Fingers Crossed

A simple  graphic illustration of a hand with fingers crossed
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Scottie of recently shared this video on his blog and some of you may have seen it there. I’m posting it here because I feel the message is powerful and to-the-point. Yes, it’s all been said before, but repetition has been known to be an impetus to action.

Although I know most of my regular readers will agree with what this Navy Veteran has to say, I’m hoping that maybe … just maybe … a rabid gun supporter will visit and something in the message will “get through.”

Fingers crossed.

9 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed

  1. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with preaching to the converted – it gives us a healthy sense of community. It’s confronting though, isn’t it, that an ordinary member of society can so easily come across as a leader without really saying anything other than the obvious when the actual ‘leaders’ flounder with the simplest of ideas? I would probably go a little further than this gentleman in that I AM actually ‘anti guns’ (so a bit of an extremist, in my own way) – the idea of shooting deer for sport does not really sit well with me. I concede that his approach is probably far more practical in its application than mine, however.
    Thanks for that, Nan. I found it very refreshing.

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  2. Hello Nan. Thank you. I am always happy when something I post is worthy of others also posting it. This person has the credentials that should be respected by any pro-gun pro 2nd amendment person, unless they are just hanging on to the dogma of the rabid right.

    I read that every time a democrat is elected the NRA / right wing media goes on a rant about democrats taking the guns and gun sales soar. The first I was aware of it was during the Obama presidency when it was a constant refrain, yet it never happened. And that is the point, it never happens! Yet the same right wing media gets to constantly repeat the fear mongering talking point and more gun sales happen.

    One of the people I follow, Ten Bears, had a cartoon today that sums this up perfectly. I am not sure if I can post it here, if not, I will do a link to his post. Thanks, and hugs. Please let me know if the link doesn’t work. Hugs

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  3. When I first was going out with my ex Billy, who was & remains an avid hunter, it was the Gore-Bush election, & even then, the NRA was running “the DEMS are gonna take away your guns if Gore is elected!” … I mean, that was EONS ago … before 9/11! They’ve been running with that ball forever & it’s NEVER happened, it’s NEVER gonna happen & yet it’s always thrown in back at anyone who wants any kind of sensible gun regulation, regardless of party affiliation or even you don’t have any party affiliation whatsoever (I have none). The shooter at the Buffalo Tops wasn’t even born when Gore was running against Bush. Nor was the Uvalde shooter.

    Constant fear mongering is all they have but somehow it seems to work.

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  4. That video needs to be on every TV in every state. You know how an ideology works, people will go along with the gun nuts regardless of their own ideals because they are too afraid to buck the norm.

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  5. Love the Doonesbury cartoon. And the bit that went with it. I am all in favour, IF we have to have gun manufacturers they be able to mabufacture only muskets and flintlocks. One shot every 30 seconds or more is too many for me. 30 shots every second IS NOT DEFENDING ONESELF, but a pure attempt to kill many somebodys no matter who they are!

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  6. Nan,

    Wow. Just WOW.

    Thank you for sharing this video from a veteran of Afghanistan and who is INCREDIBLY down to Earth about weapons. Bravo, bravo, BRAVO Nan, Scottie, and of course Ken Harbaugh. Mr. Harbaugh couldn’t have broken it all down more simply—with his law degree from Yale University of all things! 👏🏻—and properly labelled the Gun-worshippers like Ted Cruz!

    This was brilliant Nan & Scottie. THANK YOU!!! ❤️

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