Oh My. Shall We Pray For Her? 😈


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marjorie_Taylor_Greene

From Mother Jones Daily, an email newsletter that I subscribe to:

You won’t see it in the pages of Mother Jones, but I feel compelled to inform you here that one of the main characters in today’s dystopian circus is experiencing some marital turbulence.

That’s right. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s husband has filed for divorce after 27 years of marriage, calling the union “irretrievably broken.” In a statement to Fox News, the election-denyingwhite power-loving congresswoman from Georgia confirmed the news but felt a need to reaffirm her “firm” belief that “marriage is a wonderful thing.” Sure, darling.

But what really caught my eye in Greene’s statement is the last bit asking for privacy for her family during these trying times. That’s a pretty standard, run-of-the-mill request for someone who lives in the public eye—and I tend to think it’s almost always warranted. But for Greene, it’s a curious thing to suddenly find important while she and her Republican colleagues effectively lead the charge to decimate privacy rights for everyone else. Let’s also remember that Greene is the same woman who harassed David Hogg and literally chased Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez down the halls of Congress.

When it comes to questions of who is afforded these rights in our post-Roe world—and perhaps more importantly, who isn’t—the strangest hypocrisies always seem to emerge. Of course, I’m not advocating that we pry into Greene’s marital challenges; we all have better things to do. But it feels fitting to leave you with this Vanity Fair headline from last year: “If Marjorie Taylor Greene spent more time with polyamorous tantric-sex gurus and less time spending insane conspiracy theories, the country would be better off.”

—Inae Oh

Signs of the Times


Just came across an article posted on an Oregon news source related to outdoor camping … and immediately saw the similarities to the current political atmosphere.

According to reports by some Oregon Parks officials, the high demand for crowded campsites this past summer has led to arguments and fistfights as would-be campers quarreled over first-come, first-serve campsites. In fact, the common courtesy usually displayed among prospective campers seemed to have vanished, forcing many of the Park Rangers to serve as mediators.

The Parks officials further reported that many Reserved campsite tags had been torn off and replaced with someone else’s name, prompting the nickname “campsite pirates.” Naturally, the original parties ended up angry and confused when they arrived to find their campsite occupied. In the past, such an action was extremely rare, but it’s been happening more and more. 

In fact, it’s become so disrupting that Park officials have proposed legislation to give rangers added protection due to the increasing level of assaults and harassments directed at them as they have attempted to enforce park regulations.

The article reported that in the past, only about 1% of visitors struggled with following park regulations. Now, more than 10% of the park population refuse to comply or adhere to the rules.

Am I the only one who sees “signs of the times” in these incidents?

The “Real” Jesus


I left the following comment on Steve’s blog in response to one of his recent posts. As I was reading it back to myself, I thought it might be fun to open up the floor and let others use their imagination to describe their version of Jesus. So have at it folks! Put your ingenuity to work! Who was this guy … REALLY?

Here’s what I came up with …

-IF- Jesus existed at all, I would agree he was simply the child of natural parents. As he grew up, he was somewhat drawn to the Hebrew perspectives on Yahweh. Further, he was an individual who enjoyed attention, so he held a lot of bull-shitting sessions in which “the guys” mulled over the various beliefs and laws and such. After awhile, he became rather well-known in the community and, taking advantage of his newly-established reputation, he widened his circle of listeners. At some point, however, he became a bee in the bonnet of the Romans and, well, we all know the end of the story.

All I ask is that you please keep it clean. 🙂 (And definitively NO references to modern-day politics! We have enough of that already.)

Image by Jose Conejo Saenz from Pixabay