Children Having Babies


A 16-year-old PREGNANT teen was blocked by a Florida court from having an abortion because “she was not mature enough to make the decision to have an abortion.”

The 16-year-old initially petitioned to terminate her pregnancy, citing being a student and unemployed as reasons she is unprepared to have a baby.

The court decision read:

The trial court found … that appellant had not established by clear and convincing evidence that she was sufficiently mature to decide whether to terminate her pregnancy.

Think about this!

A 16-year-old who is still in High School isn’t mature enough to make a decision about her own body … but in nine months (or thereabouts), she will be “mature enough” to deliver and raise a baby!

This is insane!

This young lady will most likely have to QUIT SCHOOL to raise the baby (and thus not receive her full education), or a family member will be forced to take on the “baby duties,” or she will have to put the baby up for adoption.  In any event, her educational opportunities will have been greatly compromised.

Further, if she wants or decides to pursue her studies at a future date, most likely it will be at her expense!

25 thoughts on “Children Having Babies

  1. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Does that trial court have ANY CONCEPT of what is required to raise a baby for 18+ years??? Obviously NOT! I hope she is able to get to another state, one that isn’t anti-women, and get an abortion, for otherwise her life will never … NEVER be the same.

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  2. Governor Ron DeSantis is despicable ,he is forcing the radical right agenda on the citizens of Florida and with the help of the weaponized Supreme Court is stripping women’s rights as well as minorities. I early voted in Fl primary’s today in hopes of booting him out if the Governor’s mansion in Nov. In addition to stopping women’s right to choose ( regardless of rape or incest) his agenda is to defund social programs that would assist children and women. He doesn’t care about life, he only cares about power and greed.

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  3. Yeah, militant Christianity is and has always been zealous for control. ‘Let conscience be your guide’ could and should replace most laws.
    Anyway, mostly people are both pro choice and pro life. Let her consciously choose for herself; I trust her. ‘Live and let live.’

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  4. Exactly the reason why government should NOT be involved in such decisions; because they are responding to politics and pandering to a minority of voters. All of this is going to be foisted upon the rest of us and more to come, I am sure.

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    • Sadly RaPaR, the Christian™ Church in the U.S. over the centuries has become extremely wealthy throughout many of the mainstream and secondary denominations. Those church congregations also make up the majority of the ultra-Conservative, radical, Evangy-Fundy portions of the Republican Party. Hence, because they all believe they’ve been given a Divine commission via tongues, the Holy Spirit, and most of all (Greek) New and Old Testament Scriptures, like the 1st-century CE Homeland Jews fighting for Judea, as opposed to Samaritans, they fervently wanted “God’s Kingdom on Earth” and the apocryphal movements radicalized them against the most powerful, dominant empire in that world: Rome.

      Ironically, there were PLENTY of Late Second Temple Jews who knew they could coexist with and inside the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, a few small sects of militant, radical Zealots disagreed. Look what happened to all of them. 😄

      Fortunately, this (zealot, Zionist) narrative is quite predictable, eh? Or at least, let’s hope it repeats itself, right?

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      • Let’s see if Americans figure out that the separation of church and state had less to do with protecting religions from oppressive interference of government and more to do with protecting government from the insane effects of religious fanaticism. Maybe (big “maybe) they’ll see what they’ve created. It’s not going to be pretty.

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  5. Soo, this is what really stupid looks like. I would laugh, if it was not so tragic. In Finnish language the words “tyhmä” (stupid) and “tuhma” (naughty) are closely related and the Florida court just demonstrated how universally true their connection actually is.

    I wonder if any of the pro-life crowd are able to recognize this as what it is, or is their position universally a result of an actual inability to think? Or, if some of them recognize the idiocy of the conclusion, are those people morally so corrupt, that they do not speak out, just to support their cause?

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  6. This is bad, and only getting worse. With the SCOTUS we have, the theocratic idiodicy government is in power, and flexing its muscles.

    Undoubtedly only more horror to come.

    The only way out of this mess is for people to wake up and vote! We got the orange idiot out, now we need to clean the House and Senate. Only then can we get back on track to a sensible, up with the times government. Where rights matter. Where all people of all color matter. Where we are all given fair equality.

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  7. Hello. Nan I think to understand the court’s reasoning you have to understand how they see abortion in contrast to the god ordained normal duty of females. They see abortion through a religious lens as making god so angry that he will sentence the girl to hell. They don’t think she is mature enough to understand her eternal second life is at stake. They don’t think she is mature enough to understand how seriously god takes abortion. Because in their mind that is the supreme issue, how they think god views abortion which they mistakenly think god views as murder. Because she doesn’t agree with them on abortion and is not concerned about how it is murder that will affect her soul, along with their misbelief that any woman who gets an abortion has lifelong mental / emotional problems. The second part to understanding their ruling is they view it as a girls / women’s / females’ normal duty to get pregnant and produce babies. Females love having babies, it is what god created them for. Of course she is mature enough for that as it is the function she was born to do. Going to higher education and having a career, joining the work force are not the natural things for women to do, not the duty god gave them, not what they should desire. From what I have read on other web pages these type people cannot understand why every woman is not overjoyed to find out she will carry a baby to birth, it is the desire every girl has from birth. That is why they play with dolls right?

    OK I won’t belabor the point. I was going to flesh my thoughts out some more on both sides of how I think these judges / religious people view females, what they think abortion is which is not based on science but religion, and how they think maturity clearly would be that someone agrees with them. Disagreeing with them shows immaturity.

    Well Nan, I kept it as short and tight as I could figure out how to. 😀😁😉😎🤗 Hugs

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    • I agree with some of your points in that I’m quite certain religion does play a large role in the abortion issue. However, I feel you are painting a pretty broad picture in this particular case — no doubt based on the quantity of reading you do, especially in regards to the “conservative” POV.

      Rather, my point was more that the girl was considered too “immature” to choose abortion, yet “mature” enough to raise a child. To me, that is sick thinking no matter what side of the fence you’re on.

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      • Hello Nan. I agree with you it is sick. I am sorry I did not make that clear. No one considered a child should be forced to carry a pregnancy to term. If they are thought too immature to make the decision to abort a 10 week zygote, how can they be mature enough to do what a pregnant person needs to do to have a healthy baby? I was simply trying to see why the court judges did not see this clear contradiction within their ruling. These three reasons were all I could figure out about the way they could justify their ruling. Hugs

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    • From my reading, I’m not sure this is the same case and/or judge (he isn’t named in the article I referenced), but in any event … it’s definitely GOOD NEWS to get these biased judges off the bench!

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