16 thoughts on “WARNING!

  1. In Canada, provably elsewhere if cannibis edibles are kegal, candy companies are selling things in packages so as to be indistinguishable from children’s candies. There is even a brand called Skittles. These “candies” can be harmful to children.


      • There are always stupid people on Hallowe’en. When I was a kid stupid people started putting broken razor blades in apples. Now no one can give out apples anymore. What will happen to Hallowe’en if we can no longer give out candies?


        • Did you ever actually get a razor blade in an apple? That was a complete myth to discredit the giving away of apples. My mother used to give away apples; candy was expensive & apples were good for you. I also remember homemade treats but the candy industry ruined that one, too.

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        • I didn’t, but 3 friends of mine did, all on the same night, BEFORE this ever hit the news. It was not a hoax, SAQ, But I can see where candy companys might gave exaggerated the threat. Getting rid of apples would increase the giving away of candy. The thing is, apples were still being given away for years after this happened to my friends, becsuse we were pretty sure we knew who gave those apples away. The cops j7st couldn’t prkove it. A woman a bl9ck away had jyst had her whole family wiped out in a car accident, and she started cursing any kid that even walked by her house as it the accident were our fault. She moved away the next year, and there were no more razor-filled apples after that. What happened elsewhere I cannot speak to.

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      • A couple in Winnipeg, a man in his 60s and a woman in her 50s, were arrested in Winnipeg yesterday for having given out “Medicinal Candies” to certain children who came to their door on Hallowe’en night. They gave out at least 16 bags of them that have been recovered so far, each bag with 10 times the allowable dose for marijuana edibles in Canada. This was not a mistake! It was a deliberate act.
        And this has not been mentioned by any news service yet where I heard about this, but I am betting it was racially motivated. I grew up in Winnipeg, so I know the area where this happened. It was once the wealthy white area, but at least two of the families who found the THC candies in their children’s bags were people of colour!
        So, yes, PEOPLE DID GIVE IT AWAY! And I think it was retaliation against those families that are not wanted by some in the white part of town!


    • Never understood that meme. Jesus was all about Hell and giving up everything for the new cult. Paul was certainly not about love at all. And paulianity is what we have today anyway so

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