29 thoughts on “Women-Hating Republicans!

  1. Your picture tells the wrong story, unless pregnant women can be jailed for thinking about getting an abortion. But the effect insinuates the truth if they are arrested for even walking into an abortkon facility.
    What I hate is that the anti-abortionists — I refuse to call them Pro-Lifers, because that is oxymoronic — are trying to delete the word fetus from thr English language. I am constantly being reprimanded for using the word fetus, because apparently as soon as a sperm quickens an ovum the mass suddenly becomes an unborn person — to which I say bullshit! We DO NOT celebrate a person’s conception date, we celebrate the day we are BORN.

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    • You’re correct. The picture isn’t in line with the article, but I think it does tend to grab one’s attention, yes?

      In any case, the MALE politicians suggesting this need to have their NUTS cut off for even suggesting it!

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    • Exactly. Even in their supposedly inerrant scripture a fetus is nothing until it is born. There is nothing else in scripture that discusses the idea of an abortion or terminating a pregnancy.

      But the best part is the men; the oblivious, stultifyingly stupid men, that drive these processes and all for the betterment of their careers. After the baby is born they couldn’t give 2 chips about them.

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      • According to such people I have tried to have conversations with, once they are born there are social agencies to take care of them. Yeah! Sure! But they don’t help the mothers bet in contact with said social agencies. That’s her job.
        And this is what made America great?

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        • If you live outside America, as I do, then you know America was never great. But, America knows how to brainwash its citizens to believe they were and still are the greatest nation in the world. Some Americans can see through the lies, mainly the ones who frequent this blog. But others believe what they were told.
          Greatness is in the eye of the believer. Most Americans believe. (This is not a putdown of all Americans. There are many great people out there.)

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        • Many great but ill informed people, I would add. I remember talking to my family about “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn. You would have thought I was telling them America was founded by aliens. They wouldn’t believe any of it. Very disappointing.

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    • “unless pregnant women can be jailed for thinking about getting an abortion”

      Actually they can. Texas arrested a young woman who had a miscarriage because her Facebook and browser history showed she had expressed an interest in abortion before she had the miscarriage. There was no evidence that she actually did a self-induced abortion. Didn’t matter. Arrested her anyway. So yeah, in some states in this country, a formerly pregnant woman can be arrested for just thinking about having an abortion.

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      • What is this world coming to? How can elected officials say they are governing “for the good of the people”? They are “ruling” just like any king or queen used to, “by the divine right of a god that does not even exist!” White Christian males! (Not all of them, I know, but far too many!) I am glad I am half not white, and wholly not Christian.
        On the good side, today, I hear women in Iran are burning their hijabs and burqas! I do not know what the repercussions will be, but for one day at least they are feeling free! And the videos make it look like they are enjoying themsellves!

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        • Agree totally. The best thing I ever did in my life was the luck of not being born into a religious family and definitely not to have ever bought into Christianity’s arrogance and hate.

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  2. Keen observation (here):

    “The cat who was completely obsessed with my bump when I was pregnant is quite uninterested in the baby now that she’s out. It’s a weird way to find out my cat is a Republican.”

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  3. It is weird and kinky. Do they get some sort of kick out of this punishment fantasy? It certainly is exactly as if they did not understand, that experience has shown how this does not diminish the amount of abortions and never has anywhere. Maybe they do not care. I guess, these politicians, who must have access to better information, are only serving their ignorant voters? Who is responsible for the ignorance of the voters, so that they can be exploited in this manner, that the politician with no integrity is able to fish votes by such issues?

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  4. What’s America becoming? While I personally am uncomfortable with some aspects of New Zealand abortion law, which allows abortion right up until the moment of birth, it’s far, far more preferable to the direction the US is heading. Before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusion, my discomfort (not opposition) is that abortion might be used for gender selection or as a form of eugenics. That I cannot support. I do agree that completely decriminalising abortion as has been the case in NZ is the most humane, compassionate and rational way to go.

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  5. There’s more than a hint of machismo in this, it could be a challenge to “liberal men” to “protect their women.” Otherwise they’re gonna’ take them, by force, force them to birth and if they refuse kill them. I realize these people are not all that sophisticated, not all that smart and things have gotten out of hand, but there’s an undercurrent here that concerns me.

    Reminds me of the punk gunfighter that needs a couple of shots of whiskey to call out the old man. Screwing up the courage …

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