Just read this here … and wondered HOW was this guy able to get his hands on this cache of weapons?

A Scappoose man barred from having any guns after a domestic violence arrest was sentenced Tuesday to more than eight years in federal prison after he was found with more than 30 guns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and multiple gun silencers, explosives and fentanyl in his truck and home.


20 thoughts on “How?

    • Yep! I would agree with that … and this is the BIG loophole in any gun mandates. There will always be the “black market.”

      As much as I hate to say it, I think the “gun control” issue is dead in the water before it even gets a “day in court.”

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      • Yes Nan the underground black market dealerships are a problem, however large fines and jail time for selling guns that are not licenced to someone who is not licenced to own a gun will over time be as effective as it has been here. This means if the seller is licenced they will have it revoked all there guns confiscated and never be allowed to own another gun and also face fines and jail. But of course first there needs to be a gun amnesty where people voluntarily hand in guns or the state buys them back from owners at the retail prices, then background checks, licences, official training courses and gun security safes legislation and all checked by the law must come first when someone buys a gun or ammunition from a gun shop.

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  1. how did the Uvalde killer get his FATHER to sign for a gun for him when he had already threatened to kill his entire family? Now his father is getting indicted for allowing him to have a gun. WTF?

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    • Where did you see this? I know there’s been a lot of finger-pointing (as there always is), but I hadn’t seen/read that he was being indicted for (I assume) signing for the kid to get a gun.

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      • I think he meant the Chicago parade killer.. his father signed off on one or more of the guns when he was underage and had threatened to kill people. To me , father is culpable

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  2. He probably already had the stuff. With his arrest, he was barred from buying guns, having guns, and probably also from transporting them. But if he already had them, then what? Reading the article, he’s a drug user and dealer, and was building explosives in his garage. The judge described him as “dangerous” and “paranoid”. Someone like that isn’t going to turn in his arsenal, just because he was arrested for domestic violence. My impression is that this guy was likely to go full-on domestic terrorist any day now, and they were lucky to get him in prison before he killed anybody.

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  3. There’s probably hundreds more, if not thousands, out there just like him. Some stockpiled from earlier, some bought off the black market, drug addiction which alters the mind, probably poor parenting, influence by others, media, religion, sexual repression and the link it often has with violence and basic run of the mill insanity.
    When I look at society at large, I see a deterioration that appears to be unstoppable.

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  4. I put my ex BF in jail three times for DV assault & in NY, he was supposed to lose all his weapons but he still has all his guns … he’s an avid hunter. His lawyer argued that hunting “kept him out of trouble”. So there you go.

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  5. Marion County is where the cops and the district attorney let a rich, white politician’s daughter illegally passing a truck while texting get away with killing my grandson. “God’s will” I was told.

    Be a shame if it caught fire but … God’s will

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  6. I’m a Canadian living on the side of a mountain of Crown forest, much of it now blackened-bare by one of the largest fires of last summer in B.C. Regarding Americans and guns, I think that gun ownership is viewed as a popular investment strategy for good ol’ Amurkan boys. What better way to store your value than in myriad weapons, all of them with their own cache of bullets. You have your pistols, your rifles, your assault weapons, your scopes and cleaning gear and really no end of accessories to invest in… It’s not nice (as a good Canadian like me) to think ill of boys who choose to invest and save for the future! They don’t want to spend their money on retirement policies with insurance companies; they prefer to save for the apocalypse and be prepared to kill! God bless dear, freedom-loving America… As I do not own even one gun, I now feel somewhat concerned for my retirement! I will probably have to completely embrace crypto! It it performs as I suspect it will, I will be able to start a local militia…. No, no, I mean ‘investment club’!

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