I know this doesn’t affect many/most of my readers, but the “Greater Idaho” issue here in Oregon is growing and becoming more and more front and center. Most analysts say it doesn’t have a chance in the long run/big picture, but the supporters refuse to let it go … and now a Republican state senator has put the issue before the Oregon legislature.

In any event, the map below shows what it would look like …


Notice the lighter “Oregon” sections within the colored “Idaho” boundaries. One can’t help but imagine the outlandish border lines of the two states were this proposal to be approved … which, in the end, Congress must do before any official alterations can be made.

The desired changes are related to … what else? Politics. As a Greater Idaho spokesperson said: “Eastern Oregon is culturally, politically, economically much more similar to Idaho than it is to western Oregon.” In other words, more of the Republican mindset.

Thankfully, the county I live in voted AGAINST this change so we won’t be included if the change ever comes to pass.