“Humanity’s Last Chance”

I watched this documentary over the past couple of nights and found it … disturbing. Although many of the events and conditions presented are common knowledge for those of us who are paying attention, there were others that I personally had not considered. Perhaps this will be the case for you as well.

While I am in full agreement with the contents of the video (with some reservations about the ending), I’m well aware there are many individuals who deny, dispute, and/or simply ignore the signs and events that are discussed.

And it makes me wonder what it will take to wake people up.

As always, I will be interested in your reactions and comments.

(Sidenote: I’m quite certain Ark will especially enjoy this video. Those of you who know him will discover why as the video progresses. 😋)

Warning: The narrator has a rather unpleasant voice, but since she’s the producer, one must bear with it.

24 thoughts on ““Humanity’s Last Chance”

  1. I watched around 30 minutes.

    I agree with what they are saying.

    It is sad. There have been plenty of warnings. But 50% of the population still does not see the problem.

    For me, the one positive is that I am getting old. I probably won’t be around to experience the worst of the disaster.

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    • Yes, I too am “getting old.” But I do have kids and grandkids that will most likely feel the effects. And while I do feel compassion for them, it is their generations who are ignoring the signs.

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      • Being deeply embedded in the infamous Evangy-Fundy Conservative non-denominational church circles of Texas, my two kids—28 y/o daughter, a 21 y/o son—they too have been fed truck-loads of BS all during their formative years and that is the widespread, mostly unscientific junk, in any liberal measure of science and climatology. 😢 Sad. I feel deep irritated compassion for them and my new grandchild on the way this January 2023.

        I’ll try to watch this documentary tomorrow.

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    • We need to reduce human population by 50%. It’s a shame the 50% is not same as the denialists.

      On a contrarian note…I am a climate change skeptic myself. Not skeptical about its reality. Skeptical that all the “Climate ActionPlans” and treaties and vegans and Prius driving and solar panels will solve anything. There are seven billion+ people. Nobody in the carbon spewing west or the aspiring middle income countries wants to go back to the lifestyle of a medieval peasant. Even if we maybe should. So…Mad Max here we come. I have done my part. The Miller family tree comes to a thudding close with my siblings and myself. But I don’t have a Tesla, so…

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      • I actually agree with you about this. We will not be successful in stopping global warming unless we are able to seriously reduce the size of the human population. And I doubt that we can sufficiently reduce the population without abortion being available.

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        • Abortion? True climate change activists should be fervid warmongers. Or maybe make the Wuhan conspiracy nuts right? But these “solutions” are coming anyway In the climate crash world….

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        • Of course I totally agree related to your abortion comment, Neil. And this is what the crazies ignore. For them, it’s all about having their way … with absolutely NO thought or concern for the long-term consequences. And what’s equally frustrating is that many of them won’t even be around when the FULL effects hit!

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      • I totally agree with you..much too high of a population. And while Neil makes a point about abortion, that’s really just a drop in the bucket. Most of the world has free access to abortion on demand and those in our ridiculously overly religious country, will find a way also. To me, the big thing is we try to extend life too far and keep people alive too long even when they are in extremely poor health. And yes I’m speaking of the elderly and yes I’m elderly and yes I’m willing to go now, if need be. We’ve ruined the natural world and the natural way of things and we are paying the price..
        And I agree with Nan that if there is any remote hope for our situation, it will be up to the younger generations and they don’t seem to care…too busy on their phones.

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        • My mother is 91 and has dementia. She had a call this past winter with resulting (further) brain damage. My sister’s full time job is managing her. In my darker moments I really wonder if she should’ve paying for physical therapy? Myself…I am stashing away some fentanyl.😡😩🥵

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        • So sorry to hear about your mom, Brian. As you probably know, the Professor is also dealing with this with his mom. I think all of us hope we’ll make it to “the end” with our full capacities, but regrettably, nature doesn’t always grant our wishes.

          Hang in there.


  2. I’d like to toss out here that Bill Nye the Science Guy has a miniseries, as in 6 nights 1 hr per night, called “The End is Nye!” done in his inimitable TV show style. It’s on SyFy at 9PM CDT, so whatever time that is by whoever is looking for it. So far, the show is tying historical happenings and their solutions to current conditions and events. It’s quite good, and while family oriented, doesn’t spare facts.

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  3. There is probably a degree of hype/ drama in the film but essentially the core message is spot on.
    I expect most people turn a blind eye, or wail there is nothing ‘they’ can do.
    There is often a feeling of hopelessness in such scenarios.
    But people can and do change.
    If you can quit smoking or drinking or walk away from religion, for example, you can stop using plastics, or at least cut down and recycle every piece of plastic you use.
    Stop eating meat and fish.( Dairy too ,if you can)
    For most ‘first – worlders’ this is such a simple, straightforward thing to do and will have a massive impact.

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    • I think it’s like so many other things in this life … until YOU as a person are directly affected, it’s just so much talk/hype. However, in this particular area, I think many ARE going to start feeling some REAL effects within the next 10-15 years. In many locations, they already are …

      And yes, our diet DOES play a role. 😛

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        • I agree in theory, Ark. But every person has their “reasons” why they do what they do … and until they themselves make the decision to change, no amount of persuasion is going to make a difference. This has been proven time and again in “religious” discussions.

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  4. A very eye opening documentary. It makes me feel like it is to late already. The only thing missing and something that would hurry the demise of the Earth would be the pending wars, especially if fought with tactical or ballistic nuclear weapons and unfortunately global climate change deniers will likely not realise their ignorance until there is a shortage of food and water. Of course doing a little does help but we all need to do more, especially through changing the mindset of the current and future generations.

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  5. I remember when I worked at the Buffalo & Erie County library, back in the 1980’s, there was this great book called “After Man”, about how the earth changes & adjusts & heals & how animals evolve into these cool new creatures. It was part science & part science fiction (it was in the non-fiction section of the library) but it was all very plausible. What I got out of this book was that 1. the world was here before humans & 2. the world will be here after humans & 3. that’s OK.

    Humans are so horribly narcissistic that we cannot imagine this earth existing without us but the fact is, it did long before us, & it will, long after us. Yeah, the Abrahamaic religions insist that “god” made us in “his” image & that’s one of the reasons that humans are so very egocentric, unable to imagine the world without our species taking up space everywhere they go. But that’s just a myth, ya know. & we’re doomed to extinction, just like the dinosaurs.

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    • There was also a great series on the history channel that you can probably still find called After Man, I think or something similar. It was exactly this point. Earth will be fine in time and new life will flourish..we are not all that necessary at all.

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  6. Nan, Nan, Nan. If you’re waiting for Americans to “wake up” I afraid we’re sunk. Trump is still telling people – and they are listening – the climate change is a hoax, the Amazon forest, called by scientists the “lungs of the planet” for the amount of carbon they convert to O2 is being destroyed at a record rate, and the largest Arctic sheets of ice are melting at alarming rate. All this while the GOP in Congress tried desperately to block Biden’s climate proposals!

    They simply don’t care. Hold on, this is going to be a wild ride the likes of which humanity hasn’t seen probably since the fall of the Roman Empire, and much worse than that!

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