Reblog: Vote like your life depends on it

I can add nothing. BUT … I do want to emphasize his last paragraph, so READ his post!

Ends and Beginnings

“Let’s say you’re at the airport and you see Mr. Walker and you say, ‘Hey, there’s Herschel Walker, Heisman winner, let’s have him fly the plane.’ You probably wouldn’t say that. You would want to know; does he know how to fly an airplane? Seems to me he is a celebrity who wants to be a politician and we’ve seen how that goes. Or let’s say you go to the hospital, and you say, ‘That Walker guy, he sure could tear it up at Sanford Stadium. Give him a scalpel.’ You wouldn’t say that. You’d ask — at least, I would — ‘Has he done surgery before?’” – Former President Barack Obama

“I wouldn’t let him fly the plane either. But I can promise you, if they see me and Barack Obama standing there, they’d probably pick me to fly the plane. My résumé against his résumé, I’ll put it…

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