I Agree. Do You?

Written by Steve Schmidt for Substack.com.

President Biden should seize the moment and announce that he will be a one-term President.  

In an instant, he would transform the political moment, create a profound opportunity to instigate a long overdue debate about the future of the United States, cripple the energy of the extremist cause and position himself to become a great President. The abandonment of politics, in favor of statecraft, straight talk and a message aimed at separating a growling and extremely diverse majority from a belligerent minority that is corrupt, maliced and politically ascendant is urgently needed.

A single Presidential term has given the United States ample evidence about the power of a President to lead, surprise and transform America. From James Polk and Chester Arthur to George H.W. Bush and Lyndon Johnson, a single term has been the catalyst for significant moments of decision and leadership that have greatly benefitted America. 

What America craves is an example of selflessness and character. The vast majority of Americans are like a skeptical survivor of a desert crossing where each oasis turned into a mirage that made the suffering and thirst worse. America wants to see an act of leadership from a President like that wanderer wants a sip of water. 

The overwhelming probability is that Biden would lose the nomination in a manner that would strip him of credit for his substantial accomplishments, while burdening him with brutal and exaggerated blame for his mistakes. 

Should President Biden survive the nomination fight, he would look at the state of the campaigns of Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush’s with deep envy after their survival against Kennedy, Reagan and Buchanan. His position would be far weaker than theirs, and his overall strength profoundly more anemic than Lyndon Johnson in 1968. 

The consequences of a politically neutered President will be his defeat in a general election rematch against the core of an extremist MAGA insurgency and ongoing conspiracy that has made its disdain for elections crystal clear. There is no hyperbole involved when thinking about 2024 as a “final” election, depending upon the outcome.

The Biden White House is filled with experienced and able people who have long records of success and accomplishment. There are no political naïfs among them. 

There is a shoddy and lazy catalyst for the cementing of most conventional wisdom. It speaks to the stripping away of complexity and nuance necessary to get a grasp on what is happening. Almost all political media coverage asserts that outcomes are determined by the last major event that occurred. The Hillary Clinton campaign is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Conventional wisdom proclaims that, but for James Comey, she would have won. Therefore, because of what Comey did, Trump won. Most often, the outcome is determined by the first big thing that happens. It’s how life works. It means the outcome was driven by Chipotle as much as Comey, but this concept is obliterated by the national attention span of six seconds. 

For whatever reason, the White House team of talented players couldn’t find its rhythm when it came to politics. Bruce Springsteen has talked about this type of magic alchemy as the key to love and all great rock and roll bands. He has expressed it as “ 1+1 = 3.” The Boss says that’s when the magic happens. The simple fact is that there has been an absence of magic at a time when it is sorely needed. 

The option left is to change the rules and play a new game. Retiring from a gruelling business – politics – will help America, by helping Biden become a President the country craves with all indications pointing towards him being both successful and happy at it. 

President Biden can save his Presidency and reset the awful 2022 election dynamic with an act of selflessness, decency and patriotism. He can quit politics and announce that he will not seek a second term. Right now. 

President Biden has the agency to decide how his Presidency will end. 

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  1. Not understanding exactly how American politics work, all the little nuances, I just hope Biden does not get selected to run in 2024. If it helps that he announce that now, before this election, then go for it — even if he is lying, lol.

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    • Prospective presidents do not get “selected” to run. They make the decision themselves (of course with support and encouragement from others … and $$$$$).

      Biden has indicated he WILL run again … but various sources have indicated this is NOT a done deal. Personally, I strongly feel we need new –and younger– blood in the White House.

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      • Youth is not my criterium. Dynamism is what I feeI is most necessary. There wasn’t much of it on display in the 2020 presidential primaries, and Biden comes across as wishy-washy at best. That is why I feel Biden should not run. He may be a statesman, but he is not a leader. The Democratic Party needs a LEADER!

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  2. He seems like a nice old chap and genuinely compassionate. And I don’t want to be ageist (how could I be? I’m a million years old myself) but the truth is that both Trump and Biden were at an age when people are politely pushed aside in almost any other job (in some cases compulsorily) – it seems inconsistent that one would be running the so-called free world at that age.
    So yeah, if he was to say, this is a once only go at it for him and that it’s a job and not a popularity contest, then I think he would gain a lot of respect and get some things done.

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    • I agree Richmond Road. The man is 79 for heaven’s sake. That means he’ll be 81 when the election comes around in 2024. I don’t want to be ageist either but come on, 81 years old? Can you imagine an 81 year old trying to deal with the stress and sheer exhaustion of trying to deal with a presidential campaign? For his own sake his family should be pushing him to retire gracefully.

      What the dems need to be doing RIGHT NOW is already positioning someone to make a run for the presidency because I honestly don’t see how Biden can win at the moment.

      Don’t get me wrong. I like Biden and I think he is doing a pretty decent job under extremely bad circumstances. But it’s time to be realistic here.

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  3. I disagree.
    Steve Schmidt is a Republican. He’s one of the Republicans who brought us Sarah Palin, among other Republican things. He’s not interested in doing any Dems any favors; he writes this stuff to suppress our votes through despair. This is my honest opinion learned from years of experience in political work and studies.
    Thanks, though.

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      • Oh, I’ve kept up with him for years. I recall that he un-registered as a Repub, but his work is still on behalf of Repubs. If an idea is good for regular people but not for the wealthy, Mr. Schmidt is against it, until people are literally dying.
        This could strike people differently; I’m very liberal, to the point that I want a UBI and a health insurance program funded by our taxes. I wish these items were all Mr. Schmidt and I disagree over, but at heart, he’s a Republican.

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        • Seeing the direction the comments are going (not Steve Schmidt’s brilliant article discouraging Dem voting but whether Biden should run again,) first let me say that Pres. Biden was not my first choice. Next, I think it’s way too early to discuss this issue to this length, and doing so only serves to show that Dems are discouraged, and will be easily further discouraged into not voting at all. This tactic is a Schmidt (and Republican) staple as to politics, and he’s doing it here.

          That said, again, Pres. Biden was not my first choice. How’s about, though, we give our president a legislature that will do our work, and then decide who we want for President when it’s closer to time to actually decide? We won’t even get a decent 2024 election if we shuffle off dejectedly and don’t work at these midterms. Even the dogcatcher position matters.

          Thanks for the rant space, Nan! 🙂

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        • Of course it’s always nice when people agree with you … especially on important issues. But we must all admit … not everyone will. However, I feel that so long as people remain civil in their comments and provide their reasoning when they disagree, it can provide talking points.

          Thanks for contributing, Ali!

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        • You make a good point that if we lose the house and the senate in Nov., it will hardly matter who runs on the Democratic ticket or even if they were to win..the president in a way is the figurehead, but the Congress and the Supreme Court run the whole show next of course, to the super wealthy ( can you say Koch brothers), big corporations (oil, pharma) and well funded republican organizations (think Federalist Society who really truly pull all the strings.

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  4. With America in such a fractured condition and its economy swirling down the print-more-money drain, its sick Conservative Right Wing foaming at the mouth to bring the nation to ‘Jesus’, I do not believe Biden has the staying power to garner the support the next election demands. So for me, the question is more about Dems surviving in power. Biden should see the writing on the wall and bring America a new beginning by stepping down. But then, who will it be?

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  5. It won’t happen because the core of the party leadership doesn’t recognize its historical base: the common everyday worker. So we get a bunch of pointy head advisors and progressives who are detached from the rural that connects America, detached from the minimum wage worker who operates it, detached from builders who make it, detached from small business owners who grease it, busy busy busy thinking social policy about the race and gender and pronouns of the barbarians at the gate is the answer to winning elections.

    What should happen is a candidate supported who can represent the average silent majority who live, parent, and work between the extreme right and left wings and want to get on with life. You know, a classical liberal – a centrist – who loves his or her country and wants to leave it better than they received it for their kids. No one represents them. So, instead, we’ll get Biden or some other self-flagellating righteous dweeb clueless about the average American but able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like so many Democrats before them. That person’s name simply doesn’t matter. The Republicans will win a supermajority and the Dems will be scratching their collective heads over what could have possibly gone so wrong. They still haven’t figured out how Trump won 2016! They still think the answer is to vote in greater numbers! Good grief.

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    • Oh common, tiledb. We all know the solution is to listen to a 23 year old professional “activist” with blue hair and who identifies a one of the 25 genders we o t even have a name for yet. Pronouns are more important than the economy, rivalry with China, or the looming cataclysm of climate change! Can Biden speak for this all important (and loud) community???


  6. Joe should do what he wants to do. If he calls me, I will share this page and see what he thinks.

    What is important is winning. PERIOD!!! Winning. And I’m no longer sure that will be enough.

    We are not facing the GOP any more. These fuckers are dangerous loonies.

    Post WFT you want. I’m not sure how this is helpful.

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  7. I think that Biden’s precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan (as the Taliban were taking over), deserting many Afghans who had helped America, not to mention millions of Afghan women and girls, was the start of the downward slide in his approval ratings. Biden has since gone from being too-in-a-hurry to being too slow and hesitant in providing Ukraine with weaponry adequate to counter Russia’s air superiority and long-range missile attacks which have devastated their country. These are things Biden could have controlled, as opposed to such uncontrollable problems as inflation and Republican intransigence (to put it mildly).

    The bottom line is that I, and apparently millions of other Americans, have lost faith in Biden’s ability to be an effective leader. I therefore agree that “he should announce that he will be a one-term President”… but should he do it now? It is said that Timing is everything — will there be a better time? That is surely an ‘academic’ question, because you can bet he is NOT going to resign now.

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  8. Yes. I have long bemoaned how tired I am of voting for, often being coerced into voting for, people older than me (~70). Retire, go spend time with the grandkids, there are ample fifty-ish pols out there fully qualified to foul things up as badly as we have. Of course, having an actual stake ~ kids growing up in a boiling atmosphere ~ in the real world they might actually, you know … get something done.

    One of the reasons retirement for social security is set at sixty-five is to open up a position for a younger un or under-employed worker.

    Go home, our time has past. We dropped the ball anyways: we had the opportunity to change the world fifty years ago. We didn’t …

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    • Some good points TB. Unfortunately, our Congressional seats and SCOTUS chairs are highly incentivized for members to stay until they’re almost deceased with rigor mortis setting in, especially in the Senate of Congress, and they’re not really held accountable for doing little or nothing while in office. 🙄

      Our 230+ year old Constitution is showing its age BAD and is in need of major rewrites, reforms, and modern Amendments for not only the 21st-century, but at least into the 23rd-century and our great, great, grandchildren. I say the very FIRST thing we do is get completely rid of Constitutional Originalism! That theoretical philosophy, both in Thomas Jefferson’s day and today, is keeping this country geriatric, outdated, and in hospice care to be honest.

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  9. Biden was not my first choice for the Democratic primary. But I voted for him because I felt he was the best at the time to defeat Trump. And he did!

    I like and agree with Steve S. A change is needed. Maybe not with policies but for a dynamic young person able to rally support. Someone with a strutting personality along with convictions for truth and dedication to the constitution and the strength to meet the challenge. The search for him/her should begin today. There are many that fit the criteria.

    I’m not sure Biden would agree to aid in the transition. And I wish Harris had remained in the Senate where she was effective.

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  10. Nan, interesting post. Even though Biden is getting flak from both sides, his presidency is better than what it has been portrayed as, but not as good as I would have hoped. It is difficult for him to get good marks from Republicans who vote in lock step and the progressives don’t like him either.

    Having said that, I was hopeful when he won for him to say, I am going to serve one term and focus on getting the following things done. Then Dems could have focused on getting those things done and getting notoriety for some of those young talented folks who interested people in the 2020 campaign.


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      • Because she can win. And she checks all the boxes.

        First, she’ll beat Matt Gaetz. Then she’ll win her law suit against de Santos and expose him in court for what he is: a bullying Trump surrogate and just as much an authoritarian abuser of the law. This will elevate her status to the national level.

        She understands media and how ‘journalism’ works these days and will harness it successfully as the past two years demonstrate – from the grassroots up. Yes, she is a victim of Trumpian politics because she respects what’s true – gasp! – and has paid the price for having that courage which she has parlayed into a political launch.

        She is young, courageous, physically attractive, and deeply principled. She’s a mom and polls very highly among all kinds of Democrats as well as middle Republicans. In other words, she appeals to a very wide base in the middle that currently has zero political representation. She has the same concerns as the vast majority of Americans do and, like most people, is highly concerned about what’s fair. She can draw on the very concerns that currently leads the progressive wing into the electoral abyss but, unlike the virtuous hall monitors of today’s liberal dopplegangers populating the Great Unamerican Revolution, can redirect their legitimate concerns to winning issues – not policies – that determine elections. This is the kind of leadership the country needs to defeat both extremes on the political spectrum and return the country to sanity.

        As for her age, let’s not forget that the majority of the founders were 44 years old or younger at the singing of then Constitution. Madison was 36 and Jefferson 33. There were also many twentysomethings. If you want younger people to get into politics and make a difference, you need a movement. And that movement needs vital leadership that demonstrates its principles commonly shared by the majority of Americans. Jones could be just what the doctor ordered to fix an ailing, flailing, aging, and decrepit political system. Voters need that kind of choice. For a change, why not give it to them?

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  11. Nan,

    I understand the political tactic/maneuver in order to keep out another clueless, divisive, radical Republican candidate out of the WH, e.g. another tRump term (if he isn’t sentenced by the DOJ) or one of his “anointed” candidates for Trumpian-Republicans. But that’s a tactic with many other high risks—look at its devastating repercussions of ‘Do NOT allow Hillary Clinton to win no matter the cost’ in 2015-2016! IOW, make your Party’s candidate absolutely ANYONE (mob)popular, viable to stop the other party’s candidate from winning, even if she/he has no experience whatsoever in state & federal governing, much less foreign affairs. And look what chaos and destruction tRump left behind—so much we almost didn’t survive it Jan. 6, 2021! 😬

    Therefore, I don’t necessarily agree with this tactic IF, emphasis on if, there’s no other specific, strong candidate with real actual state and/or federal experience and a good-to-great track-record in governing. As Schmidt correctly voices:

    The Biden White House is filled with experienced and able people who have long records of success and accomplishment. There are no political naïfs among them. […]

    What America craves is an example of selflessness and character. The vast majority of Americans are like a skeptical survivor of a desert crossing where each oasis turned into a mirage that made the suffering and thirst worse.

    Eloquent verbiage, but no tangible non-Republican candidate or normal Republican with great or stellar credentials… outside of Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger perhaps. I’m revealing my political affiliation as an Independent here, by the way.

    But if Biden chooses not to run again in 2024, then on the Democrat side WHO would be the ideal, classy, decent, very experienced Presidential shoe-in to defeat most all Republican wanna-be’s? Senator Nancy Pelosi (D)? Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D)? California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D)? Eeek, I don’t know. And that scares me.

    Juleanna Glover of Politico.com has a VERY intriguing ideal candidate along the exact same tactical move as the RNC did in 2016: Jon Stewart.* BWAAAAAAA! That just might work in today’s American politics, that aren’t so much about actual politics, but more fan-fare and drama as the Main Event in the Big Top (tent). Ugh, yes… that’s what American politics has sunk to, so WHY NOT the TV personality, podcaster, comedian, and 5’ 7” former host of The Daily Show? Haha. 😉

    But perhaps a bit more seriously, way way too many American voters, political activists, or apathetic uninterested Americans who don’t care enough STILL wrongly believe that ONE man, ONE office runs this country like a lone Authoritarian Dictator. Those misguided followers/voters, etc, understand very little when it comes to Congress’ ineptitude and passing-the-buck of authority and critical decisions/legislation off to either the White House or SCOTUS to operate, maintain, and protect this country. Hello! We were founded as, have always (for the most part) been, and still might be a Trias Politica of equal powers of governing with equal Separation of those powers for oversight, or Checks-n-Balances! One branch cannot be 100% effective without the support and reliance of the other two branches. But it’s all getting out of whack for sure.

    So why do ordinary voting Americans insist on the false notion of ONE Leader, ONE office as the main talking point/debate? Pfffft! It’s a total mystery to me. I mean, look what SCOTUS just did without the President’s unequivocal approval!? The entire “game” of state & federal governing has changed gradually the last 4-6 decades people to what it is now. We can’t say this is a sudden singular phenomena begun by Trumpianism. It’s been a long time coming by the radical GOP. It’s here folks. One office or one Leader is NOT the silver-bullet.

    * – Source: https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2022/07/08/jon-stewart-2024-democrats-00044146

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    • You are absolutely correct! ONE Leader, ONE office is not the be-all/end-all. That’s why we have Congress. BUT, for whatever reason (and I’m sure you know this), the POTUS has always held the high honors. And, to take this a step further, when tRump held the office, he pretty much solidified this belief in a lot of people’s minds.

      While I appreciate your educational approach to the political quandary we are in — and I’m sure it helps your mental well-being to express it — unfortunately it doesn’t change anything.

      IMO, we DO need to start thinking about who we want to replace Biden. Yes, it’s early. And the “wanna-be’s” (as you called them) have much to prove before they can be seriously considered. However, having said that, I tend to agree with Schmidt that if Biden would make “the announcement,” we would begin seeing the hopefuls put themselves “out there;” thus giving us (the interested Democratic voters) some things/people to think about. Of course LOTS can change between then and now, but at least it might help counteract the disappointments some of us are feeling.

      P.S. Jon Stewart??!!? Surely you — and the Politico writer — jest!!

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      • 😄 Jest? Moi… jest? 😉

        A very fine and justified concerned question Nan. But then again, look at who took the RNC’s Presidential candidate in 2015-16: a TV celebrity, albeit a very crappy celebrity at that, but was not the entire globe STUNNED by his victory? I hear ya. It’s a bit farcical to imagine, but sadly not out of the realm of possibility. (can’t believe I’m even talking Jon Stewart!) 🤦‍♂️😄

        …we DO need to start thinking about who we want to replace Biden.

        Completely agree with you Nan! Yes, we MUST begin this strategy for sure. If not for the semi-survival(?) of the USA, at least for our immediate descendants, right? THAT latter reason alone is more than sufficient and honorable a task!

        …if Biden would make “the announcement,”…

        Agreed again. A sound, plausible (or better) strategy and campaign needs to start right away, ESPECIALLY since most pollsters and surveys are saying that the Repubs are taking back the House and Senate this November. Ugh. Still dark days ahead I’m afraid.

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  12. We need a democrat who is like Liz Cheney…smart, savvy, well spoken, not hesitant or reticent to speak her mind, acts fast but thoroughly…..damn I wish she was a democrat!

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  13. After 200 years of experimenting with democracy the situation is not much different from this: “People do not want equality, they want leadership.” Sir Mordred in The First Knight. It is a terrible movie, but the point seems to stand for ever. Supposedly adult humans are so infantile, that they prefer a father figure to take care, that nothing changes, because all changes are for the worst in the life of the average Joe.

    I do not know, if this technical juggling of positions really would help at all. To me it seems, the Republicans have made the elections all about values and not about issues and how to handle them. But who decides the values of people?

    The standing president typically in all democracies starts elections from an advanced position. Would the Democrats give up that advantage? Why? Who would then be the “leader” to take up position as their presidential candidate? It seems that from over a 300 000 000 people, you seem only to find barely adequate people to run the office. The system is bust. There is too much power in the hands of one person. Too much policy is concentrated in just one persona. The society does not move ahead as long it is lead by one party and stopped by the other. This is the appeal of conservatism. People think, that the changes are all for bad. And they are, if they are done by conservatives. Look at Russia!

    The writer may be genuine (though I doubt it), they may have a point, but the effect would propably be, that the opposition could declare victory and demand, that they were right all along saying Joe is too old.

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    • I think all of this actually goes back to Mary’s comment above:

      …the Congress and the Supreme Court run the whole show next of course, to the super wealthy ( can you say Koch brothers), big corporations (oil, pharma) and well funded republican organizations (think Federalist Society who really truly pull all the strings.

      So, truth be known, whoever might get elected is, in essence, just another puppet.

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  14. Hello. Been waiting to see if anyone would say why Biden saying he was not going to run again is a bad idea. In my opinion the reason is that part of the president’s job is to make deals between his own party members, and with both the leaders and members of the other party. If Biden would announce that he won’t run again human nature being what it is the members of both parties and the leaders of those parties will start ignoring Biden and concentrate on building favors for who they think would be the next candidate. It would suck all the air out of the room every time Biden was to talk to anyone, give an interview, or press conference the questions would all be about his successor. Would he support this person or that. What about the big money donors who will then start pushing their favorite stooge. Sorry but it makes Biden irrelevant for the rest of his term. Plus the jockeying and infighting in the party would make getting anything done worse than it is. Remember a lot of the same people that ran against him he hired, think they won’t talk their own side of the issue if they think they are going to be running in a year? So while I don’t want Biden to run I do not want him to say it now. Wait at least a year after the midterms. The US doesn’t need a three or four year political runs, and if the person is not well enough known to run in a year and half they shouldn’t be running anyway. Hugs

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    • I’m not familiar with Mallory, but Katy? Wow. A true firecracker! My only concern is whether the office (were she to be elected) would change her. Serving as a Representative is considerably different than being the POTUS. Also, her political experience overall is on the short side.

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        • Wellll, yes. But I favor Katy. The POWER that comes through when she is speaking for or against an issue is undeniable. Of course, there are those who would use that against her saying she’s too “emotional” to be POTUS (translated: She’s a Woman!).

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        • Jamie Raskin might be good too, but again some people would freak because he is Jewish


  15. I agree, and, I’d like to take this moment to announce my own candidacy for Emperor of America! As your emperor, I will install gas chambers and crematoriums throughout our great country wherein we can simply dispose of all the things that annoy me, i.e. liberals, “the poor”, lazy old people living on social security and Medicare, the weak, lazy, lying “disabled” people who mooch off of the government in order to survive, all atheists and evil non-Christians who fail to spread the all-encompassing love of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to all they encounter, anyone who’s sexual orientation is not straight, white, and male, and, lastly, anyone who fails to recognize my glory, perfection, and radiant good looks. Once these evil-doers are eliminated, we will be living in a conservative utopia where the love of Christ and automated weapons will spread like Covid on steroids and all will be perfect and well with America. So, yeah, Biden needs to announce now he’s not running or he’ll face a serious ass-whippin’ from me, a perfect human who’s every thought and deed makes me better than anyone who doesn’t agree with my every thought and deed, Imperious Rex!!!

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  16. Just pulled this off of Robert Reich’s Substack newsletter. It was a comment. I’ll link the post next..is spot on with this post, Nan.

    Here is a list of potential “winners”. Because they can speak well and passionately. Because they are on the correct side (the word “right” has been murdered) of the issues. And because the Republican Party and its “platform” is extremely vulnerable. Just read Senator Scotts proposal. Think about the damage done by the Supremely Sick Court. Think about the massacres. Think about how tainted the GOP is with nutcase after nutcase.

    Corey Booker

    Gavin Newsom

    JB Pritzker

    Adam Schiff

    Stacy Abrams

    Eric Swalwell

    Val Demmings

    Sherrod Brown

    Amy Klobuchar

    Elizabeth Warren

    Pete Buttigieg

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    • It’s been said that all things being equal, men are older in their 70’s than women are in their 80’s. And to read what Mr. Reich shares, it sounds pretty close.

      In any event, there is absolutely NO doubt that various physical and mental faculties decline more and more as one ages. Even those who seem to “age well” are not as chipper as they once were. And, IMO, this is one of the biggest shortcomings in our political system. There needs to be a “cut-off” date!

      Anyway, thank for sharing the article. It was fun (but also depressing) reading!

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  17. Sorry about posting so soon again, but the comments I read in places are sometimes brilliant. I felt this was spot on. The question was who will run in 2024 for President. It was on Quora

    Neither of these 2 guys (meaning Biden and trump) and that is for sure.
    On the Democrat side, hard to tell but probably not Biden and certainly not Kamala Harris or HRC. I personally like this guy, Corey Booker who is the voice of moderation and compromise, but I don’t think it is possible to elect another Black man in the short term. It will be impossible to elect a woman of color, most certainly not Kamala as she is literally hated as much or more than HRC.
    Sec Pete Buttegieg no way a gay man will make it especially in a polarized electorate. There are no acceptable or named white women and no one on the Hispanic side either. So the Democrats have an electability problem just as they did before Biden came out of retirement to rescue them and there are no more Biden’s on the bench this time.

    On the Republican side, anyone except Donald Trump. As much as he has changed the rules state by state to ensure that he wins no matter how badly he actually loses, if he wins, it will be the end of the USA. His coup will have been validated and the USA will no longer exist in the form that it has been for 250 years. There will be no more super power, just a diminished rump state after the end of what would inevitably be a civil war.
    DeSantis is a polarizing disliked figure so I don’t think he will make it. Larry Hogan is a good guy but overweight and doesn’t have the gravitas or drive. Go through the line up, Kristi Noem from SD? No one gets elected President from SD and you probably don’t even know what that is. Nikki Haley? The Republicans will finally figure out she is an Indian and that won’t work either. Huckabee – Sanders, possible but a long shot.
    Josh Hawley? He would love to but he would have to change a lot but he is working the electoral map now so don’t count him out.
    Consensus is on DeSantis, we shall have to wait and see, to early to tell.

    Update: Over half of Republicans in the latest survey (July 11, 2022) do not want Trump, especially college educated GOP. DeSantis is their choice. Looks like Trumps support continues to erode.

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    • I agree with the writer that finding someone on the Dem side is going to be tough … VERY tough. And as it’s been said … so long as Biden continues to say he’s going to run again, no one else can get in the race. Probably the only way to get around this would be a write-in … and that individual would have to be oh-so-careful in his campaigning not to “look like” a candidate.

      I’m afraid we’re in for some very sticky times so long as Biden refuses to back off.

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  18. I usually agree with Steve Schmidt, but I can’t agree with this. With the overthrow of Roe v. Wade, the Republicans have become like the dog who caught the car. Now that they have what they wanted, they don’t know what to do with it. Adding to that their support of unrestricted access to military-style semi-automatic rifles with high pressure ammunition, leads me to believe that the GOP has “shot itself in the foot”. (High pressure ammunition is designed for maximum tissue damage. The lower pressure ammunition typically used in semi-automatic hunting rifles, kills without the same level of destruction. Hunting requires a higher level of skill than is needed for mass murder.)

    I expect the Democratic caucus in each chamber of Congress to increase as a result of the midterm elections. We hear a lot of pundits talking about a flip in the midterms as if it happens every time. I’ve checked. The 21st Century midterm flips are the exception not the rule. Historically, the White House has changed parties more often than the Congress. Give President Biden a few mor representatives in the House and two or three more Senators and he’ll accomplish a lot of his goals. Give him 10 more Senators and our laws can move into the 21st Century (as opposed to the 19th Century where the GOP seems comfortable.


    • -IF- the midterms turn out as you suggest, then I would agree that Biden MIGHT be worth considering for a second term. But that’s a pretty big “IF.” And there’s still his age to consider. There is simply no getting around the fact that mental and physical capacities diminish considerably as we age … and except in VERY rare incidents, it becomes quite noticeable once the 75-80 mark is reached.


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