Extremism in Today’s Politics

The linked article (below) was written by Ruben Navarrette, a columnist for The Washington Post. It was published in our local newspaper and as soon as I saw the title, I knew I had to read it.

The writer’s thoughts/comments revolve around the recent Supreme Court landmark decision related to Roe vs. Wade, but he also goes deeper into the political “extremism” that bombards us everyday. Here is one of his leading remarks:

When a major event happens, partisans are going to try to spin it to suit their own agenda. One camp will claim that it’s nothing, while the other camp insists that it’s really something.

As always, I’ll be interested in your opinions/reactions to the article.

Memo to both political parties: Americans are sick of extremism

(If you are unable to read the article due to limited access, Click Here for a pdf version.)

23 thoughts on “Extremism in Today’s Politics

  1. Okay, I don’t get it. I read the article (twice) and I still don’t get it. What in the world is the author even talking about? The GOP has become more low key over abortion??? Seriously? The situation is exactly the opposite.

    We have at least three states that I know of that are proposing to prevent pregnant women from traveling outside of the state, we have at least six other members of congress who have made comments indicating they would support a ban on birth control, several more who want to institute a nation wide ban on all abortions, a dozen more politicians who are trying to ban the interstate sales of ‘morning after’ pills as abortifacients, I just read a bit by a Wisconsin politician who thinks our existing laws don’t go far enough and wants to ban ALL abortions, even in the case of rape and incest. Just because the mainstream media isn’t covering it because it has move on to the next latest and greatest controversy doesn’t mean the GOP has somehow calmed down over the issue. Abortion is very, very much on the ballot in November in most of the states I follow. There are dozens of candidates on the GOP side running on that very issue. I don’t know what media this fellow is reading or listening too, but he really needs to get out into the real world and see what’s actually going on out here.

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    • No … it’s not all about abortion per se. It’s, as the title indicates, the extremism of the two parties as they try to convince voters. I think he used abortion primarily because for both parties, it’s an “extreme” issue.

      What I found interesting is (as he pointed out) after the Supreme Court decision, they “switched sides” in their extremism.

      Then at the end, he wrote: “Voters are likely to recoil from extreme positions in both parties and be drawn to more moderate views.” And I tend to agree.


  2. I agree with some of the other comments — that the author is trying to stir up a hornet’s nest.

    I’m not a fan of extremism. And yes, there is some extremism in both major parties. But there is great difference between the parties. Relatively moderate candidates win most Democratic primaries, while the is far more extremism showing in the Republican primaries.

    Yes, AOC take positions that are more extreme than most Democrats. But her “extreme” positions are moderate in comparison to those of MTG. The author is presenting a very unbalanced picture.

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  3. I see mainly extremism in the Republican Party and violence, death threats and out right lies definitely in the Republican Party. Extremism is a past President and a major news network (Fox) who “groom” followers that will attack the Capitol or approve of it, send death threats and even kill or attempt to kill liberals, approve of a past President who now appears to be engaged in being a mole for foreign governments and giving away or perhaps selling classified top secret information and vote for a Party that absolutely refuses to speak out against ANY of trump’s actions. It’s even more than extremism. It’s an absolute sickness that these people support trump and his constant stream of dangerous lies. The problem by and large lies on the right.

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  4. IMO there is no equating extremisms. The right extremism is so far off the charts it is impossible to equate that with the need for sensible laws which the left favors, and are touted as “extremist,” by the right.

    Every single thing the right stands for these days is extremist, and becoming more dangerous daily.

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  5. Reading the comments, I tend to think many readers missed the author’s point. Yes, he mentioned a couple of areas that he felt the Dems were a bit extreme, but note his final words:

    … the one party that has, as of late, on one issue after another, made extremism part of its brand: the GOP.

    And on this, I feel most of us would agree.


  6. As an extreme centrist, no party Outsider, I don’t see anything there to argue.

    In a nutshell, boiled down to ones and zeros, balls on a brass monkey there are nutballs on both sides. One side has more, who nuttier than the other. [this would be the place to insert a snarky remark, as if this were news, but I in fact value you having posted this and don’t want you to get the wrong idea] If I were to argue anything is this notion that AOC is extreme. She’s only “extreme” because the media paints her extreme. Margerine Tater Grease is extreme, AOC is as left of center as her predominately white, conservative NY district will allow.

    Not even an extreme centrist …

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  7. The question, “Is abortion on the ballot?” I think it is. Aren’t women fed up with this gross interference with their role in society. This is a human rights issue and humans, women especially, must get stirred up enough about it to kick The GOPs in their vulnerabilities. Where are we with the Human Rights amendment to the Constitution?!?! Hi Nan. GROG

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  8. TO ME not knowing anything about the author at all, he is a Repugh apologist. And this article is full of Repugh propaganda.
    I understand what you think you are seeing, Nan, but you are keying on certain statements and ignoring the real content of the article. Liz Cheney has not yet lost her race. As others have pointed out, AOC is only an extremist in Republican eyes. Abortion rights are definitely on the ballot in November.
    Navarette tries to pass these little bits of propaganda off as if they are foregone conclusions. He is trying to tone down the very extremism of the GOP while seeming to be against the Repughs. I read this article as saying, “It is okay to vote for Republicans, but it is not okay to vote for Democrats.” I “am shocked” that you cannot see what to most of your readers is plainly obvious, this guy is praising the right while pretending he is left. Left of extremist right wingers, maybe, but not left of center.
    OR, if this writer truly believes he is calling out the extremism of the GOP as he suggests in his closing statement, he is clueless as to the power of words. And being he is a columnist for WaPo, I highly doubt he is clueless.
    No, he is apologizing for Repugh extremists, but still saying “Vote Republican, we aren’t really as bad as we look.” To answer him, “Yes, Repughs ARE AS BAD AS THEY LOOK, maybe even worse. If you truly care about the future existence of the United States of America, you must vote — and you must vote Democrat, at least in 2022!
    Right undrr your post on my reader, in the MORE ON WORDPRESS.COM, is a post i am going to read by a Loren Miller, that begins “I am Libertarian in my polit8cs, but will now vote Democrat…” The title of her post is ON ROE AND FREEDOM

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    • Here is a sample of Ms Miller’s post:
      That, for me, is the matter in question – what does this mean for our freedom? If an ultra-conservative and agenda-driven Supreme Court can tarnish the sanctity of the Judicial Branch and the code of ethics on which it has stood for centuries by passing down judgments, based not on constitution or merit of law, but instead on partisan agendas, then it works against the very foundation of checks and balances on which our government functions.


    • I understand what you think you are seeing, Nan — Obviously, so do most of my readers based on several of the comments.

      To be quite honest, I’m a bit flabbergasted that so many reacted as they did to the contents of the article … and it makes me ask: Do readers actually think I would reference an article that is obviously defending Republicans??? It makes me wonder how many really read and thought about what Navarrette wrote, rather than having knee-jerk reactions because he criticized the Democrats. 😲!

      Further, if any of us are honest, the Democratic party is not perfect. Of course most of us favor them FAR over the other guys, but as Ten Bears said in his comment: … there are nutballs on both sides. (I think we can ALL agree where the nuttiest ones are. 😀)

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      • No Nan, these are not knee jerk reactions, and I am flabberghasted you think they are. I have no delusions about the Democrats. I do not even believe in democracy as it is practised these days. I do not vote, and have not for almost 50 years.
        Bur in 2022, were politics in Canada as divided as they are in the States, if we were on the brink of authoritarianism, I would be advocating for everyone to vote here too.
        Your writer criticized both parties, but he did it in such a way as to favour Republicans over Democrats. This is what I reacted to. With Trump in charge most Republicans are extremists. To say they are not is as big a lie as saying Trump won in 2020.

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      • Oh, and speaking for myself, I just think that you did not read the article as deeply as you normally do. The numbers don’t lie, Nan. Your readers, as usual, gave their honest opinions. The underlying overtones of the article are pro-Republican in nature.

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    • “I read this article as saying, “It is okay to vote for Republicans, but it is not okay to vote for Democrats.””

      I don’t see how you can draw that conclusion from a piece that ends:

      “In striking down Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court embraced extremism. American voters are likely to recoil from it. And that’s bad news for the one party that has, as of late, on one issue after another, made extremism part of its brand: the GOP (emphasis mine).”

      His final paragraph states that the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade was extremist, American voters are going to be turned off by that decision, and this spells bad news for the GOP who has made extremism an integral part of their party.

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