32 thoughts on “I Have Nothing To Add

  1. Hello Nan. Love the trailer. It is like a condensed versions of my rants against the misinformation and threats posed by Fundies. I was lucky enough to have sat down at my makeshift set up and seen your post flash across the screen and clicked on it in time to get the video. I love it. The more people who understand what this movement is and how insidious the better. Gen Flynn said that the next president would be decided by the people, and all the Oath Keepers / Proud Boys / maga types claim the people spoke through trump and the people had the election stolen from them refused to understand they are not all the people. The Jan 6 rioters were not representing the people. The people spoke at the ballot box when nearly 8 million more people voted for Biden. The Christian Nationalist are not representing the majority, but are instead a minority. They are an even smaller minority than the Christian faith, most of who like our government as a democracy that protects the rights of all. Some how the SCOTUS has a view of Christian religion as a weapon. As a never really religious person I am not sure I understand that view of the Bible / Christian faith. Hugs.

    OT. I have have tried to catch up on news and post some today. Yesterday I had found how to do comments and all day today couldn’t remember how to get to them on my blog, I kept loading it but there was no way to get to comments on my IPad. Then your post came in and when I clicked on it, the WordPress app opened and I remembered that is how I got to the comments. Thank you. Tomorrow I will try to answer a bunch of the new and old comments while Ron and James take out 8 large kitchen trash bags of laundry to the laundromat to wash. Best wishes. Hugs

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    • I saw you were one of the early “Likes.” 😊 I’m glad it helped open WP for you!

      It’s good that you’re sharing some of the life you’re living now. I don’t think a lot of people realize so many of the things we take for granted can suddenly become a major concern during a crisis.

      Hang in there!

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      • Hello Nan. Thank you. I never like to abuse the OT but in this case I felt it would be OK. My life is upside down right now. What was normal is not anymore. As I figure out how to better work the IPad along with WordPress I wont need to do so many infringements on others post. Thanks and hugs.

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    • I’ve yet to watch the trailer but after reading your comment I’d only say that Oath Keepers and Proud Boys’ idea that “the people” are speaking through Trump really only works if one expands that description to clarify that it is the “White Supremacist Fascist Anti-Democracy” people. Otherwise; Right On!

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  2. I will watch this later but wanted to pass along good wishes to Scottie, who is dealing with the aftermath of the last hurricane. I am thinking of you, Scottie!

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  3. Yes, disturbing trend. Christian Nationalism perverts responsibility to God into a Cause. And I think Christian movies have played a part in this frenzy- polished up in innocence while fueling emotions.

    Christ clearly separated himself from politics. When his fair-weather fans wanted to make him King he disappeared into the hills. And, ‘Give the governor his due; give yourself to God.’

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    • The Bible. If you have left credulity at the door,are bored and maybe have a mischievous streak and feel like indoctrinating some small children then this is the book for you!
      Contains everything from genocide to rape,murder, slavery, and incest.
      Zombies climbing out of graves, instant viticulture, magic bread recipes and a whole lot more.
      Fun for the whole family.

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  4. Very good, up at my house. It’s refreshing though not necessarily reassuring to see what I’ve been railin’ on about for the past thirty years “in print.”

    G’da would’ve muttered something about barn doors …

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  5. Two comments. 1) Margaret Atwood thought her well known book was too futuristic to happen. Now she is not so sure, per an interview. 2) The way Jesus likely looked (not the film version), he would not be let into one of the Christian Nationalist or MAGA rallies. “Get him out of here, the former president would scream.” Keith

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  6. I saw this yesterday. None of it is a shock to me. I’m hearing the same stuff I heard back in the 80’s & 90’s while immersed in the stuff . . . and I’m a Canadian. 😦 The day Trump descended the escalator I remember thinking “shit” . . . here we go.

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  7. Wow just got around to watching this….very very scary and people just refuse to see the danger.
    I feel something evil has grown this big and powerful and we are past the point of toning it down. So it will eventually explode in some way. And after that, after some period of time, maybe then things will begin to settle and turn around. It took WWII for Germany to stop its evil leaders and years after that to heal and rebuild. And it wasn’t even a religious war. This is.

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    • Yes, it is very, very scary. When stuff like this has been discussed in the past, I would mull over what life would be like if all this came to pass … and then move on. Not this time.

      One thing I have wondered about is how the more liberal Christian believers will react. Many of them do not agree with “Christian Nationalism.”

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      • They seem afraid to speak up except for John Pavolitz and on occasion the Pope. America seems much more entrenched with these religious extremists than Europe or any other modern western society…more like the Mideast

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        • We have problems in Europe too. In Hungary and Poland Christian nationalists hold the power, but for now they are content playing democracy, as they have the majority. In Russia Christian Nationalists, like Putler, are disinterrested in democracy much longer and the war in Ukraine is a handy excuse limiting the rights of people. Wonder how long it will take for them to bring back capital punishment.

          In Poland women are losing their reproductive rights. In Hungary the government openly speaks of defending Christendom from outsiders – the same garbage Hitler was on about. In Russia the head of Orthodox Church has condoned the war in Ukraine and frequently poses.with Putler Kaput….

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  8. Jesus is Yahweh in human form. So effectively you worship the genocidal maniac indirectly and directly involved in all the things I mentioned in my initial comment. The god Christian fundies/ Nationalists are in bed with. Must make you feel so proud.

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  9. I’m late to this party because for some reason it just showed up in my inbox tonight. Nan, this is the most frightening video I’ve ever seen, bar none. Sadly, I know it is not hyperbole, but our reality today.

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  10. Nationalism is a religion in itself. It has all the traits, including the most important one, wich promises people they are better than some “others” simply by being members in a club, wich one most often becomes a member by simply being born into the right one. Handy, you do not really need to achieve anything yourself to feel better. The price is always the same too, you relinguish your autonomy to the organization, but by doing so you also give up having have to make those hard moral choises, they are readily decided for you by someone else and it may even seem like you are relieved of responsibility as well. Now, if nationalism can be embellished by religious supernatural authority, that readily serves as a method to draw in the moderates and gives extra weight to the most inhumane and stupid rulings and helps dehumanising the “other” people.

    We, the humanity, are sometimes such a bunch of tribalist apes.

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  11. I was surprised the first time I saw Neaves’ image if what Jesus probably looked like, or at least a first century Jewish man, because up to that point I was convinced he looked like Brian Cohen from Life of Brian.

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