Gasp! War with China?


Could it happen? Some think so. Even as soon as TWO YEARS from now … in 2025!

OK … yes. It’s a disturbing thought. And I don’t mean to make light of such a possibility, but …

Putting aside for the moment the actual foreboding of such an occurrence, let’s take a more humorous look.

(If possible.)

Should the U.S. and China actually go to fisticuffs (slang for armed warfare), what would happen when the citizenry of this country needed to buy …

  • Clothing or shoes
  • A new computer or TV
  • Trashcan, bedding, power tool,  kitchen cookware
  • Sunglasses, cell phone, backpack, clock
  • Wood chipper, air fryer, jigsaw puzzle
  • Dog or cat toy
  • Other numerous items …

O.M.G.! The shelves would be empty!

And what happens if your car battery goes dead? Or you need new windshield wipers?

And what will you do if your druggist no longer has a container for your heart pills? Or you need to replace your hearing aids or eyeglasses?

In other words … can you imagine a world in which the supplier of nearly everything we buy or own suddenly became our enemy? Would we … COULD we survive?

Your tongue-in-cheek comments are invited.

ADDENDUM: This post, although referencing a possible/potential event, was NOT meant to be taken seriously (Note the “Category” I used). It was written more as sarcasm in that practically everything we use in our daily lives is “Made in China.” From the responses thus far, it seems I failed in getting that point across.

Image by Nina Garman from Pixabay