This Made My Day!


Just finished reading an article in Business Insider and this first line jumped out at me:

  • A Christian organization has started a petition protesting Trump’s 2024 campaign.


At press time, 14,904 people had signed the petition — just shy of the organization’s goal of 15,000 signatures!

In the petition, Christians are asked to “speak out” and “make it clear that Donald Trump does not share our values and will never have our votes” … and “another Trump presidency would be a disaster for our country.”

The executive director of Faithful America, who is behind the petition, said this: “Neither the country nor the church can afford another four years of this charlatan’s fascism, racism, misinformation, or ego.”

FINALLY! A group of believers that have seen through the Great Façade! 👏👏

21 thoughts on “This Made My Day!

  1. There have always been Christians who were speaking out against DJT. Liberal Christian’s tended to find the man abhorrent. The problem has always been conservative Christians – mainly evangelicals.

    Personally, I’m not too worried to see DJT get the nomination from the Republican party, given just how polarizing and divisive he is. Over half of the country thinks he should be indicted, or in prison, for January 6 or the classified documents that he stole. Unfortunately, anther 40% of the country still thinks the 2020 election was stolen… I thinks 2023 and 2024 are going to be wild.

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  2. I think that there have always been christians who couldn’t stand Twitler, but the question is how noisy and how organized are they about speaking out? If they make a bigger point this time of getting together and saying “NO”, then yay them!

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  3. Does not a petition like this conflict with the alledged non-political role of the churches, that get tax exemption based on it? Or have I got this wrong? Maybe, if the petioners do not proclaim membership in any given church, but represent Christianity just as a loose term for an ideology and a value base this is legit? Nobody will be likely to contest the petition from this point of view, because there are too many violations of the law on the opposite side of political spectrum anyway?

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    • The Johnson Amendment to tax c0des back in 1954 was supposed to discourage religious organizations and charities from engaging in political lobbying and specifically endorsing or opposing political candidates. Those which did so risked losing their tax exempt status. A great deal of the activities you see churches engaging in is improper under the Johnson amendment. Any pastor/priest/preacher who urges their congregation or the general public to support a particular party or candidate should cause the IRS to revoke their tax exempt status.

      Unfortunately I don’t believe the IRS has actually enforced this regulation in years. Quite possibly because if it did there would be a firestorm of protests from religious organizations.

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        • Good point, rawgod. And the Johnson amendment doesn’t actually do much to curtail political activities by churches and related groups in any case

          The amendment to the tax code was done for purely political purposes in the first place. It was apparently in retaliation by then senator Lyndon Johnson against two tax exempt organizations here in Wisconsin that were using Mccarthy like tactics to campaign against more liberal politicians.

          In any case it has been actually used only rarely by the IRS. The most high profile case that I can remember was when it was used against a church in New York State that took out a full page ad in a newspaper against the election of Bill Clinton. It survived several court challenges in that case but it never went all the way to the supreme court.

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        • Bottom line … churches and religious organizations (providing they’re Christian-based) can get away with pretty much anything in this Jeebus-loving nation. Sickening, isn’t it?

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        • That’s the theory. But in practice, it is not possible to stop. Behind closed doors all kinds of things go on that the public never gets to hear about until it is too late. Like Ronald Reagan taking advice from an astrologer. Not exactly a sane way to run a nation.

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  4. Since I have no dog in this fight, I do think that this is a version of No Scotsman fallacy. If Don says he is a Christian, these other Christians cannot say he is unless they are willing to describe what it means to be a Christian that would exclude Don.

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  5. All I can see is, out of the 7 MILLION asshats who voted for the orange idiot in the last election, almost 15k of them were smart enough to wise up.

    Doesn’t do a lot for my hope in humanity Nan. In fact I think I need another drink. 😉

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      • Well, we have to take what we can get. But when it becomes a trend instead of an outlier I’ll be a bit more enthusiastic.

        I think there’s blood in the water, and the orange idiot knows it. He however, is too full of himself to admit defeat, or accept his decline in popularity. As of right now, I am hoping he continues to drag the R party down in flames, as his bid for re-election will surely not succeed. (right?)

        Without another, more successful insurrection, I think he’s done. But, he can create a barge load of chaos before the dust settles. I’m sure that’s the plan.

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  6. Now you know the difference between Christians and Hypochristians. The latter need to spend more time reading the New Testament and less time listening to Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and others who believe that personal power and adoration are more important than our country, its Constitution, and freedom itself.

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