Dogs Rule!

On a lighter note from today’s earlier post, I wanted to let everyone know that today is …


This special (dog) day is celebrated every year on August 26th, and was originated by Colleen Paige, an animal welfare activist.

Since all of us dog owners are fully aware of the unconditional love and affection our dogs have for us, it seems only reasonable that we should spend a little extra time with them today and let them know how special they are to us. Right?

And to further celebrate this Very Special Day, here is your opportunity to share stories about YOUR dog(s)! 

Feel free to say as much or as little as you want. After all, they deserve all the praise and love we can give them! (Pictures are welcome.)

Photo by novorafael form PxHere

17 thoughts on “Dogs Rule!

  1. I will start out by sharing a bit about our dogs. BeeBee is an Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog (look it up), and Lilly is a miniature Schnauzer mix.

    BeeBee is about 8 years old and is FULL of life. As so many other dogs, she LOVES to play ball! AND eat! She insists on cleaning her bowl at least 1/2 dozen times, along with Lilly’s bowl the same amount. She’s a medium reddish-brown color and weighs about 40 lbs.

    Lilly is more petite at around 15 lbs. She’s 14 years old and has grey fur. Unfortunately, she is crippled as the result of a spinal injury some 8 years ago. But she gets around quite well and is a Very Happy Dog that loves people!

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  2. Nothing about dog day, I say the same about cat days and people days. Why do we need days to pay special attention to anyone or anything. If something is worthy of our attention then it or they are worthy of our best attention, and intention, every day of the year!
    Sorry, but I am just not into holidays or special days! Everyday is Everything Day. Now that is a day name I can get behind, 365.25 days a year!

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    • I like Everything Day. I’m going to adopt that right now, and use it any time I’m particularly happy and someone responds. “Happy Everything Day!”
      We still treated our Corky today, though. We adopted her in 2020 at 8 yo, now she’s 10. She’s still fit, but there is a definite difference. Every day is a gift!
      We’ve always had at least 2 dogs in the past. When we got down to our one dachshund, we she was already well over 10, so we thought she deserved the time for herself. Plus, she wouldn’t have tolerated anyone else; she only tolerated her older brothers because they were here first! 😀 Anyway, she passed in April 2020 at age 21. So, again, every day’s a gift!

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      • 21 is good for a dog. My partner and I are cat people, though we dogsit for friends and have no problem. Our present eldest is a 15 year-old Rag Doll. We lost her hubby earlier this year whom we got at the same time from the same people but they were unrelated. Our others range from 13 down to 2. But we are getting to the age we have to stop taking stray babies in. But it isn’t easy.
        My actual title for the day was “Everyday is Everything Day” but just Everything Day works too. So have a Happy Everything Day everday, and keep that smile on your face. ☺

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  3. My boys. One a 100 lb pit bull, the other a 95 lb labradane, man those guys love me. When I get home, they bolt out the door and swarm me. When I lie down for a nap, they both jump on the bed and I’ll usually get kisses from Mauser (the pit,) and Champ (the labradane,) usually lies with his head across my feet/legs. Mauser usaully settles in with his head across my hip/torso. I am an honorary dog I fear.

    They even stand around when someone else takes them out. They will look towards the door waiting for me to come out, because I play with them. When I’m out there its happy fun time. We play a lot of “he who has the stick wins.” They will drag up sticks from who knows where and sometimes I literally have to use a wheelbarrow to get them up so we can mow.

    We don’t use leashes anymore. They get to run free, but with training collars that have 3 modes. Beep mode just beeps. Buzz mode is vibrate. And shock, well it shocks. Shock is a last resort tactic. It rarely gets used, but it has… Again rarely.

    We have another dog as well, she is a 40 lb mutt and is pretty attached to the wife, but she of course gets attention from me too. Goldie is her name.

    Goldie and Mauser are both throw away dogs. Some butthead just drove them out to the country and dropped them off. Somehow they wound up with us. Mauser, the pit, I swear I never in my life thought I’d ever have a pit bull for a pet, but he is a really good dog. He loves everyone he sees. The biggest issue with Mauser is he gets excited and wants to jump, with his size, he can hurt you without meaning to. It’s a constant battle keeping him down when he meets someone or sees someone he knows. But he’s getting better.

    Champ, as is mentioned in the labradane info I’ve seen, is very wary of people he does not know and prefers to bark from a distance, until he can get close enough to do the sniff test. I just tell people to ignore him, let him come to you, and he will. The labradane is suggested to be socialized as much as possible, meeting new people, so they can become a tad less suspicious of everyone. This dog though has a personality that is just goofy, I mean he barks at birds that fly over. Kingly, he expects to get what he wants, and will nag you to death till he’s satisfied. And facial expressions that melt you. Great dog.

    Neither of the big dogs have ever shown one mean bone in their bodies. I don’t think Champ would bite anyone even if it was in his best interest to do so.

    Mauser has never shown a moment of mean towards a human. A lady across the street has small kids and we were talking one day, her kids were there and my dogs on the loose. I had to keep trying to stop Mauser from licking the children. I finally said “Mauser! Stop tasting the children!” We had a good laugh over that 🙂

    But I’ll tell you right now you do not want to be an armadillo. That dog can bite right through armadillo armor and sees it as his job to rid us of those damned destructive pests. I’ll tell you as much trouble as I’ve had with armadillos, it’s kind of nice to have that dog on my team. But he’s white, and it’s a job to clean him up after an armadillo strike. I feel like I’m covering up a crime for Dexter when I’m cleaning him up… 😉

    Love my dogs.

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  4. Dogs are awesome. They love us unconditionally. It’s our responsibility to care for them , if we don’t plan to do that we shouldn’t get a pet. Dogs are great for our sense of well being and are loyal to their family until the end.
    I lost my little Boston Tide earlier this after after 14. Still miss him. 🐾🐾🐶❤️

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  5. Always had dogs until now and now I share a cat, who is adorable. I love them all. I see cows within my subdivision, rabbits, all kinds of birds, squirrels and I even hear coyotes at night. I love them all❤️

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    • I agree with you, Mary. IMO, they ALL have a place in this world and as humans, we should recognize this. Unfortunately (and sadly for many animals), some humans think certain species are “trophies” for their walls.

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    • Not close to us, thank goodness! In fact, I just read something the other day that says we’re rated “1” for fires and “2” for floods. So overall, it seems we’re in a good spot. 🤞

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  6. Nan, I am a dog lover myself. Having said that, as a result of prior experiences with them, I am biased toward Newfoundlands. Perfect family dogs and really great with children.


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