“While The Rest of Us Die”

Last night, while looking for a movie to watch, I came across this rather intriguing title —While the Rest of Us Die: Secrets of America’s Shadow Government— and decided to give it a look-see.


To say I’m impressed is an understatement.

The production is dated 2020, so it’s not new (except to ME as I’d never heard of it before) — and apparently there are two seasons (I’m on Season One, third episode).

I’m watching it on Tubi (with ads), but it’s also available (for free) on DirectTV and SLING TV. Other options include either rental or buy charges.

If you haven’t seen this mind-boggling production, I urge you to put it on your to-do list!

If you have seen it, I would be interested in your overall comments/reactions — but PLEASE … PLEASE … PLEASE 🙏 do NOT go into detail as I want to be able to see things unfold on my own. Thanks. ❤

21 thoughts on ““While The Rest of Us Die”

  1. ADDENDUM to post:

    I wanted to add this description to provide a better idea of the movie’s content:

    The secret history of the U.S. government’s doomsday plans; why when disaster hits, the elites are saved and common people die.

    The movie is based on a book by Garrett M. Graff, “The Raven Rock Mountain Complex.”

    It is also available on ViceTV.

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  2. After reading up on the series’ overview, the very intriguing subjects of Season 1’s episodes and some of Season 2, as well as reviewing articles about its creator/author, Garrett Graff and his background, you definitely have piqued my interest far enough to buy season one and probably season two later. The critical reviews of the series are also highly rated, making it even more attractive. This is my cup-o-tea for sure. Thanks Nan. 🙂

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    • Oh! Forgot to mention… this is EXACTLY why Freedom of the Press is one of our basic core values from our Constitution’s First Amendment. And it all works exceptionally well if—and I cannot emphasize IF enough on this point—said Press is non-profit and hence, fully independent of external (corrupting?) influencers.

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    • If you have a streaming device (Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.), you can access many apps that do not cost you a penny. Others offer a free version with the option of signing up for their premium plan. As it happens, Tubi (where this program is located) is a “free” app but you will be subjected to ad breaks.

      Of course your further comment about busy-ness and your attention span are the final determinants, but I did want you to know that the cost is minimal.

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      • Thanks for trying. Television takes up too much time. It is nice for a chance to relax, but when it gets addictive (my partner is addicted, and watches reno shows 8 hours or more a day!) it is no less harmful that alcohol, street dtugs, or nicotine. As an ex-addictions counsellor I am sensitive to things like this, even though they are probably not in the current DSM.
        In DSM-V religion was listed as an addiction. I don’t know if DSM-VI or VII has been released yet, but I hope television has been added to the list.
        (I am not saying everyone is addicted to television. Like anything it can be used in moderation, or it can be used too much too often. I myself am addicted to the internet, specifically Word Press, but so far it is not often harming my life. When it does I will have to stop it the way I stopped drugs and gambling, which is how I got involved in addictions counselling in the first place.)

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  3. I tracked it down on Amazon Prime Video finally, but they want $15 for the first season and $20 for the second, and judging from the brief synopsis of each episode it looks like it covers material I already know, so I’m not going to spend the money. One thing in its favor is that several of the reviews gave it one star reviews and declared it was “left wing anti-Trump propaganda”. Since it hurt their little feelings it’s probably pretty accurate.

    And like Rawgod I don’t have the time to watch that kind of stuff. I’ve learned to hate podcasts and videos because nine times out of ten everything they’re trying to say could have been put into a printed article or articles that I could have read in a tenth of the time it takes to watch a video.

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    • Yes, to purchase the presentation isn’t cheap … but as I said, I’m watching it on Tubi using my Roku device. I do understand time constraints, but since I generally spend my evenings watching TV anyway, it’s not taking me away from other things. But that’s me.

      Oh, and I fully agree with your last comment about reading rather than watching videos. I RARELY watch online videos for the exact reason you mentioned. But this, IMO, is much more than a “video.” It’s more of a presentation. And I’ve found it quite compelling.


    • That is so odd. One of the goofy talking points was opposition to the Deep State. This seems right up the alley/through the looking glass for a conspiracy minded Trumpanzee.


  4. When I saw your synopsis, “The secret history of the U.S. government’s doomsday plans; why when disaster hits, the elites are saved and common people die,” I had the same reaction as grouchyfarmer. It’s old news to me. If I recall correctly, that plan started during the Eisenhower Administration (53-60). Of course, I was 8-15 during those years.

    That said, if it were on Netflix, Peacock, or one of my cable channels, I might watch. If it’s news to you and you can get it, definitely watch it.

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    • Yes, this “plan” has been around awhile. Nevertheless, I feel this particular presentation is a good reminder, not to mention the fact that the younger generation needs to hear about it.

      Moreover, from what I’ve watched so far, it also debunks several of the “debatable” issues that have remained over the years.

      Of course, it’s not for everybody. I just felt it was worth sharing.

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      • I absolutely agree that it’s worth sharing. So much that was current events and is now memory for me is unknown to younger people. (I had a similar experience when I learned about our government’s internment of it’s citizens of Japanese descent during WWII.) History wasn’t taught correctly when I was aa kid. It’s not taught correctly now … and some are doing all they can to make sure it’s not taught at all. 😒

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