice?

    Corporate greed being passed off as Biden did it.

    The word misinformation, can we please go back to calling it “despicable lies?”

    The mystical world of gas prices. Also known as corporate greed being passed off as Biden did it.

    Loud mouthed liars for $$ see Alex Jones/Faux News types

    Loud mouthed liars for jeebus. Which is also for $$/power

    Windshield wipers. Doesn’t matter how much you spend on those damn things, they all last 6 months and crap out.

    Which reminds me, planned obsolescence.

    I got to stop somewhere, this looks like a good place.

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    • Yup! I can identify with several of these. For me, the worst of what you listed is the MUSIC! What a joke. As it is, the only place I listen to it is in my car so it’s sorta’ “background noise.” Nevertheless, it’s pretty sad that essentially all I hear is “a beat” and very little real music.


      • The crap that gets passed off as music these days hits me like fingernails on a chalkboard does for a lot of people. Ironically, fingernails on a chalkboard doesn’t bother me at all.

        Getting beat on the head with such repetitious nonsense, with random strange noises in there, that I suppose are what pass for “cool” nowadays, is a sure way to get me to cry uncle!

        Please, make it stop! I’ll sign over my children! I’ll give you my bank info! Here! Take my wallet! I know where Jimmy Hoffa is! Anything, just MAKE IT STOP!!!

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  14. Ahhh music. Videos of performers performing but golly gee where is the orchestra?? I’m thinking specifically of people like the Piano Guys who play their instruments in weird places like ice caves and desert mesas…complete with a nice studio reverb and complaints about how the piano had to be constantly retuned…it’s blatantly fake, and most disappointing. And once you see it (Aretha Franklin singing alone onstage with not a trace of musicians performing behind her…) you can’t unsee it.

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    • Welcome to the musically aware club! It’s funny how music/or more accurately, “performing art” gets done these days. Especially when you know you are hearing strings/guitars/keys/or what have you, and they are nowhere to be seen.

      Or the diva of the day, and an entire dance troop, are all over the stage performing to a (blank)-ing recording! Get the hell out of here!

      It’s a con job. Hollywood B.S. Yet dingbats who ain’t got a clue just love it.

      Go figure. Some people love being spoon fed B.S.

      …and even if there is a band in the background, dollar to a donut says they aren’t even plugged into electricity. It’s just for show.

      For bands that actually play instruments, the less they actually doing, the more they can pretend they are doing something interesting by putting on a show. It is a rare talent to be able to play something even remotely complicated, and still do the frying bacon flop on stage. More B.S.

      Sorry, an obvious peeve has me peeved.

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      • actually lip syncing has been around since at least the 50s; if anyone remembers American Bandstand, I’d say at least 90% (if not all of it) was done that way, but either no one caught on, or didn’t care. I only found out one night when I noticed a guitar being ‘played” but the hands weren’t moving and the sound hole in the top was just a solid black painted thing. Aha, she thought. Aha.

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  15. Anyone who has spent time in Texas knows there are a lot of Dairy Queens, Churches, and State Flags. People who grew up here have an overabundance of pride in their former Republic (few say, formerly Mexico). They revere their red, white, and blue flag with a five-point star (THE Lone Star State). So far, okay.

    My pet peeve is the people who looked at that flag since the day they were born, pledged to it in school daily for many years, and see it flown (white bar up, red down, point of star up) virtually everywhere. Again, okay.

    I married a Texan, but I’m a non-native immigrant. Yet, I notice when they fly their precious state flag upside down. Not okay, but hey, easy fix (or it should be).

    “Your Texas flag is upside down.”
    “No it ain’t. That’s how it goes. We’re right, yer wrong.”
    “The white bar goes up over the red and point of the star points up. I thought you’d want to know.”

    Eventually, they fix it. But… (Goes home to wife) “Well another one of your fellow natives did it again.” 🙂

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