Abortion Workaround



What are your thoughts related to mandatory vasectomies to prevent women from getting pregnant and (potentially) bearing an unwanted child?


A vasectomy reversal is a minimally invasive procedure and is successful in most cases, depending on various factors that would need to be discussed with one’s physician.

Depending on the age of legal consent in each state, the youngest a person can be to have a vasectomy is typically between 16 and 18.

49 thoughts on “Abortion Workaround

  1. I am wholeheartedly in SUPPORT of mandatory vasectomies, mandatory EQUAL MALE responsibility for all legal problems, controversies, and punishments… up to and including full testicle or penis castration for multiple irresponsible offenses upon women!

    It’s way, WAY past time for heterosexual men to own up to their stupidity and fuck-ups regarding STICKING their peckers where and when they shouldn’t! Period! Otherwise, look what 100,000+ years of human history shows over and over and over and over and over and over… ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

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    • If we make it ~ if our grandchildren make it ~ we will have been turned out of the garden. And “Freedom” ~ ah freedom, well that’s some people talkin’ ~ fergetaboutit. If our grandchildren make it’ll be Moon Bases and Mars Bitches! Caves of Steel. Closed environments, controlled environments, under some form of authority …

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    • I’ve read down this far, and am pleased to see so many commenting! I’m also encouraged by what I’m reading.
      I am pro-choice, so mixed feelings about this. Not unhappy, just have a few reservations as to actual choice of a born human. My initial impulse is to whole-heartedly accept it, because the fact of the matter is that there are absolutely idiots who think females owe them sex, and now they would’t be able to make their survivors pregnant. So, I appreciate what I’ve read so far, but won’t jump down anyone’s throat about what I see.

      I am the mother of a son.

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  2. I suggest that we neuter everybody, everywhere. In less than a century an a half, we’ll have freed the planet of the most despicable and pervasive infestation it has ever endured.

    In lieu of such a drastic method, why not try beating the Trumpists and others who oppose the Constitution and the rule of law at their own game. Beginning in the current primary elections, let’s elect liberals and progressives in both chambers in Congress … the House Democratic Caucus can always use more sane members and about 12 more Democratic Caucus Senators would effectively stop the filibuster. (Note: I use the term “Democratic Caucus” as opposed to “Democratic Party”. A Congressional caucus consists of members who vote together regardless of of party affiliation. For example, Senator Angus King of Maine is a registered Independent and a member of the Democratic Caucus.)

    After the Democratic Caucuses in both chambers of Congress have a solid majority (January 3, 2023), they can pass a law guaranteeing the right to have an abortion … then, get to work on taking control of state legislatures so that the E.R.A. can be revived and ratified by the required 38 states (i.e.. 75% 0r mor of the total number of states).

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    • The “honour” system is having a vasectomy. Honour the women in your life. Do not take chandes with unwanted pregnancies. Give girls/women the same rights to have sex withour consequences as boys/men have. That is true freedom!

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      • Getting a vasectomy didn’t make me honorable. Honor isn’t doing, it’s being- honor happens from within.
        “Love God.. love your neighbor.. honor your Mom and Dad.” Doing honorable stuff springs from being honorable.

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        • There is your problem, Arnold. Of course getting a vasectomy cannot make a dishonourable man honourable. And you are right, honour comes from within. But you need noone to make you honourable but yourself. Honour shows in how you choose to treat the people around you. If you choose to treat them with respect, and not use or abuse them, then one might say you have honour. But if you treat them as objects, or have no respect for them, then you have no honour. God has nothing to do with that. YOU DO!

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    • Arnold, if you can figure out a way to “do away with abortion laws,” you will most likely win a medal of some kind from every woman who believes it is HER right and choice to bear a child … or not.

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  3. Nan, I think legislatures need to stay out of what a woman or man does with his sex life. Only if someone is getting harmed or having sex without consent does it become a problem. As you know, one of the best approaches to fewer abortions is more contraception. A study in Colorado demonstrated this and also showed it reduced health care costs, a win-win. So, for those who want to ban abortions and contraception are just being inane with their idea.

    As for your question, I would be in favor of mandatory class on sex education, that covers a range of topics from saying no, understanding no, all the way to various contraceptives and how they work. Otherwise, teens and adolescents are going to learn through hearsay, which is often is not accurate.


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    • As usual, Keith, you offer sensible solutions. Unfortunately, as we’ve witnessed over the past several years, there is a segment of our society that simply doesn’t understand “sensible.”

      As for sex education … yes, it would probably help, but raging hormones have a tendency to delete such learnings in the heat of passion. And too many older man simply don’t care.

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      • Thanks Nan. Watching movies like “Philomena” or “Oranges and sunshine,” it reveals the contradictory religious messages of don’t have sex before marriage, if you do don’t use birth control and if you do and end up getting pregnant, the woman will be shamed and the church will take your baby away. Young lovers are going to have sex, even from the most pious of families, so you better teach birth control and make them available. There is a huge religious oriented University within four hours of my house and a parent told me the students are going wild up there as they are now away from home for the first time and experimenting. Keith

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    • Keith, an excellent comment. Bravo!

      Many people today do not know that in the 16th-century and since, Western civilization—likely Eastern too—has known about an easy, effective contraceptive or abortifacient known as The Pride of Barbados. From my series “Games of Unknowledging – Part II”:

      It is as easy as sipping a cup of Pride of Barbados herbal tea and washing herself with the same herb/flower in a morning bath. Doing this shortly after intercourse, according to secret ancient medicine in the Caribbean islands, prevents conception safely and comfortably. In fact, a woman could do this repeatedly two or three days after intercourse accomplishing more assured results. Why has this profound medical knowledge NOT been circulated around the world, especially in European civilizations? That is literally the million-dollar question.

      Many centuries, in the 1500’s thru the 1900’s, European gender politics and mercantile profits were the undercurrents of this widespread knowledge-ignorance which controlled women for men. Here it is now in the 21st century and our Western cultures STILL don’t really know about this simple treatment. Shameful. 😔

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      • I guess I’m missing something, but how can swallowing and/or washing in an herbal tea prevent the sperm from joining the egg? This union doesn’t take place in the stomach or on the body … ???

        Or are you being facetious?

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        • I think timing is the critical step here Nan, as in, take the abortifacient steps within hours of intercourse and continue to do so for 2-3 more days after.

          Regarding fertilization by sperm, the peacock flower herb or Pride of Barbados isn’t much different than ingesting the modern contraceptive pills. For many centuries “Amerindians and African slave-women used the abortifacient flower almost exclusively because they did not want their child born into the slave-trade for life” according to Maria Sibylla Merian, a 17th century German-born Naturalist and botany-etymologist illustrator, recorded this knowledge in her 1705 book Metamorphosis of the Insects of Surinam.

          Now, I’m not sure that any abortifacient is 100% effective all the time in every single woman right after intercourse and possible conception. However, in these lost histories the flos pavonis flower/plant was widely utilized successfully as far back as the 1600’s. Just one source of this from Dr. Nancy Tuana of Penn State University as perhaps a starting point, if you’d like to research it further:


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        • I interpreted your comment that this was something a woman could do AFTER intercourse, but it seems it works more as a preventative … like birth control pills. Yes?

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        • Well, from my research I inferred both prior and immediately after. It has been or is that effective for the last 400+ years. That’s the way I understood the knowledge and practices, but I’m not a woman and don’t consider myself an expert OBGYN or botanist in the field. 😉

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        • Ahhh, yes … now I see (said the blind … well, you know the rest). It’s unfortunate that this “flower” isn’t available today. But of course, if it were, the “anti’s” would undoubtedly sniff it out and make sure it was banned.

          I think it still goes back to the male taking some responsibility in this issue.

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      • The treatment is there and I hear it works, but it still places all the responsibility of the female “if she knows how to obtain The Pride of Barbados.”
        The real problem here is most men are happy playing “Pregnancy Roulette” with a woman’s body, as siring a child is a declaration of both virility and potency. What guy doesn’t want to know he is virile and potent, and he wants everyone else to know too!
        No, in my mind, vasectomies are the best solution bar none available today. And it is only men’s need to be seen as virile that is standing in the way. No, it will not stop rape or infidelity or a lot of other problems that need fixing, but at least it means women do not have to suffer in order to be able to enjoy sex freely and without thought of consequences. It would be the greatest advance in sexual freedom since the 60s, but far far superior.

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    • A reversible vasectomy is the ultimate form of contraception. It does nothing to a man’s physiology, while many forms of contraception affect women in various unhealthy ways. And normalizing vasectomies would soon have a positive effect on everyone, male and female. It would remove all the restrictions on girls and women that are not placed on boys and men.
      I have no idea why you would not want to get a vasectomy, or give one to your male child. Sex education does not prevent young people from having sex, which can cause sundry problems and psychoses. Why not allow all young people to engage in totally safe sex if they so desire. It is the socially responible way. And it is the safe wzy for everyone.

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  4. So, let’s see. Who would i want to see have a mandatory vasectomy: let’s see…..oh yeah, Fat Man Trump, Don Junior, Eric, Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, Roger Stone, Lindsay Graham (not an issue since he’s still in the closet), Kevin McCarthy, John Thune, Ted Cruz, Gregg Abbott, Matt Gaetz, Rick Santorum, Humpty Dumpty DeSantis, John Barasso, all of the Koch brothers and their offspring….

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  5. I know you addressed this to your male readers but I’m gonna chime in anyway. Mandatory V-sections are NEVER gonna happen in this country. It’s against the Bible, it’s against the Koran, it’s against every patriarchal religion, which is just about all of them. I mean, let’s face it, nobody counts Pagans & Wiccans or any of the Goddess religions.

    Having your male child circumcised is now being called “child abuse” & you wanna have them V-cut as well? Good luck with that.

    & what about freedom & choice & all that sh*t? This is going to be MANDATED? HAHAHAHA Wow that really worked with MASKS.

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    • I think most of us recognize/agree that such a procedure would never be allowed in the U.S. of A. My question was primarily a “what if” to see what my male readers thought about the procedure.

      There’s little doubt –and I think most, if not all, of my readers will agree– this country is (subtly?) being pushed towards the CHRISTIAN religion … with the end goal that women will not only become second-class citizens, but will gleefully be referred to as the man’s property.

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    • Never say never, saq. Maybe not in today’s society, but the future is long (if humanity survives), and we cannot foresee everything. But, even getting one nation to realize the advantages of vasectomies would go a long way to making it a possible reality.
      I am not sure where this idea came from, it could have come from anywhere. As fas as I know it came to me in a dream, and I wrote about it on my blog soon after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. Was it my original idea? I doubt it. But if it was, or not, I still believe in it.
      As more people leave religion, more people will be willing to give this a try. If I can do anything to help that process along I will. I know it will be a long process, though I wish it would not be. Men are not as important as they think they are, and controlling their potency might help to give them a new look at there being two sexes in society, not just one. That is just one of my many hopes for humanity. There are a lot more…


    • Unless the surgery is converting the male child to a pseudo woman. Because the 12 year old feels deep down inside. Such surgeries are the core of modern pwogwessive thought. Heck, Yale is doing “therapy” for three year olds!

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  6. This is kind of hilarious for me after seeing so many women going public regarding their abortions and here I am about to type, “I had a vasectomy.” Ok, mine was voluntary (as abortions should be in any non-theocratic countries). But, yeah, I agree. Look what the human race is doing to the planet. The line of Agent Smith in the first Matrix movie, something like “Humans are a virus.” One could say he was being too polite, looking at what we have done to the planet, the impact is more like a cancer. An organism can regain its health after a bout with a virus, but cancer? That disease leaves untreatable flesh in its wake, amputations… consider the animal extinctions on this planet – who caused that? Tourists on trains crossing the Great Plains, shooting as many buffaloes as they could simply for the sadistic joy of it. Ok, the buffalo population recovered but many more species have been lost forever. Today humans deplete the fish stocks while filling every known ocean with plastic. A vasectomy for every male would be like providing a cancer patient with chemo, resulting with a decrease in the number of cancer cells attacking the patient. Visualise this planet with none of us humans on its surface – everything plaguing the environment and the remaining life forms would be removed. The planet and its inhabitants would thrive just fine, until the next comet whacks this orb senseless, when, as an old The The song says, “The whole damn thing, starts all over again.”

    Come on guys, “snip snip” have some fun years and then we can give the planet back to some more benevolent species.


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