Gun Ownership


As some of you may be aware, there is a battle going on in Oregon (where I live) related to gun ownership. The article I’ve referenced below pretty much spells out what’s happening.

Firearms Sales Explode in Oregon

I know that some of my readers are totally anti-gun, but for those of you who may own and/or use one (or many), what are your thoughts related to the recent measure that was voted on and approved by over 50% of Oregonians? (This Wikipedia article provides more detail on what the measure includes.)

Is it reasonable? Does it, as some claim, violate the Second Amendment? Supporters of the measure say it will reduce violent crimes, accidental deaths, and/or suicide. Do you agree? If such a measure were passed in your community, would it make you feel more or less safe?

Since I live with someone who is a (multi) gun-owner and is STRONGLY against this measure, any conversation on the matter is verboten. Thus, I’m turning to my readers for input since I think most of you live elsewhere and therefore are not directly affected by the measure.

I look forward to some non-emotional and well-reasoned opinions and feedback. 

Image by Ivorytowers from Pixabay