17 thoughts on “It’s Getting Crowded!

  1. When I was young (a long long time ago) it was constantly drummed into me that the ‘population explosion’ was the greatest threat facing humanity. Much of the reason for this propaganda was, no doubt, due to racist scaremongering here in Australia directed at our Asian neighbours (the ‘yellow peril’). Nevertheless it seems that, racism aside, fears may have been well founded. That the deterioration of the planet is due to human action seems to be accepted as fact but all but a few yet we keep manufacturing more and more humans. Governments insist on growing economies, then the population grows to feed the economy, then the economy grows to feed the population …. and so on. That’s an economic over-simplification, to be sure, but our urge to go forward and multiply seems to be at the heart of it all. Yet nobody seems to raise the issue much anymore.
    Am I missing something?

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    • You haven’t missed anything Richmond Road. We long ago exceeded the number of people that we can comfortably support with the resources we have. I’m a farmer, or used to be one, and I know for a fact that the agricultural industry is reaching the point where it is going to be impossible to continue to expand food production. We’ve been living on borrowed time for a while now. The ag industry seems to be under the impression that we can keep expanding food production indefinitely, but we can’t. We’re just one relatively minor disaster away from complete disruption of the food production and distribution systems.

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      • Added to all this is the insane movement by certain individuals/groups to prevent/deny abortions which, to any rational-thinking person, means MORE PEOPLE … which means LESS RESOURCES. But hey. What do I know?

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        • It isn’t just abortion, either. They’re going after birth control next. They’ve already made that more than clear in multiple statements made by both the “pro life” crowd and GOP politicians. And they’re trying to shut down any and all realistic sex education in schools.

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  2. Eight soon to be ten billion on a ball of mud that can barely sustain one. Do the math. Field of ripe fodder for end of times prophesy ~ all packed into an overheated overpopulated unsanitary only twenty or so percent of which is actually dry land environment. Plague, famine, pestilence are already with us, with the fourth horseman not far behind. Catastrophes of biblical proportion ~ floods, hurricanes, continent-wide wildfires, volcanoes. Not to mention the forces arrayed against us ~ Wars, and Rumors of War; false prophets and messianic madmen.

    If we make it, if we survive, if we somehow in the next hundred years figure out how to get off this ball of mud and out of her increasingly toxic atmosphere … we will have been turned out of the garden.

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      • No, no, I just like to make fun of it. I was pretty thoroughly indoctrinated, groomed, years ago, rolling on the floor babbling incoherently, stuck with me. And a lifetime of studying other stuff. I’m in conversation elsewhere about statistical populations and their predictability, this is the sort of thing that goes into the weighted wildcard column. Pretty predictable, but … butterfly flaps its wings in Iceland*, best laid plans of mice or men … not entirely.

        I personally thing it better to be a jack of all things …

        [* there are no butterflies in Iceland. If there are, we are well and truly screwed]

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  3. There will soon enough be a large enough catastrophic failure, or several at once, that will cause a great deal of human suffering.

    With the globe getting hotter, sea levels rising, crop failures, massive floods, massive drought, hurricanes, and a whopping 8B people with no where to go but greener pastures, wherever that may be, it will get ugly. It’s just a matter of time. As per my norm when I pontificate on matters such as this, I really hope I’m wrong…

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    • Just look at what Fla. just went through, especially the coast. Warmer oceans hastening the speed and intensity of hurricanes. Also read today that realtors in Fla do not have to tell a potential buyer, if the home is in a flood zone or has ever been flooded. And the local government makes it hard to research those pesky facts. All for greed.

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    • That was the point I was trying to make, before going off into obtuse mockery: ‘fore too much longer something really big is going wipe out a lot of people, it’s statistically inevitable.

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  4. The countries with the largest share of population are India and China. Each with a billion and a half give or take…they make up the bulk. US is 335 million. Add Canada and Mexico and you get 507 million.

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