Standards For Living


There was a letter on today’s Opinion page of the local newspaper entitled:

Sanctity of marriage destroyed by congress

The lead sentence was as follows: The Congress of the United States just destroyed the respect marriage once held by passing the recent law.

Then, in another section of the paper was an article with this headline:

“Polygamous leader had 20 wives, many of them minors.”

As I was reading both of these submittals, I couldn’t help but wonder which marriage was the most disturbing — a marriage between two individuals of the same sex, an interracial marriage, or a marriage that included CHILDREN as wives.

For me, the answer was easy, but I guess for others … not so much.

Naturally, advocates for each position can scour the BIBLE and find support, but as we look at the situation from a modern perspective, which do YOU think is the most harmful … the most disturbing … the most immoral?

I often wonder if society will ever get past the idea that the BIBLE should serve as the standard for how individuals live their lives.

Image by MasterTux from Pixabay